Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2180

If now next three hottest people, then all people will say this name: Xia Tian. But he now next three genuine wind and cloud figure. Uneven Imperial City three City Lord, the people of entire next three these big influences saw that he must be respectful, reason that even also some people said Sun Empire the destruction, has the relations with Xia Tian. His unexpectedly is really uneven Imperial City Xia Tian.” Ye Wen also remembers Xia Tian had just joined their team the time at this time, at that time they were also because Xia Tian the name was somewhat surprised. Afterward they also think that is only duplicate. But they have not thought absolutely this person unexpectedly is not the duplicate, but is true uneven Imperial City three City Lord Xia Tian. The opposite these people have not thought that front person unexpectedly is uneven Imperial City three City Lord Xia Tian, but they one want to be also right, others how possibly such anomaly. You walk, no matter before I you, has to leave behind our images, but if some people involve my brother, regardless of you run away to the ends of the earth I extinguish you kill.” Although Xia Tian has not gone to kill them, but must remind them absolutely Ye Wen and the others to involve. He did not fear that the snow territory confuses the person in city, but Ye Wen and the others were different. Many thanks summer City Lord.” These people hear Xia Tian to put them to walk, that naturally is grateful. All fast ran away, reason that they run is so quick, was worried that Xia Tian will renege on a promise, in that case, they may be miserable. Therefore now their first idea runs away. After these people leave, here only remaining Xia Tian they. Elder Brother Tian, I was really too worship you, your unexpectedly was uneven Imperial City that three City Lord, I was Tiantian can hear your legend.” Big bao tooth excited running has approached Xia Tian. Three meters!” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. Regardless of his Kungfu is strong, is unable to resist the absolute attack within big bao tooth that three meters.

Repugnant, Big Bro Tian.” Big bao tooth charming saying. Xia Tian felt in immediately own stomach unceasing tuck dive, probably must feel nauseated to be the same the thing that yesterday evening ate. Ha Ha Ha Ha! The people have laughed once more. They understand that today possibly was they and Xia Tian last time forms a team. Brothers, this merit law was a moment ago the cultivation attainment as well as Martial Skill of that five cauldron Rank 1 Expert, although this merit law is a little perhaps difficult regarding you, so long as your wholly-absorbed cultivation, will have sooner or later certainly an achievement, this is uneven Imperial City other, if you are interested in joining our uneven Imperial City, that takes the token to go to uneven Imperial City, naturally some people will receive you.” Xia Tian has put out the token and merit law. Although he has that five cauldron Rank 5 Expert merit method and attainment, but is not the rank higher merit law is more suitable they, therefore Xia Tian has only given them five cauldron Rank 1 Expert merit methods and attainment. It seems like we must separate.” Ye Wen helpless shaking the head, although he had already guessed correctly, but hears Xia Tian to say now, some do not abandon. After all their this team this all the way is very happy. Em, the front road too bad risk, did not suit you, moreover my some enemies also here, you with me, I not only could not protect you, will possibly implicate you.” Xia Tian nodded. Ye Wen and the others lowered the head, they understand that continues with the Xia Tian words, they will possibly implicate Xia Tian. Actually their this times have returned home with a full load. Them estimated thing that obtains were possibly more than dozens times, over a hundred times, even over a thousand times. Moreover they did not have any person injured. Summer City Lord......”

Called my Brother Xia.” Xia Tian has broken Ye Wen. Ha Ha, good, can become with you brothers is my Ye Wen pride for a lifetime, we here have distinguished today, we definitely go back uneven Imperial City, there is serene places, suits us to disperse cultivates the life.” Ye Wen has not rigidly adhered, laughs was saying. Em, after I go back, asks you to drink.” Xia Tian nodded. Xia Tian, that actually you, if works as the visit son-in-law's words, we can ten Senior Sister younger sisters marry you together, no, 20, 50, 100 do not have the issue, you considered.” The element quiet smiling runs up to the Xia Tian side. Volume, or your entire entrance marries.” The Xia Tian accent said with a smile. This Xia Tian can be said as with their types cracks a joke all the way, everybody already ********. Can consider.” Element quiet serious saying. Sees her appearance, everybody stares, element quiet unexpectedly a little took seriously. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head: Brothers and sisters, had another chance to meet.” The people have all arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest, then and Xia Tian said goodbye. Xia Tian gazes after Ye Wen and the others to leave, finally he looked at free of evil intention: Free of evil intention, the enemy who my following must face is terrorist, do you determine you also to with?” „.” Nodded free of evil intention. You could die.” Xia Tian very serious saying. All right, is victorious I to hit, does not hit my cat you behind, if you cannot hit me to run.” Free of evil intention natural appearance. Xia Tian silently has raised up the middle finger to him.

Walks, do we receive round trip?” Asked free of evil intention. Naturally was snatches the coverall, the subordinate who before that assisted the doctor has reported the news, their people gather now, seemingly must wait to assist the doctor to come, I had it all them have been OK.” Xia Tian copes to assist these of doctor now confidently under. Assists these of doctor although under is the talents, but not five cauldron above Expert. The talents of these over five cauldrons were already delivered to three. Good, this I like.” Free of evil intention is also excited saying. Meanwhile, the interior of intermediate axle. Qi Wang, has not thought at just the right moment we can also meet in this place.” Assists the doctor smiling to look at Qi Wang, they simultaneously here hurried along a moment ago, bumped into. Yes, is very skillful.” Qi Wang expression stiff saying. In uneven Imperial City, you and Xia Tian good power and prestige, not to give me this six cauldron Expert faces, does not give Emperor Shintou Izanagi the face, you said how I should handle you?” Assisted the doctor to bear a grudge Qi Wang at that time. „To handle me? Do you have that skill?” Saying of Qi Wang coldly. Here is not your uneven Imperial City, without your uneven Imperial City army, you thinks that can defeat me by your strength? You are five cauldron Rank 8, I am six cauldrons, between our two has this absolute disparity.” Assists the doctor contemptuously to look at Qi Wang.