Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2167

Others described that the attack is the hail of bullets, but at this time truly fresh meat run all over the place, moreover is roasts ripe, these that they throw are their grain rations. But quick, inconceivable appeared, the python planned to fire into the meat, finally afterward the python did not know any reason, has not gone to Formation, but rushed to heavenly food to start to eat directly, its body unexpectedly stood to catch these barbecues directly. But falls into the barbecue in Formation not to waste. Free of evil intention naturally will not disappoint the good intention of opposite party. Eats, all eats. Bang! Ground unexpectedly has transmitted feeling of vibration, the python that is catching these barbecues stopped own movement suddenly, afterward dingy ran away, probably will induce to any terrifying matter will soon occur was the same. Python unexpectedly has not attacked us!!!” Feiyan somewhat feels surprisedly. Told you to relax.” The element shows a faint smile quiet. „It is not right, the python was ran away a moment ago probably, in other words, possibly had its frightened living thing to appear here.” Little Guo Mei of speech opens the mouth to say suddenly. Here time, her complexion changed. Compared with wild beast that the python also wants the terrifying, that is not definitely good to cope. However she discovered quickly that at this time their person unexpectedly intense meaning in this team does not have, oneself play there their. „Aren't you worried?” Guo Mei looked asked puzzled to people. You also were a moment ago worried, but result? Broadcasts, after , you understood, our squads are travel.” Ye Wen very optional saying. Travels. Hears Ye Wen the words, on Guo beautiful forehead is the heavy line.

Come, the wild beast, comes quickly.” That side Song Yunshao shouted loudly, he anticipated the arrival of wild beast, because he to own evaded the wild pink / white to be self-confident, any wild beast came, they did not fear, so long as the wild beast had discovered Xia Tian they, that Xia Tian they certainly must die without doubt. Really not lets people down. Huge sound that they make wild beast attracting. ! A wolf eats delicacies to transmit. Afterward the ground starts fiercely is rocking. The pack of wolves, they have brought in the pack of wolves. Was bad, is the pack of wolves, is the pack of wolves, our time definitely is unable to escape death by a hair's breadth, but the pack of wolves the community runs, even if they cannot see us, they will run definitely not to bypass our here.” Feiyan has stood hurriedly, this time she could not sit still again. Really is the pack of wolves, we run away!” Guo beautiful proposition said. Calm, calm.” Ye Wen helpless shaking the head. Calm, do you have what means to cope with the pack of wolves? Or is this Formation can avoid the pack of wolves?” Guo Mei puzzled asking. I do not know.” Ye Wen naturally does not know what Xia Tian this time arranges is any Formation, does not know that the Formation might is anything. You do not know!!!” Guo Mei this time is thorough was speechless, she wanted really insanely, she looked the leaf bra had the full appearance, thinks that he was to this Formation unusual understanding, therefore so will be calm, finally his unexpectedly said that does not know. Yes, I do not know.” Ye Wen idle courtyard free saying. You?” Guo Mei looked that quiet and the others asked to the element. Does not know.” The element shook the head quiet.

This time Guo Mei was insane, nearby Feiyan also thorough was speechless, they noticed that this group of people were so calm, but also thinks that they about this Formation knew, their unexpectedly any person has not understood Formation finally. Ended, this time died.” Guo Mei has been able to hear the sound that the pack of wolves runs, first now she chooses to escape also definitely is without enough time. Calm, calm.” Ye Wenquan said that they such come, therefore was also used to it, initially he must exaggerate compared with Guo beautiful this time action. Ha Ha Ha Ha, is the pack of wolves, our evades the wild pink / white to avoid the pack of wolves, is you? The pack of wolves dashes, all will be trod the flat base.” Song Yunshao laughed to say excitedly: Yanyan, quickly comes, their there must turn into the ruins immediately.” I die will not pass.” Feiyan responded. Feiyan has decided that she must here, because here person was loyal yesterday, this she is sees with one's own eyes, regardless of being finally what kind of today, she must face with these people together. Dies anything dead, sits the rest, you must learn calm.” Ye Wen helpless shaking the head, he sees Feiyan and action of Guo beautiful now, has remembered at that time him how laughably. Because present Feiyan and Guo Mei were initial he. Good, since our team, you sits, I also sit.” Feiyan also wants to understand, she does not believe that front these people are the fools, sits waits for death here, therefore she must have a look at these people one to face the pack of wolves to make anything to respond. You......, Good.” Guo Mei also sat down. „Does Xia Tian, eat the wolf meat tonight not?” The free of evil intention face anticipates looked that asked to Xia Tian. „Didn't you just finish eating?” Xia Tian puzzled looks free of evil intention. I was also hungry.” Saying of free of evil intention pitiful evening evening. That waits a while, waits a while I to make you exit, you exit again, stress several to come, but cannot keep everything for oneself.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Good.” Free of evil intention excited saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the things of this crowd of acting recklessly, then I must appreciate your deaths, Yanyan, you , if not come back, that may do not blame me, even if you died, I will not let off your.” Song Yunshao were obscene, evil shouting, his words said unusual was abnormal.

Died has not let off. Song Yunshao, you died like a dog.” Feiyan's angry shouting. Ha Ha Ha Ha, who our two have a look is dies like a dog, woman who my Song Yunshao wanted to obtain, could not have obtained.” Song Yunshao laughed to say excitedly. Yeah.” Xia Tian sighed, helpless shaking the head. You planned that made them die?” Asked free of evil intention. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Has killed them with me not?” Asked free of evil intention, he also thought that now Song Yunshao this person was really too disgusting. Does not need, they are bring about own destruction.” Xia Tian said that continues to drink the liquor in hand. Brothers, when the time comes gave me to snatch the corpse in the past, so long as I Yanyan, other turned over to you.” Song Yunshao will still die. !!! Came, the pack of wolves directly flushed, they clash from the Xia Tian this Formation direction, but Song Yunshao they in Xia Tian Formation behind, in other words the pack of wolves must first after Xia Tian their here. Feiyan and the others in the controls is the sweat.