Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2179

Wait / Etc.!” The white clothing old man shouts hurriedly. Hears three that moment, he felt that death, he understood, Xia Tian is a lunatic, regardless of he said anything, Xia Tian will not stop the movement in oneself hand, if this way, he must die without doubt. Even if he said now one behind have Nine cauldrons Expert, perhaps Xia Tian will not go to manage. Said!” The hand of Xia Tian lifted, so long as obviously is the white clothing old man says him not to be unsatisfied, he will draw Gold Thread in oneself hand. I apologize.” White clothing old man helpless saying. Although his strength excels, however he feared in the face of the death equally. Humph! The scene was peaceful immediately. Five cauldron Rank 5 Expert unexpectedly must apologize. This can be said as the next three unique important matters. Five cauldron Rank 5, in normal person eyes are only the survival in the next three most crest person, they even compare these so-called King terrors. They got rid of the rule, is the living legend. But now his unexpectedly must apologize. Starts!” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. The white clothing old man vision looked to Ye Wen and the others, afterward clenches teeth to redden all over the face said three characters from the mouth: Sorry.” Silent. Five cauldron Rank 5 Expert unexpectedly apologized. Ye Wen and the others absolutely have not thought that unexpectedly has five cauldron Rank 5 Expert to apologize with them. This treatment was also too terrifying a point. Regarding them, five cauldron Rank 5 Expert only lives in the legend, but person unexpectedly of this legend rank personally apologizes to them now. Can let loose me.” White clothing old man depressed saying.

Let him give person apology of one crowd of tripods, this regarding him simply is the greatest shame, however for his life, he apologized. What I said is kneels the earnest apology.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks at white clothing old man. What?” On the face of white clothing old man has been full of the anger. Xia Tian unexpectedly makes him give person of one crowd of tripods to kneel. Hateful, do not go too far.” scar angry looked that shouts to Xia Tian. Goes too far?” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting: I have gone too far, can you be what kind of?” You!!!” The white clothing old man clenches teeth, angry looks at Xia Tian. I do not have the interest to go to Zha Shu again, either kneels down the apology, either dies, my brother, is not anybody can taunt.” The Xia Tian manner is firm. Is impossible, I am five cauldron Rank 5 Expert, I apologized to them give fully their face, I impossible to give such an important goods kid to kneel down.” The white clothing old man is still paying great attention to own status. He thinks that he apologized, that is own limit. Good, I deliver you a regulation.” Xia Tian said that must draw own finger. The death arrived. In the eyes of white clothing old man presented the fear: I kneel!” Xia Tian loosened own finger. Puff passes! The knees of white clothing old man knelt on the ground directly. At this moment, all people all with amazement could not say incoming call, such scene they could not see for a lifetime, five cauldron Expert apologized personally, moreover knelt apologizes. If this said that affirmed that nobody believes. Ye Wen and the others think now one died, this whole life also value. Can make five cauldron Rank 5 Expert kneel down to apologize to them, this definitely most has the face matter.

Powerful! Xia Tian also made all people see disposition that his powerful and he hid shortcomings. Regardless of you good, B, cannot bully his brothers, otherwise this is your fate. Sorry.” The white clothing old man said directly, at the same time, in his eye flashes through a mean look. Em!” Xia Tian satisfied nod, has pulled out the [gold/metal] blade in hand afterward. ! Was in the hand of white clothing old man presented a snow and ice Divine sword in this, the snow and ice Divine sword direct thorn to the chest of Xia Tian, speed incredibly fast was incomparable, this he believes that he can cut to kill Xia Tian absolutely. This distance Xia Tian wants to hide is unable to shunt absolutely. Puff! At this moment, he suddenly discovered own unexpectedly saw own body, moreover is the body is away from itself to be getting more and more far: What's the matter, why can my body be away from me to be getting more and more far? This is his final idea. His head at this time already high flew. The right hand of Xia Tian wields, the snow and ice Divine sword and his Chu ring in white clothing old man hand directly were taken away by Xia Tian. Died! Five cauldron Rank 5 Expert white clothing old men such died. He did not use, what a pity his unexpectedly wants to sneak attack Xia Tian, this has been doomed his death, although Xia Tian has withdrawn [gold/metal] Dao, but also Gold Thread separates in their middle. Xia Tian cut a moment ago his head with this Gold Thread. Master!” scar shouts loudly. ! The silver light dodges, his head is also high Gao Fei gets up, Xia Tian also has taken afterward away his thing, finally looked directly to front that enormous and powerful team.

At this time these people is a face frightened looks at Xia Tian. The great strength of Xia Tian has surpassed their cognition. unexpectedly five cauldron Rank 5 Expert defeats continually in his hands, moreover Xia Tian a moment ago also Insta-kill five cauldron Rank 1 scar. Formidable! Xia Tian already formidable terrifying. Quite fierce, no wonder before him, did not get rid, originally he disdains in getting rid.” Ye Wen understood finally, why before , no matter comes across any matter, Xia Tian is an unflustered appearance. Can the relaxed Insta-kill five cauldron Rank 1 Expert people, possibly not to be how calm. Before everybody only thinks that Xia Tian is Formation Expert, the strength was very weak, but at this moment they were the true experience the Xia Tian strength. No wonder free of evil intention will listen to the Xia Tian words, before everybody thinks possibly is Xia Tian with eating coercing, but now looks like, Xia Tian compared with the free of evil intention anomaly. This......” opposite these people now is a group of people without a leader, their backers died, they were called by scar, was not the snow territory confuses the person in city. The Xia Tian vision looked to them. This may make the hearts of these people sink all of a sudden the valley, even somewhat timid frightened the urine pants directly, but also some people were the both legs one soft, fell on the ground. I am not the killing devil.” Xia Tian looks to these person of light saying: But I do not hope that some people disturb the friend of mine, slayer uneven Imperial City Xia Tian.” Uneven Imperial City Xia Tian. If solely said Xia Tian, that some people possibly think that can be the duplicate, but added uneven Imperial City and Xia Tian, everybody knew his true status. Uneven Imperial City three City Lord, are known as the most abnormal man: Xia Tian.