Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2174

Hears this drinks greatly, all people guess correctly. Was advocating. Master, helping me revenge.” scar was complaining tearfully shouting, his solemn five cauldron Rank 1 Expert unexpectedly like child has cried. Five cauldron Rank 1, that was the next three topest strengths. But his present unexpectedly cried. Spoken parts wind has fluttered, afterward the person's shadow fell on the scar side together directly. Ka! Ka! Two sounds convey, the bone of scar was joined directly: Depends on this small technique also to dare before me to manipulate.” The free of evil intention technique excels. scar want to set a broken bone a moment ago, but has not succeeded, because of the free of evil intention technique and others' difference, keeping him from joining own bone. Instance that however now white clothing old man presents, directly joined his bone. Many thanks Master!” Saying that scar is grateful. Minute of muscle wrong bone, what person white thousand are your?” The white clothing old man looked slowly free of evil intention. White clothing old man at this time white, clothes snow white, beard snow white, hair snow white, skin also snow white, without any scarlet. My Master!” Said free of evil intention. It seems like you are seven Juuniyama, teaching other people of 30 Liudong.” The white clothing old man said the free of evil intention status directly. Em!” Free of evil intention had not denied. Snort, who no matter you are, even if the person of hidden entrance, dares to move my apprentice, I will not let off you, our snow territory confuses the people in city never to fear anybody.” The white clothing old man is imposing.

Meanwhile, his head presented five small cauldrons and five small cauldrons. Five cauldron Rank 5. The white clothing old man is five cauldron Rank 5 Expert. At this time the white clothing old man threatens, in clearly knows in the situation of free of evil intention status, still chooses to begin, but reason that he said the free of evil intention status to tell all people. Their snow territory confuses the city to be inviolable. Their people, nobody can move. Powerful. All people can see white clothing old man powerful, but everybody thinks that this is natural, because strength enough of white clothing old man. scar ran up to the side of white clothing old man: Master, you must teach them well, I had raised your status a moment ago, but his unexpectedly said that five cauldron Rank 5 were considered as anything, said that Master your dog, the fart is not.” scar added some glossaries intentionally. In the white clothing old man eyes has flashed through murderous aura, obviously he moved the real anger at this time. Was you says?” White clothing old man coldly looks free of evil intention. Was not I said that was he says.” Very free of evil intention is not loyal directly with pointing at has referred to Xia Tian, afterward he simply hid in Xia Tian. Right now Ye Wen and the others are also shocked. Present all changes was too quick, their some have not responded. Just started is Xia Tian dares with the Expert stubborn mouths of five cauldron Rank 1, afterward was free of evil intention five cauldron Rank 1 Expert breaking the both legs, now presented five cauldron Rank 5 Expert, was free of evil intention the direct cat in Xia Tian. All people know that free of evil intention was five cauldron Rank 3 Expert.

He definitely is not the match of white clothing old man, was his unexpectedly cat in Xia Tian, Xia Tian strength compared with free of evil intention also strong? This is a little impossible. After all Xia Tian is one time has not gotten rid all the way. The people only know that he is Formation Expert. Normal, the Formation Expert strength is impossible to be too strong, because he needs to immerse in Formation every day, absolutely does not have the time to discipline own Martial Skill. This, this what's the matter?” Ye Wen is blurry. Including free of evil intention hid in Xia Tian behind, Xia Tian was really Expert, but he hid was too deep, therefore nobody discovered. Elder Brother Tian his strength compared with free of evil intention also strong? Is this possible? He is hits in mother belly to start cultivation?” Big bao tooth surprised looks at Xia Tian, he question of innermost feelings saying. Simultaneously this is also the doubts of people. Their this follows all the way together Xia Tian. Fights anything, Xia Tian has never gotten rid, was he says each time, let get rid free of evil intention, but this free of evil intention unexpectedly hid in him. „Did you say?” The white clothing old man looked at the vision to Xia Tian. Perhaps, the general idea, possibly, should, almost be I says.” Xia Tian nodded. Hears his words, Ye Wen and the others collapsed, this, Xia Tian unexpectedly also had the thoughts to crack a joke here. Good, I deliver you dead.” The white clothing old man nodded. Wait / Etc., talked clearly the words first.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. „Did you fear death?” Very the white clothing old man disdains looked that said to Xia Tian, he thinks said the person of such hard angry words to be Expert, the result was really disappoints him.

First Xia Tian seemed too young, even compared with free of evil intention also young, that showed that the Xia Tian strength was impossible to be too strong, next Xia Tian shouted wait / etc., that represented his weak trend. Feared that I feared certainly death, but I want to ascertain a matter.” Xia Tian looks to the white clothing old man. His expression is very serious, probably must have any big matter to announce was the same, sees he so serious expression, surrounding person also peaceful. But the scar subordinate thinks that now Xia Tian definitely was requests to forgive, but Ye Wen and the others were thinks that Xia Tian possibly wants arrangement Formation secretly. After all they may experience the Xia Tian Formation might. Although the opposite party is five cauldron Rank 8 Expert, so long as Xia Tian arranges Formation, they have the opportunity to escape. Said! Do not think protracted time, my patience is limited, you should better have in the patience situation a bit faster while me to say.” White clothing old man coldly looks at Xia Tian. He does not have too many patience, but his similarly curious Xia Tian wanted to say anything. Selects or gangs up on only.” Xia Tian vision stubbornly stares at the white clothing old man to say. Volume!” Heard the Xia Tian words, white clothing old man has doubts: What meaning are your words? My finger can be run over and die you, you with what single Tiao, gangs up on with what? By your behind that more than ten waste?” Although was talked into by the white clothing old man is waste, but Ye Wen and the others have not spoken, because in the eyes of white clothing old man, their strengths truly insufficiently looks. You understood to make a mistake, single Tiao was I selects your one, ganged up on is I beats your one crowd.” Xia Tian explained hurriedly: Was right, is waste word you immediately knows that used is more appropriate on your body.” bo! Xia Tian used own complete strength instantaneously. After this is he breaks through, first time opens own Realm.