Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2163

Free of evil intention, how you brave such a few words to come suddenly.” Big bao tooth very discontented looks free of evil intention, although free of evil intention is very fierce, but they mixed ripe, does not care. You had not discovered that here peace was static?” Free of evil intention very serious saying. Big bao tooth also anxious: Yes, your saying, I also thought so the atmosphere really quite strange, moreover I felt that the ground started softly . Moreover the surroundings will also transmit the strange smell, resembled nearby place is becoming more and more thinly is the same, here is not the trap of wild beast establishment.” The big bao tooth said the whole body coldly one. Lying trough.” Xia Tian has covered own face, but afterward said: You stepped on the cake, the non- ground changed soft, you also knew interestingly, you lowered the head to have a look actually.” Hears the Xia Tian words, the people all hide to the surroundings, they carefully looked that was really the big bao tooth steps on the cake. Ye Wen and the others are also a heavy line of face. Ha Ha, fault, fault.” The big bao tooth answered hurriedly. The newly arrived three females also titter there. Such Top Grade teammate is really uncommon. The big bao tooth has changed pair of new shoes hurriedly, afterward he covered nearby earth intentionally on these cakes: Was good, walks.” „Don't you think strange?” Ye Wen opens the mouth to ask suddenly. What strange?” The big bao tooth asked. Then a Freshman lump of cake, absolutely is the wild beast, moreover you step on is chummy, that showed that nearby definitely has the wild beast to ambush.” Ye Wen anxious saying. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly. All people all halted. How? What you discover?” Ye Wen looked that asked to Xia Tian.

Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Said quickly that what you did discover?” Ye Wen asked hurriedly. I discovered you good to know were too many, why you know that lump of cake was chummy a moment ago.” A Xia Tian face curious looks to Ye Wen. Hears the Xia Tian words, on the foreheads of all people is the heavy line, in such atmosphere of progress, Xia Tian unexpectedly asked so the question of dog blood. „, Has been all right , to continue to go forward.” Ye Wen has not incurred with Xia Tian thoroughly. At this time, Xia Tian their rear areas. Wait / Etc.,” under a famous artisan shouts. How?” Song Yunshao puzzled asking. Young Master, do you have a look at the front that big lump not to look like like the cake?” Under famous artisan very anxious saying. Em, does this nearby have the wild beast?” Song Yunshao anxious asking. I look at likely the cake.” Under the famous artisan said that and moved toward nearby: I nearly look also look like cake.” Said that he has moistened with the finger directly, then forces in the mouth: Eats is also the cake, ha ha ha ha, luckily had not guessed correctly.” I go to Damn.” Song Yunshao saw their subordinate unexpectedly so two, B, his direct foot gave to trample to fly own that subordinate. His that subordinate lay on that lump of cake directly. Young Master, Young Master, wait / etc., real excrement cake.” That subordinate keeps scratches own face with hand. M , D, do not make him approach me, kicks him to me.” Song Yunshao angry shouting.

The final side of team, sword in Xiu is quietly with, they with is very careful. Few hosts, a moment ago here probably what happened, won't have the trap?” A Jianshan ancestor's subordinate reminder said. Em, you said is very reasonable, inspects carefully.” Sword in Xiu said. Few hosts, front discovery unusual form, but there camouflage was also too false a point, you looked that there one looked was the new earth covers, here definitely was a trap, we went round here to be all right.” The subordinate of that Jianshan sect said. Wait / Etc.!” Sword in Xiu corners of the mouth slightly one slanting: I have read the book on military strategy, empty solid it, regulations empty it, sometimes the enemy must come on such one to us, you looked, here does so obvious, obviously is knows that we definitely will discover, they are the idiots? No, do not underestimate your match.” Em!” Nod that the surrounding person keeps, they think own few lord said right. Is reasonable, mixes with their few hosts, that is every day gains knowledge simply. Few hosts, you were really too extraordinary, we looked like to your respect are looking up to Sun to be the same simply.” Flattering that the subordinate of that Jianshan sect keeps. Sword in Xiu enjoys obviously, he can feel the surrounding these people to use the vision of worship to look to him. Therefore, such obvious trap certainly is the fake trap, but surroundings these look like do not have the problem place are the real traps, we only needed to walk not to have the issue from this fake trap.” Sword in Xiu very proud saying. He thinks one analyze rationally, simply was the ancient military tactics Master rebirth. He even saw own that bright future, moreover flattering of surroundings these little brothers also made him self-satisfied, this feeling was really too crisp. Little advocates Might, little advocates Might.” Shouting that his these under keep. They such shouted that makes sword in Xiu think what one said is right. Was good, I first walk, making you have a look, my analysis is absolutely right.” Sword in Xiu very arrogant exhausting has stepped in that lump of quilt fully the earth cake, although above has covered the earth, but is only a subzone earth . Moreover the cake is too big, his foot goes, own entire only foot fell.

He made an effort a moment ago really very much, he seems is telling his behind little brother, oneself said definitely will not have the mistake, here is false, finally this foot fell directly. The shoes, the foot, the pants, on thigh, all are. That scene is too beautiful to behold, moreover hesitated he to make an effort, therefore the cake flew to shoot all around is, he and his subordinate has not all escaped by luck. At this time the forefront of team. „Did you say also to be able some people to step on besides me?” Big bao tooth this is studying that lump of thing that oneself stepped on a moment ago all the way. „, Besides you, which stockout can step on.” Xia Tian shot a look at his one eyes. Said probably, I buried with the earth, then if obviously some people will also step on, that was really is too out of stock.” The big bao tooth nodded. Ye Wen stopped suddenly. Ye brother, how you stopped.” Big bao tooth discontented saying. Quite static.” Ye Wen said suddenly. Hears his words, presents all people to stare, is quite truly static, does not only have including the mosquito, the static fearfulness, the bird does not have. Even does not have including the reptile. It seems like has not waited till the evening, trouble comes.” Ye Wen saying slowly.