Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2161

The opposite party opens the mouth is the provocation is full. „Does our how many individual, have what relations with you?” Ye Wen is also very impolite saying. Brat, you know that you did speak to whom again?” That person of subordinate goes forward to shout. I work as the person with you, you are individual, I do not take you to work as the person, you is a bastard.” Ye Wen directly aggressive scolding, mixed the time to grow with Xia Tian, he also understood, cannot be afraid of getting into trouble, you more were afraid of getting into trouble, the opposite party bullied you on exceed. Em?” Opposite party obviously by Ye Wen scolding. After all dares to scold over a thousand people of teams by more than ten individual teams, is not moron is Expert. You are very extremely arrogant.” Is that person of coldly of head looks at Ye Wen. Cheap person would saying that others were the cheap people.” Ye Wen these words scolded had the technology, listened to his words, that person of complexion thorough cold. You court death!!!” His words just said that several people must go to Ye Wensha. Song Yunshao, do you want to do?” At this moment, Xia Tian that noble female Feiyan of their side walked directly, her unexpectedly knows opposite party these people. Yanyan, you follows to do their this crowd of waste, here has these many people, can definitely protect your.” Song Yunshao saw Feiyan time, imposing manner soft. „Am I very ripe with you? Please call my full name, Feiyan.” The flying jena noble imposing manner wrote off Song Yunshao arrogance directly. Yanyan, you are my fiancee, this was your father complied.” Song Yunshao said hurriedly. He complied, you marry him, I do not marry in any case.” Feiyan very impolite saying.

Yanyan, you cannot such speak.” Song Yunshao slightly obviously worried. How I said that you cannot understand the logical expression, you will not speak the logical expression, I make you call me full name Feiyan, I am not ripe with you.” Feiyan curses at people does not have the dirty words, this is the scolding law of aristocrat. Snort.” Song Yunshao the vision looked directly to Ye Wen, he said Feiyan, does not dare to talk back to Feiyan, he can only all place Ye Wen the body the anger: Words that boy, you are tactful, a bit faster get the hell out, otherwise I did not mind that makes you vanish instantaneously.” The threat, this is threatening Ye Wen. But Ye will Wen fear? Even if before is , his teammate was threatened him not to fear that say nothing of he experienced that matter couple days ago. Hundreds of thousands of people encircle kill them, he lived, will he also fear front these over a thousand people? Ok, the matter has not closed with you, I walk.” Feiyan does not want they to annoy obviously troublesome to Xia Tian. Halts.” Ye Wen shouts directly. Hears Ye Wen the words, all people stare. You are the person of our team, that must observe the custom of our team, our teams do not suddenly come, said walks, is no one can bully, doesn't he want to make us disappear? Good, whom I must have a look at to disappear but actually first.” Ye Wen vision stubbornly was staring at Song Yunshao, he has thought that words that one will hit accidentally, he was clutching Song Yunshao, other people he no one managed, he hit Song Yunshao a person, even if were dies he also to kill this Song Yunshao. Feiyan has somewhat been moved, after all he and Ye Wen and the others are not familiar, Ye Wen unexpectedly can, for he stands directly. Since you court death, I help you.” Song Yunshao were not first time does this matter obviously.

Song Yunshao, you dared, I warned you, if you dared, I die now here.” Feiyan said that took dagger to place the place of own throat directly. Stops, good, I did not threaten you, but I must join your this teams, moreover your teams must listen my.” Song Jia has also made the concession. What calf do you pull with me? You join my team, making us listen your? Delivers you six characters: Some many leave far.” Ye Wen scolded directly. You!!!” Song Yunshao look at Ye Wen angrily. But he saw Feiyan, therefore clenched teeth: Good, what to do did you say?” „To join my team, must first listen my, however our teams do not want your this person, therefore you can only treat as the person of surrounding team, follows behind us, maintains the distance.” Ye Wen saying gratefully. You!!!” Song Yunshao heard Ye Wen unexpectedly to let him like is under following on the heels, the anger once more comes up. „Did you agree.” Feiyan asked. Good, well, I agreed that I agreed that how long I must have a look at your this teams to be able but actually to insist.” Song Yunshao said that waved, his subordinate ran up to not far away to rest directly. Was good, Feiyan younger sister, you also leaves is too tense, often takes to threaten the person, in our team, wants dead is not easy.” The element walks up to urge quiet. Was he goes too far.” Feiyan said. Feiyan, in our team, matter that so long as you do not want to handle, that nobody can threaten you, we now are the whole families.” Ye Qiu is also goes forward to urge. The several other females of girl gate also go forward to persuade, this makes Feiyan be moved.

Also let nearby Guo Mei and seductive woman feels the atmosphere of this team, truly speaking, after they joined this team inside, discovered that this team was completely different from other teams. Because in this team everyone probably is knew that dozens years were so ripe, moreover they have not seen any tense look from the face of this team, even they sit on the chair sleep. Moreover in this team everyone is an odd person, gives people a different feeling. Normal, immediately must enter the front risk area, each team should be very tense appearance, even some people start to exchange the compounded drug and commodity wait / etc., was worried that front has any mistake. But the person of this team completely is the happy talks and laughters, probably is not treasures hunt, but is travels. Now after a moment ago Feiyan's matter, they also felt in this team warmed, the big bao tooth has not deceived them, this team has the matter on. Moreover a moment ago Ye Wen aggressive also made them have the favorable impression. The people all sat to rest. Before long under Song Yunshao a there famous artisan, he walked very aggressive, gains ground to throw out the chest, behind both hands, three shake, probably the pants must fall to be the same, although his way of this walking is very ugly, but he actually very proud. When did our family young masters ask you?” His head is lifting throughout, the meaning of the start not having lowered the head, manner very arrogant. Nobody responds him. Em?” His brow wrinkle, lowering the head of slowly: Your deaf people.”