Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2168
Bang! The pack of wolves long-range raid comes. Saw these many wolves, Feiyan and Guo Mei gave up resisting, but Ye Wen and the others also all sat straight the body, on their faces did not have the fear, but was excited. Was dying?” Feiyan asked. Died anything dead, favored, do not blink, the good play will come immediately.” Ye Wen a face anticipates looks at front pack of wolves. Good play, what good play?” Feiyan's puzzled asking. Look, will appear immediately.” The element patted Feiyan's shoulder to say quiet. Feiyan and Guo Mei, although is very anxious, but they now are also very curious, why these people seem specially strange. Should very tense frightened matter, they actually obviously is an anticipation of face. Especially Xia Tian with free of evil intention dialog, probably was a moment ago free of evil intention a person to be able outside Song Yunshao these people to extinguish kills was the same. Bang! The pack of wolves came. Came, favored.” Ye Wen anticipated that they are not worried about their security problem, because Xia Tian the durable strength had already proven, his Formation unusual. But they are curious, actually then what happened, Formation will have any different might. Previous Formation has made them dumbfounded, then this. Bang! The pack of wolves turns toward the Formation long-range raid to come directly, the enormous and powerful pack of wolves has crashed in Formation.

Hasn't blocked?” Asking of all person innermost feelings all doubts. Instinct they extended the arm to resist the impact of greedy person, at this moment, inconceivable appeared, pack of wolves unexpectedly has passed through their bodies. What?” All people were all shocked. Ye Wen and the others have prepared for at heart also uselessly, such scene has to make them surprised, really has surpassed their cognition. pack of wolves unexpectedly on such one head one broke through their bodies, probably is the illusory image is the same, they want to touch the wolf not to trace with the hand. This was also too mysterious.” The element cannot bear say quiet, even if she has prepared for beforehand at heart, but also by Formation was shocked mysteriously. Was too fierce, was too fierce.” Big bao tooth excited loud shouting. This what's the matter? How is this possible?” Guo Mei whole person there, a few words could not say, at this time she saw she thinks matter that own this whole life will not believe. This matter only should appear in the fairy story is right. If some people said this situation to come with her, she definitely will not spare a glance. Because she does not believe absolutely. Finally today she saw matter that oneself most are unable to believe. Formation? Cracks a joke, is Formation possibly so terrifying? I have never heard this Formation.” Feiyan has rubbed his eye, probably suspected one in having a dream to be the same, she is unable to imagine front oneself this time all real, she thinks that she definitely was too tired recently, therefore presented illusion. On pack of wolves that her hand places shuttle back and forth, finally anything cannot trace. This what's the matter?” Feiyan hoodwinked, thorough hoodwinking. The eyes of seductive woman open the eyes in a big way, she believes firmly one see real, definitely will not have the mistake, she finally understands now everybody was why confident, why these women on own initiative have made love with Xia Tian, why they must make Xia Tian become the visit son-in-law.

Originally Xia Tian is not only a Formation master, is a Advanced Formation master. The Advanced Formation master, that is very rare. Especially Xia Tian this mysterious Advanced Formation master. In next three, most precious is the Formation master, Advanced Formation master who especially this type taken shape. It can be said that the Xia Tian Formation skill has surpassed she had seen all Formation masters. Formation of this rank she hears something never heard of before, at this time when others surprisedly look at Formation, she actually quietly looks to Xia Tian, seems is pondering anything. Xia Tian, when I can catch the wolf.” The free of evil intention face anticipates looks at Xia Tian to ask. When others are surprised Formation, his unexpectedly care eats, in his eyes eats to win in all. At this time the pack of wolves stopped in Song Yunshao their front. Song Yunshao could not see Xia Tian their here situations, he thinks that Xia Tian they had been torn into shreds by the pack of wolves. Ha Ha Ha Ha, died, depends on you also to want with me to fight, has a look at these wolves, which dares to come up.” Song Yunshao said with a smile loudly, he smiled unusual was happy. Because he thinks that he they died to the pit Xia Tian. Moreover his evaded the wild pink / white to give to keep off the pack of wolves outside, his spirit stone truly did not have the white bloom. Young master Might.” Young master Might.” These People sounds shout, at this time they also very excited, all that because they see to themselves were proud too, mixed with Song Yunshao, they can walk sideways in this forest.

Hey, that side, you probably happily early.” Ye Wen shouts loudly. He noticed that Song Yunshao that arrogant appearance was not really cruel enough to make him continue to install. What?” Song Yunshao heard Ye Wen the words to stare immediately: Hasn't died? How is this possible?” On Song Yunshao the face has written all over inconceivable, his behind these under also hoodwinked, just started them also to plan to exit to snatch the corpse, afterward saw that the quantity of pack of wolves were too many, they do not dare to exit from the start. They think that at this time Xia Tian their group of people had already been torn into shreds by the pack of wolves, does not have remaining including the bone sediment. But now rear unexpectedly of pack of wolves broadcasts the sound that they have been familiar with. Yeah, the pack of wolves has not attacked us, your there fortunately?” Ye Wen asking that disguises extremely to care about. Snort, why, why haven't you died?” Song Yunshao angry shouting, but actually he could not see behind the pack of wolves what happened. We also wait to visit you dead.” Ye Wen very impolite shouting. Perhaps you did not have the opportunity, the father most did not lack was money, now around us has to evade the wild pink / white, these wolves are unable to come.” Song Yunshao very proud saying. He is a rich man, he can place the mouth money at any time. Right? Quite fierce.” Ye Wen shows a faint smile. Do not worry, a more attractive play then just started.” Xia Tian said that stands up directly, afterward has put out two giant fans, each fan 45 meters so are long, he has given the fan directly free of evil intention: Free of evil intention, gave you.” Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Looks in the Xia Tian hand these two big fans, the people stares, afterward they have laughed together, Xia Tian was really too bad. Good.” The free of evil intention body leaps, jumped on the tree directly.