Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2164

This nearby has wild beast!” Big bao tooth very anxious saying. Hears his words, everybody collapsed, they are studying this issue in this half of the day. „About two hours on the darkness, we do not go forward, in this rest, have processed here weed, do not look to approach the place rest of tree as far as possible.” Ye Wen said that he understands, here is the forest, the wild beast that here lives is familiar with the tree, if they approach the tree rest, that definitely in the place benefitted on does not have any superiority. The people started to bustle about directly their matter. This is we enters in this forest first night, can pass safely, looked your.” Ye Wen looked that said to Xia Tian. Has the difficulty?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his both hands very optional a racket in ground. Song Yunshao and the others they were away from about 100 meters place to stop in Xia Tian: „, Sheared sloppily will not have the wild beast to come?” Ye Wen has not paid attention to him, disregarded him directly. Brothers, we do not use the indigenous methods, we are rich, scatters the insectproof pink / white the surroundings, evades the poisonous pink / white, evades the wild pink / white.” Song Yunshao said unusual was loud. These thing prices that he said are very high, can defend many snakeworm mouse ant, fiercest that evades the wild pink / white even to avoid the wild beast. Because it with the wild beast most repugnant thing combination, the cost is high, the price that sells naturally is also very high. Rich man, we could not compare, Xia Tian, Formation depended on you.” Ye Wen responded directly. In his opinion any thing compared with Xia Tian Formation, the Xia Tian Formation defensive power was really too formidable, destroyed completely hundreds of thousands of people of Formation all of a sudden is he arranges. What thing does that have to be able his Formation to be better than?

„, Happen to I recently had tried novel Formation to be called invisible, is preliminary Formation.” Xia Tian said that both hands patted directly above the ground. bo! Formation all covered them in inside directly. Ha Ha Ha Ha, invisible of any nonsense, to put it bluntly is the camouflage, you work as the wild beast are the idiot, waits for the wild beast to come, having a look at it to attack anyone first.” Song Yunshao said with a smile loudly. He to own evades the wild pink / white to be self-confident, this thing is he spends the high price to buy, the effect is good, he experimented many times. Wild beast any departure that approaches these powder to loathe. In the evening sees!” Ye Wen shouts directly. This Formation is not probably sound-insulated, anything does not separate.” Element quiet face curious is sizing up this Formation, at this time they know that Xia Tian was a Formation master, moreover was very fierce Formation master, Formation that Xia Tian studied, how may be only a small camouflage. How is it? I have not deceived your three, in our team has the Formation master.” Big bao tooth proud saying. He is with Feiyan, seductive woman and Guo beautiful three females. These three females have characteristics, Feiyan is clean, noble \; The seductive woman is gorgeous, multi- colors \; Guo Mei is peaceful and adorable. Yes, you have not certainly deceived me, your teams truly are loyal.” Feiyan sweet smiles, yesterday's matter has made her have very big favorable impression. „It is not you, is we, since you join our that teams starts, you were in our team one.” The big bao tooth corrected the mistake in her words.

Right, is we.” Feiyan changed a statement hurriedly. Seductive woman Little Sister, why you makeup look at other woman compared with me good?” Big bao tooth complexion looked that asked to the seductive woman. Because you is a man, you can ask their several women.” The seductive women have shown the mysterious smiling face. „?” The big bao tooth looked that was quiet to element: Elder sister, you looked that her makeup isn't beautiful?” Whom did you call the elder sister? Why you called her Little Sister to call my elder sister.” Element very discontented saying, the woman most cares about the age quiet the issue. The women were angry, that is more terrifying than the devil, even she already near body big bao tooth in three meters. I have made a mistake, I made a mistake.” The big bao tooth shouts hurriedly: Element quiet Little Sister, I made a mistake.” This also almost.” Element quiet satisfied nod, along with retreat: In the eyes of woman only thinks one are most beautiful, other women again attractively also with oneself almost.” Woman is quite fearful.” Hears the element quiet explanation, big bao tooth feeling unusual terrifying. Among the women has inborn hostility probably, good relations. Hey, Xia Tian, told properly you, does the visit son-in-law you do?” The element looked shouts quiet to Xia Tian, hears her words, newly arrived three females not yes what's the matter, but was regarded as has also cracked a joke, after all in this team Tiantian was cracking a joke. Does not do!” Xia Tian rejected decisively. Oh, counter- are you.” Element quiet one hear of Xia Tian unexpectedly dare to reject itself, this small crabby came up.

I have the wife, small that you want to make, must ask that they did agree.” Xia Tian serious saying. Hears his words, all people were the heavy line, Xia Tian unexpectedly have the wife also Tiantian to gang up with the woman outside, what was main what was Xia Tian says was they, they represented are not a person. „, Probably I want to marry you to resemble.” The element curled the lip to run up to pent up anger quiet directly at the same time. Xia Tian, you, if agrees to be the visit son-in-law, our five are casual you to select to be good? If you want to marry directly our five also good.” Nearby when usually said directly. Hears her words, big bao tooth envies the envy to hate: Day being jealous person with outstanding ability, why ascended the sky to my nobody has been able compared with the talent, has not actually given me a good appearance, you said that which his was better than me, he not compared with my Shuai Dian? Isn't richer than me? Does not know compared with me many? Not compared with my skill greatly? You said that what he also does have to be better than me besides these?” Did not have.” All people also said. Which me actually you go to be able with.” At this moment Ye Qiu walked coyly. Hears her words, the person was more speechless, the especially newly arrived three women, they hoodwinked, does not understand why Xia Tian such attracted attention. Obviously he seems is laziest that moreover before had the matter time he also hid in behind, but woman unexpectedly in team in abundance makes love to him now. Snort, you chatted, you were wild, here night will definitely have many wild beasts, when the time comes I thought how you died.” Xu Yunshao angry shouting.