Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2169

Whiz! The free of evil intention body vanished in instantaneously same place. Quite quick!” Feiyan and the others immediately one startled, after they since join this team inside, only saw that free of evil intention is a starved ghost consigns, but they have not thought that free of evil intention speed unexpectedly is so quick, to was quickly inconceivable. They had not even noticed how free of evil intention to move. Whiz! Rushed to Song Yunshao the place above from the tree free of evil intention. Afterward his both hands make an effort to brandish that two fans. He is five cauldron Expert, his strength is 30,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength, 30,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength wields the fan, that will be terrifying how. Whistling! The intense wind has blown directly. In the grass of wind blows randomly ground dances, but these in ground evaded the wild pink / white are instantaneously all are swept. What?” On Song Yunshao the face has written all over inconceivable. Ended! At this moment he knows that he must end. Does not pay a return visit discourteously, this is gives back your.” Ye Wen shouts loudly. Song Yunshao the complexion turned pale Defense!!” ! A wolf eats delicacies to transmit, afterward the pack of wolves has fired into Song Yunshao the army directly, although they have over a thousand people, but the quantity of pack of wolves was really too many. Good opportunity.” Free of evil intention directly in the rear area of pack of wolves, cut to kill ten wolves, has brought back to them Formation.

Quite fierce!” Feiyan and the others look surprisedly free of evil intention. They have not thought that free of evil intention unexpectedly is also Expert. They are then miserable.” Big bao tooth badly bad smiles. Can live will not have.” Ye Wen helpless shaking the head, if they not cloudy this group of people, that Xia Tian definitely will not cope with them, since they have gotten rid to oneself these people on own initiative, then Xia Tian absolutely will not let off them. Although they knew that the Xia Tian time is not long, but they saw Xia Tian characteristics, that is: Hiding shortcomings. Xia Tian, starts to roast.” Saying of free of evil intention face anticipation. Hears the barbecue, still all ran over in the there serious sigh with emotion several people a moment ago, encircles, saw that such scene Feiyan three females were more surprised, does not understand that roasts the wolf to have something to eat. Feiyan Little Sister, Guo Mei Little Sister, seductive woman Little Sister, your three a bit faster come, otherwise no eating.” The element waved to three people quiet. Feiyan beckoned with the hand: You eat, I little have not eaten too much meat.” Feiyan to lose weight at the same time, moreover her status is not ordinary, any delicious has eaten, a roasting wolf meat of open country she does not care. I do not eat.” Guo Mei beckoned with the hand similarly. The seductive woman is quite actually happy, sat in that directly, as if to join in the fun. Does not eat one not to regret.” Element quiet mysterious smiles. Xia Tian has not spoken, directly ten wolves high throws, afterward more than ten groups of black fires wrapped completely these ten wolves. Bang! Flame temperature very high, but Xia Tian control is very good. ! The Xia Tian body jumped directly, his both hands fast is wielding. Whole set working procedure is less than 20 seconds, the barbecue completes.

That moment when the barbecue completes, Feiyan and the others have all been shocked, the reason that they shock is because the Xia Tian technique was really too terrifying, they had never heard some people can 20 seconds roast ten wolves. Moreover they have been able to smell the fragrance, fragrant is very very fragrant. Looks at front barbecue. Color fragrant perfect. At this time the glutton in their within the body must be enticed probably. Snatch! All person first responses snatch, because they know, if not snatch, will then have very terrifying matter, in a while, the terrifying matter occurred finally, that is free of evil intention, he is the instigator of this terrifying matter. He puts out a hand a bulk meat to swallow down directly, afterward starts fast nibbling. Nobody noticed how he eats, but several people have not eaten half wolf time, he has eaten two . Moreover the speed is still speeding up. Nobody snatches in front of Xia Tian that including free of evil intention. Because that belongs to Xia Tian, snatched Xia Tian, they later perhaps will not have eating. Feiyan and Guo beautiful in the heart this worries at this time, their two have not thought a moment ago really roasts the wolf meat to be so fragrant, moreover they looked that the table manners of people know flavor absolutely good does not make sense. Their two even can feel that they started to swallow the saliva. Now their two are thinking at heart, now nobody is how polite with them, so long as there is a person, then they immediately rush go, manages him 3721, eats. Now but the front these people eat was infatuated with, completely has disregarded their two. You also together come to eat.” Xia Tian waved to their two. Whiz! Whiz! Waited for very long two females to plunge Xia Tian that only to roast the wolf directly, started to eat. The friendship is built generally, when the same place eats meal, because at this time, eating that everybody can forget kindnesses, anything does not manage, eats in low spirits, did not speak.

Good that the old saying said: The people should have the dream, otherwise finished eating the food to boast B with what? At this time finished eating how many person of well satisfied sitting of thing there, although they have not eaten, but was generally speaking good, such delicacy who can eat too full? Including that have eaten ten wolves free of evil intention including the bone does not have remaining, sits there grievance looks at Xia Tian. But Xia Tian has not paid attention to him. Xia Tian, your sends such fiercely, the barbecue so is also delicious, looked person who has the story, tells your story to us.” The seductive women open the mouth to say suddenly. Hears her words, the eyes of all people are one bright, how they had not thought of this before. I have anything to be good saying that kills, you come.” Xia Tian sits there smiles bitterly, homicide many people, oneself have not remembered. Once he killed chicken not to dare. After but once has killed the first person, that mood will change, kills people this matter to become addicted. Killed to be used to it, did not regard is a matter. But he in control as far as possible. The next three human lives are not most valuable, here lacks the order, even if these big influence inside people may also face the different crisis. Now besides uneven Imperial City and these small places, outside all people somewhat is flustered. To put it bluntly, here genuine overlord, has not lacked the order, lacks governs the next three laws. Bang! Bang! At this moment the distant place has heard huge explosive sound, obviously some people fight there. Stands up free of evil intention suddenly: Ten Rank 1 ominous beasts.”