Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2165

This timid person also has any flashing temperature. Or because he is the Formation master? The vision of seductive woman careful has sized up on the body of Xia Tian, seems wants to see on Xia Tian the uncommon place, but the result besides the lazily appearance, anything has not looked. I was hungry!” Free of evil intention grievance looks at Xia Tian. Grazes, in any case ground that many.” Xia Tian was really has been defeated free of evil intention, two cauldron above Expert do not eat and drink in the normal environment next 78 days will not have any issue, but his several hours did not eat the thing to shout hungrily. „!” Said free of evil intention the start grazed. Stops, do not eat, I store some ring inside fast-food, gives you.” Xia Tian looked that free of evil intention start grazes , can only helpless shaking the head. Chu ring. Xia Tian is not serious the Chu ring, because his Chu ring was really too many, when periphery these people heard him to have the Chu ring gawked. The Chu ring, next three they know the biggest Chu equipment. If the powder cultivates, is impossible to have, even if before , is stored the ring by that several five cauldron Expert that Formation injures, preciously actually thus it can be seen stores the ring how. Generally speaking only then nobility will have the Chu ring. The Chu ring does not circulate outside. Regardless of outside asks for any high price, so long as you do not have that status, some people will not sell to your, because this is the upper figure status representative. Saw that the surrounding people visit him with the surprise vision, he is also doubts of face: „Do you think so me to do?” „Do you have the Chu ring?” Ye Wen looked that asked to Xia Tian. Has, how?” Xia Tian very optional saying. Whistling!

The surrounding person all long aspirated. Local tyrants. Xia Tian absolutely is a local tyrant. Elder Brother Tian, I too worshipped you, your unexpectedly had the Chu ring, I just liked the torrential river water to your respect, once started , it can hardly stop.” The big bao tooth dashed to Xia Tian. Three meters!” Xia Tian said hurriedly. In his opinion stores the ring is the most common thing, even they and others settle accounts, settles accounts with the Chu ring, how otherwise over a hundred trillions spirit stone of trade, is placed in that words, a mountain. The next three Chu ring proportions should be 100 million : 1, even is 500 million : 1, in other words in 100 million individuals only then a person has the Chu ring, even in 500 million people have a Chu ring. This no wonder they are also surprised. However immediately Ye Wen they shook the head, Xia Tian Formation continually five cauldron Expert can wound, that also has any impossible matter. The Chu ring regarding him should not be the difficult matter. At this time free of evil intention is here all people are display most obvious, his vision stubbornly is staring at Xia Tian, others are embarrassed the start to talk to ask Xia Tian anything, but he was could not control obviously. Saw that must ask free of evil intention, everybody also looked to Xia Tian, they were waiting for the reply of Xia Tian. Xia Tian.” Free of evil intention very serious looks at Xia Tian. Em, how?” Xia Tian doubts looks free of evil intention. Other people are also waited for that continues to ask free of evil intention question that they want to ask. My eats?” Directly asked free of evil intention. Hears words that he asked that the surrounding person all collapsed, they also think that must ask the matter of Xia Tian Chu ring free of evil intention, but Ye Wen and the others actually also smiled.

This is they knows free of evil intention. In his eyes, important that regardless of any thing has not eaten. What eats is sacred, is bigger than all. „.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, hill same food appears. Sees these food free of evil intention, immediately eye braves bright light. Before Xia Tian goes on a journey each time, will have arranged food in the small cauldron, the deadline of small cauldron preservation food is long, compared with the effect of Chu ring. At this time he has all given his food free of evil intention. The night falls. All people understand that here dark night is not definitely ordinary, once the black day approaches, that here wild beast will all come out to attack them. Everybody rests.” Ye Wen said directly. Hears Ye Wen the words, people all depend on the chair rest, the newly arrived three females are doubts of face, because everybody understands, the night falls, the wild beast will come, that present should be the time of spunking up, but Ye Wen unexpectedly makes them rest, can make them bring death? However is quick their three to discover that at this time besides their three, other people depended really there rests on. You......” Feiyan have doubts looks to Ye Wen. „Didn't Xia Tian give you a moment ago the chair? Lies down to rest a meeting, walked for day , is very tired.” Ye Wen very optional saying. But won't have many wild beasts in the evening?” Feiyan's puzzled asking. Em, definitely will have.” Ye Wen nodded. We have not gotten ready for action, the words that if the wild beast attacks, weren't we all the living target?” Feiyan could not master the situation of this team simply.

Do not be anxious, sits down rest to be good, one will have perhaps the good play to look.” Before Ye Wen also finally can realize now, feeling of Xia Tian. Before their several fuss, Xia Tian sat there actually as if nothing has happened. Now Feiyan several females here turn circle, he can actually very steady sitting here, very relaxed leisurely and carefree. You sit, I garrison here.” Feiyan said that starts to prospect the surrounding terrain, planned to start really the garrison. Where Guo Mei is also the station starts to inspect, obviously planned that makes the garrison with Feiyan together. Was the seductive woman sat on the contrary directly, moreover sat in Ye Wen's side, possibly she thought that sat can be safer side Ye Wen. Although she just started to plan to sit side Xia Tian, because Xia Tian seems is a little mysterious, especially Xia Tian said after he has the Chu ring, that showed that Xia Tian possibly is an aristocrat. However afterward she thinks, if there is words of matter, Ye Wen can definitely protect her after behind, but Xia Tian has the possibility cat in her, therefore she chooses to sit in Ye Wen's side at this time. Shasha! Sound of leaf glide. Hissing hissing! In the thick patch of grass has also broadcast the sound, afterward various strange sounds continuously, little tranquil night became will make noise. Night, here is the world of wild beast, under the sweep of nighttime sky, the wild beasts started, possibly relaxed, possibly to kill people, possibly to drive out external person. Good play must perform finally.” Ye Wen shows a faint smile.