Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2166

Yanyan, meets wild beast to attack your times you run to us, I will send for meeting your, you felt relieved that my person will protect your.” Song Yunshao shouted loudly. He on the contrary a little anticipated now these wild beasts started to attack, because they had to evade the wild pink / white, therefore he thinks that the wild beast is will definitely not attack his. Conversely, he noticed that Xia Tian their Formation probably is the joke is the same. Obviously is the camouflage, any stealth Formation, he can see there not to be different from outside. Idiot, this fellow is an idiot, how such big sound wild beast possibly does not attack.” Ye Wen helpless shaking the head, he sees excessively stupid, has not seen has been so stupid, greatly black day shouted loudly in this place. „The wild beast may not note here, the words that but he such shouted, the wild beast will follow definitely the sound to come.” Big bao tooth helpless shaking the head. Comes, our is invisible Formation.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Xia Tian, your this is invisible Formation, that was accidentally wild to clash, passed by our that the beast battered, do we also want to meet with a disaster?” Element quiet puzzled asking. Said was invisible Formation, had to drink?” Xia Tian right hand, several wine pots appear in his hands. I drink me to drink.” Shouts free of evil intention hurriedly, since free of evil intention previous time has drunk, knows that the liquor was anything, although he did not like this feeling, but his characteristics had to eat to drink him absolutely to want. Saw that Xia Tian must drink. The seductive women were far from Xia Tian, she felt that Xia Tian is not reasonable. But Feiyan several females also slightly knit the brows, thought that Xia Tian is not reasonable. You, if complies to be our visit sons-in-law, we accompany you to drink.” The element has raised this matter quiet once more, hears her words, the newly arrived three females were more puzzled, why Xia Tian this will be problem some people people will like from top to bottom. I accompany you to drink.” Ye Qiu took up pot liquor to say directly. Feeds, Ye Qiu Little Sister, can you always not remove my stage, I must discuss the condition with him each time, you will compromise.” Element quiet helpless saying. „, I first do not drink.” Ye Qiu shows a faint smile. Yeah, you, standpoint too do not strengthen, her such several convinced you.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, has drunk directly. Free of evil intention also opens with Xia Tian drinks.

Bang! The surroundings have heard the fierce sound, obviously nearby this already some people with uncultivated land ** hand . Moreover the war is intense. Hissing hissing! In the thick patch of grass has transmitted fierce sound . Moreover the sound is getting more and more near. Has the situation.” Feiyan's anxious saying. Hissing hissing! The sound approached their here. Do not be anxious.” Ye Wenquan said that is Feiyan has no alternative but to be anxious radically, she has even prepared fight. Hissing hissing! Is the python, this everybody saw clearly, is a head three meters thick python, python is big, its this bit by bit is approaching Xia Tian their here. Ha Ha Ha Ha, but also any stealth Formation, was discovered.” Song Yunshao said with a smile loudly. S , B.” Ye Wen scolded one directly. With Song Yunshao the laughter, the python has fired into Song Yunshao directly their there. Was his sound passes python attraction. „, Look.” Saying that Song Yunshao disdained , the people saw inconceivable one afterward, python unexpectedly, when approached their surrounding to stop. Was evades the wild pink / white to have an effect. How is it?” Song Yunshao very proud saying. His evades the wild pink / white, but the words high price buys, is belongs to Advanced evades the wild pink / white, the effect very good, now this python is evaded the wild pink / white to hide outside, the python transferred two around their these over a thousand people of teams.

Effect is good.” The big bao tooth said. Your several, give me to throw food toward their side.” Song Yunshao shouted loudly, his meaning them the Formation place to Xia Tian threw food, attracted the python. Mean!” Feiyan's angry saying. Quick, that several subordinates big pile of food of throw Xia Tian their Formation in all directions, even several also threw Formation inside. They are enticing python to attack Xia Tian with food their there. Hissing hissing! The python really their Formation there walked toward Xia Tian with food. Came, came.” Feiyan very anxious saying. Guo Mei directly has even put out weapon, probably prepares to fight one to result at any time, but Xia Tian they actually in that leisurely and carefree is drinking the young wine, as if has not seen the python to be the same. Feiyan, leaves is so anxious, sits down to rest a meeting.” The element was drawing Feiyan and Guo Mei quiet directly arrives in the position of chair to sit down. But the python came.” Feiyan spoke does not dare to be too loud. Doesn't have us?” The element shows a faint smile quiet. You......” Feiyan look in front of one these drink, sleeps, the person of chat, she a little does not feel relieved. You felt relieved that waits to look at the good play.” The element is quiet, although does not know that what effect this Formation has, but she believes Xia Tian. The element can only nod quiet. Guo Mei Little Sister, you also sit down.” The element said quiet. Guo Mei also nodded to sit down. Hissing hissing!

The python all gave to eat these meat in periphery. Goes quickly, the python, inside also has several meat.” Song Yunshao shouted loudly. Puff! At this moment the form has fired into that several meat together instantaneously, gives the cleanness of elimination that several meat directly, this person is not others, is free of evil intention. Dares to throw the meat before him, that really had not. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” The people smile. Smiles unusual is loud, hears their low voice, looks to them who Feiyan has doubts, this matter is truly funny, but they do not need to smile is so loud, the python may in the nearby. This time looked how you die, unexpectedly also dares to smile is so loud, the python definitely heard, this time it all will kill you.” Song Yunshao shouted loudly. Idiot.” Ye Wen scolded one directly: Gives you to popularize, python discovery humanity, what depends is the quantity of heat, but is not the sound, if it wants to look for us, then it already discovered.” Snort, good, I must make you have a look at my method.” Song Yunshao the right hand wielded, his subordinates have stood directly: Gives me to throw the meat toward their, throws to eat, I do not believe the python not to kill.” Throw! Song Yunshao issued an order, his subordinates opened throw. Let alone the words, making the meat fly a meeting.” In the eye of python has shone probably same looks at head these meat.