Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2160

! Comes up free of evil intention is a palm of the hand. This palm of the hand hit to be shocked all people, including opposite sword in Xiu, nobody thinks that suddenly some people got rid, moreover came up is a palm of the hand. The free of evil intention palm of the hand hits is very heavy. Directly confused that sword in Xiu hits. The element also already looked quiet sword in Xiu has not been feeling well, sword in Xiu and their girl gates is a big entrance of place, stated differently the sword in Xiu status is high in the Jianshan sect status. Is the Jianshan sect leader's son, therefore his manner is usually conceited. Before he once went to the girl gate to discuss marriage, said that took a person to marry ten to go back, was given to drive out by the leader of girl gate directly, from now he hated the girl gate. This time he one is slander quarrels in a moment! Great free of evil intention.” The element said quiet. The big bao tooth is also seized the chance to arrive at that beauty nearby: beauty, saw, this was our teams, felt emotion the righteousness, who has had an accident, that absolutely was going forward of going all out, moreover beauty will be paid attention in our teams, who dares to bully you, our people will help you vent anger.” Em!!!” beauty nodded. Good, beauty, this is our teams.” The big bao tooth drew beauty once more successfully. Who hits me?” Sword in Xiu is dizzy, vision looked in all directions that finally has not seen any person, because his head really looks at the day. Few hosts, you are all right.” A person of Jianshan sect ran hurriedly, has supported sword in Xiu. The sword in resting somewhat is then moderate. Worthily is the few hosts of Jianshan sect, the balance force is good, transferred seven to stop.” The element said quiet, but the meaning in her words obviously not in commendation sword in Xiu.

A moment ago was I who you hit?” Sword in Xiu looks at element to be quiet wickedly. ! A clear palm of the hand sound reached in the ears of all people once more. Blind, I hit.” Sword in Xiu is once more dizzy. Walks, did not need to respond him.” Element quiet helpless shaking the head, this time sword in Xiu does not know that transferred many circles, as if ate has dazzled to step is the same, cannot stop. Ye Wen and the others left directly. The woman who adds newly is called Feiyan, is clean, the body that the whole person puts on was divulging one noble makings, her makings as if are inherent, others are study are also too difficult to learn. Everybody knew mutually after one next, Ye Wen worried that can bring in the unnecessary trouble, therefore called the big bao tooth first do not go to a native of Latvia. The people sit to rest here a meeting, here is a rest area, here present gathered 4,000,000-5,000,000 people, from, proceeded in all directions again is the Advanced uncultivated land beast region, there was dangerous. Therefore everybody here will form a team. Although the person is little easy remarkably, perhaps but person too many words, will have the trouble, we on these many people, on the road ran into the good person to add temporarily again, everybody agreed.” Ye Wen proposed. The people have not spoken, agrees. Good, since everybody agreed that we find a place to rest in front that region.” Ye Wen chose one to depend on the place quickly, here person did not calculate too, moreover there is a big tree to enjoy the cool air, the people have also put out the chair from the Chu equipment, these chairs were Xia Tian give them. However the newly arrived three females apparently do not have the chair. Xia Tian, displays, the team had the love spirit to look your.” Ye Wen looked that said to Xia Tian.

Displays? Do some people need to tell fortunes by physiognomy? This is my unique skill, who comes, so long as is beauty, I all comes are welcome.” Xia Tian excited saying. Looks at your big end of ghost.” The element has knocked the head of Xia Tian quiet directly: Also had the chair, with, was joined to the newly arrived sisters.” „, Wanted chair, I also think that some people must tell fortunes by physiognomy.” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head. The people smile. The newly arrived three females also slightly purse the lips, obviously was led by everybody's atmosphere. The surrounding person looks at Xia Tian with the vision of envy their several. Elder Brother Tian, you have a look at them, visits us with the vision of envy.” The big bao tooth moves toward Xia Tian to say. Three meters!” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly, afterward his vision sweeps off to the surroundings: „, The envy is also useless, my chair only gives the person on one's own side.” Listens to the Xia Tian words, people is a face heavy line. Your broken chair others have anything to be good to envy, what others envy is your several can with our these many big beauty teams.” The element has knocked in the head of Xia Tian quiet once more. Feeds, I warned you, do not knock again, if knocked nobody to want silly, I will make you be responsible.” The Xia Tian threat said. Good, I make an effort to knock, happen to the paternal aunt, the milk, the milk I also wants to get to become the visit son-in-law you.” Element quiet words provoked laughter everybody again. Their this teams most do not lack is the happy talks and laughters. „Can you here show love, I not be a single aristocrat.” Big bao tooth very suffering from injustice saying, he had fantasized have many girlfriends, finally these finally are only the fantasies. Wrong, I must correct, the single aristocrat is capable of looking for the girlfriend person, but does not find, your this type at most is the unmarried dog.” Xia Tian answered directly. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Everybody has smiled once more. Elder Brother Tian, I spelled with you.” The big bao tooth said that must flush away to Xia Tian. Three meters, three meters!” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. I not!!” This big bao tooth soon lost control. You do not draw back, I make free of evil intention throw you.” Xia Tian calm saying. The body of big bao tooth stopped directly, afterward walked: Elder Brother Tian, I have made a mistake, the free of evil intention elder brother, I have made a mistake, I profoundly understood own was wrong, requested that the organization forgives my this.” Was good, the big bao tooth, you accept the reality, but after you go back, can look for a good orthopaedic hospital to tidy up, you definitely can also be a handsome man.” Ye Wendiao said with a smile. Actually the big bao tooth is not ugly, is his bao tooth and his three meters far fleck of saliva is makes people unable the reason of near body. Even if the woman does not dare to approach him, if by his big lethality fleck of saliva extinguishing what to do. First have not made, that group of people walk probably in our directions.” Element quiet brow wrinkles stands up directly, Ye Wen also with standing up, they do not know that the opposite party is any goal. The opposite party has over a thousand people enormously and powerful, goal obviously is their here. Any broken team, such several people.”