Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2170

Ten Rank 1 ominous beasts?” Hears the free of evil intention words, all people all stare. After they enter here, has not seen ten Rank 1 ominous beasts, ten Rank 1 ominous beasts were considered as on are ominous in legend are beastly, strength formidable, endures compared with human five cauldron Rank 1 to five cauldron Rank 5 Expert. „Do how many people fight there?” Xia Tian asked that if by soul strength, he truly compared free of evil intention, but if by the sensation strength, that were free of evil intention compared with him. Free of evil intention that more than 100 Master do not make fun. Closes one's eyes free of evil intention, long time, he has opened the eye slowly: Probably about 50,000 people, perhaps but that 50,000 people must meet with a disaster, ten Rank 1 ominous beast little brothers may be many, soon, nearby wild beast will overtake to there.” Ok, does not close our matters, met dawn to circle to walk.” Xia Tian continues eyes closed to maintain mental tranquility. Em!” The people nodded. Ten Rank 1 wild beasts were extremely formidable, is not the normal person can contend, if grown rank words of ten Rank 1 wild beasts, that quite therefore five cauldron Rank 5 Expert. How many five cauldron Rank 5 above Expert next do three have? Even if has also few personally knows. Day just bright time, people planned to embark, but they planned to reroll one next in the past, but did not walk from this road, because in front of this road presented ten Rank 1 wild beasts. But they have not gone out of the far time they saw more than 10,000 people, more than 10,000 people at this time very distressed, almost the body of every person has the blood, even also the clothes of many people broke. We continue to circle.” Ye Wen said. They plan to bypass these people. However after these people discover them, came directly a team, the population of this team has 30-40 people probably. Your several, halt to me.” These people have blocked Xia Tian and the others directly the ways. Has the matter?” Ye Wen looks at the opposite party to ask.

He knows that the opposite party is the future is definitely bad, but he does not want with the opposite party to be an enemy, after all the opposite party overwhelms with numerical strength. Our in the conscription, from now on, you can join us now.” Was that person of head said very overbearingly. We walk are very good, does not want to join you.” Ye Wen's tactful saying, expression very tranquil. Hears Ye Wen the words, the brow of opposite party immediately a wrinkle. Snort, being concerned about face, when you I am discussing with you? Our present conscriptions, you do not want to join must join, if this places several days ago, you want to add also to need to inspect.” That person of very proud saying, probably joins their teams is very honorable matter. I said that we do not want to join.” Ye Wen is also very impolite saying. Boy, I urged you to be tactful, now light the elder brother is light the elder brother talks with you, the elder brother was the temperament of becoming famous is only good, if one will change others to come, you were miserable.” A little brother urged. Hears his words, a heavy line of people face, this also called the temperament to be good. Who came, we do not join.” Saying that Ye Wen is not feeling well. Good, is very good, since your boy such does not show due respect for the feelings, that do not blame us being cruel and merciless.” That light elder brother to retreat one step, under has waved afterward to person: Breaks his leg, I thought that he also did have anything to say.” Come, who fears anyone.” Ye Wen also directly planned to rush. Free of evil intention, satisfies him.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Whiz! The free of evil intention body vanished in directly same place. Ah! Two pitiful yell sounds reached in the ears of all people, these little brothers were shocked, they have not hit Ye Wen obviously, pitiful yell sound that but comes. After two seconds, they responded, the pitiful yell sound behind transmitted from them.

Light elder brother!” They ran hurriedly to that light elder brother. Ah! loved me.” Light elder brother's body is tumbling in the ground, his leg already stiffly free of evil intention breaking. Comes the person, light elder brother was hit.” A in which little brother shouts loudly. Although they have 30-40 people, but light the elder brother can silent was broken the leg, this showed that in opposite party has Expert, therefore they must call the person. They altogether add to have over ten thousand Expert. Heard own person to be hit, this time walked 400-500 people, was one person of head looks is Expert, after he arrived here, a brow wrinkle: What's the matter? Such can't several people draw?” Wang elder brother, they not only did not join has also hit the light elder brother, you had a look at the light elder brother both legs to be broken.” A little brother said hurriedly. Wang elder brother, you must take responsibility to me.” Light elder brother pain full guy. Wang the elder brother direct squatting down body, wants to give the light elder brother to set a broken bone: Is enduring.” Ka! Ah! Also is the pitiful yell sound spreads to the ears of all people together. Em?” Wang an elder brother brow wrinkle: Can't join?” Wang elder brother, certainly is the ghost who they do.” That little brother shouts loudly. Wang the elder brother stands up, vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian and the others: Person who you have hit my?” Right.” Ye Wen had not denied that what because hits the person is free of evil intention, free of evil intention is also one of their people. Why hits my person?” Wang elder brother expression ice-cold asking.

Is he must his to break my leg first, he makes us join you, I do not join, he must break my leg.” Ye Wen said directly. Why don't you join?” Wang the elder brother is also a very overbearing person. Depends on us not to join.” Ye Wen also not in the least weak trend. Ha Ha, depends on your people? I told you, in next three, whose fist that was big who decided that now the fist is big, that was we decides, I must make you join, you must join, I wanted you dead, you must die.” Wang Geda said with a smile. In his words has filled overbearingly, as if his casual a few words, can decide that others' life and death is the same. I said that we do not join.” Ye Wen still does not have slight flinching. Your boy, really live is impatient, now I have decided that they can join, you must die.” Wang elder brother casual a few words as if must judge Ye Wen the life and death. Perhaps my life, you could not decide.” Saying of Ye Wen coldly. Right?” Wang elder brother corners of the mouth slightly some. bo! His head presented four small cauldrons and five small cauldrons. Four cauldron Rank 5 Expert. Now?” Wang an elder brother face ponders looked that asked to Ye Wen. I remember that you had said a moment ago probably, whose fist is big, who decides right?” Xia Tian lazily walked from behind.