Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2162

„Are you are speaking to me?” Ye Wen gaining ground of slowly. Nonsense, is here good to have others?” Saying that person is not feeling well. You gain ground, I think that you spoke with the bird, were you a blind person? You determined that you can't see the surrounding these several million people?” Saying of Ye Wen face ridicule. Ye brother, he can bird song, be was saying to the bird a moment ago that he was hungry.” The big bao tooth said directly. You said......” He just about to gains ground to continue the manner arrogant speech, a result lump of bird cake falls directly on his face, bird in this forest is not small, cake also very greatly this lump of cake directly his mouth and nose all on. You have a look, Ye the brother, I said right.” The big bao tooth laughs was saying. Em, the big bao tooth, really you experience to be many.” Ye Wen is also a happy expression of face. You!!!” That person just wants to open the mouth to curse at people, the big lump of cake on mouth directly enters to his mouth part, this disgusting. Oh, disgusting.” Saying that element quiet face shuts out. Free of evil intention has raised up a thumb to him, saying of face admiration: Although my almost anything eats, but I have not eaten the cake, this whole life does not want to eat, you are fiercer than me, Expert, is really Expert.” Snort, waste.” Song Yunshao angry shouting. Afterward his was waving to side another person, this person may not have like a moment ago leisure walks, but clashes instantaneously. When our family young masters asked you.” He clean agile saying.

Waiting, making him wait, us, he embarked, if he thought that discontented, he momentarily can walk first.” Ye Wen very optional saying. You!!!” On that person of face presented angry anything. What's wrong? It is not feeling well, is not feeling well you is also only the personal servant.” Ye Wen said that does not pay attention to them. The face of that person was green, but he cannot make anything, can only walk. Song Yunshao heard all dialogs, this time air/Qi must die simply. Young Master, must teach these fellows well.” Under a famous artisan said in a low voice. Waiting, to be having opportunity, when they had been hit by the wild beast, we see a play in behind, looked that they were injured seized the chance to kill them to me, then led to me Yanyan.” On Song Yunshao the face presented the mean look, his eye was small, such narrowed the eyes, probably did not have was the same. Next morning, their these 13 people directly. Song Yunshao the person has been staring at them, saw them to embark, Song Yunshao and the others also directly followed, crossed their boundary, has achieved wild beast most regions. Everybody has been careful, in front of us was wild beast most regions, here not fixed route, which direction regardless of arrived at Mt. Qilin, the quantity of wild beast very many, therefore everybody wanted more careful, be not sneak attacked.” Ye Wen reminded, although between two points the straight line was shortest, but almost nobody dares to walk the straight line. Because front this forest was the paradise of wild beast, they like were the Pyramid unceasing increasing, the biology in straight line are each piece of jungle region most formidable wild beast, even likely bumped into the uncultivated land beast group, if the straight line overran, then had 100,000 people of insufficiently wild beasts to fill the gap between teeth. Therefore most people are close right up against the surrounding to walk, circles directly, circles to the Qilin hole two sides, this is also the wisest action. Now two roads we can choose, left and right.” Ye Wen said again.

Ye brother, you said where we walk, at the worst circles a meeting, many several days of distances.” The big bao tooth said directly. Good, we continued the left side.” Ye Wen said that guides directly, walks toward the left. „, Said probably specialized is very same.” Saying that Song Yunshao disdained, in his eyes, these more than ten individuals which final fate, regardless of walked to extinguish, even if they have evaded the attack of wild beast by luck, he must help wild beast directly, destroyed completely these people. They just went forward shortly, behind with coming up several hundred people. Few hosts, they have chosen the left.” A disciple of Jianshan sect said. Good, we also walk the left.” Sword in Xiuwu the swelling face was saying. Walks the left.” The disciple of Jianshan sect shouts loudly, afterward their enormous and powerful several hundred people followed directly. exceed approaches Mt. Qilin to present the beautiful scene on exceed. Ye Qiu this saw all the way any flower picks, in the hand has picked before long one in a big way flower, is attractive: Big Bro Tian, gave to you.” Ye Qiu Little Sister, you must profess love with me, you do not need with spending, you only look at Ye Qiu who needs......” a Xia Tian face to smile obscenely. rascal, shameless, the element quiet elder sister, he bullies me.” Ye Qiu runs element quiet there to complain directly. You dare to bully my Ye Qiu Little Sister, the sisters, comes with me.” The element waves quiet, her several Junior Sister have also collected, several people have grasped their pink / white fist. Stops, I do not have, my anything had not said.” Xia Tian answered hurriedly.

Good that the old saying said that the fine-looking man does not fight with the female. Xia Tian received the fine tradition of China nationality. Good, this time, if makes us discover that you will have next time, ahem!” Several females is a face evil looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian direct dingy running away. Three females who other add newly are also titters that keeps. They have not adapted to this team joyful atmosphere, although Ye Wen reminded everybody to be more careful, here wild beast changes many, but the people do not have any person to have slightly the tense meaning from the start. Feeds, your several can, to the atmosphere, we be is exploring, front is the Qilin hole, here is very dangerous, you have a look at you, which a little sense of crisis, creates an atmosphere to me?” Saying that Ye Wen is not feeling well. Good.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward his three turn head, vision discrete the sweeping quantity on surroundings every bit of property, often head looks suddenly to a direction that is terribly suspicious and fearful. Stops, you are at will.” Ye Wen helpless saying, he already thorough does not know that should say any was good, he by Xia Tian being defeated. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” The people smile once more. Front looks is full of the happy talks and laughters, looks on Feiyan's face is the smiling face, following Song Yunshao anger: Hateful, here did not say that everywhere is the wild beast? Why has not seen to a present wild beast, how not to come some wild beasts to extinguish them.” Here night is not doomed tranquilly.” Opens the mouth to say free of evil intention suddenly.