Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2181

Hostile! At this time they have opposed thoroughly. Before they grievances in uneven Imperial City very big, assisted the doctor to admit defeat in uneven Imperial City, not only has lost completely all faces, but also by Xia Tian hitting. It can be said that this lets he felt never to have the shame, was born now, has not had absolutely the shame from him. He is unable to tolerate this shame. Therefore he must retaliate. The person who he most hates is Xia Tian, but Qi Wang cannot be inescapable, initially Qi Wang also threatened him in uneven Imperial City, works as the backer to Xia Tian, otherwise he already extinguished Xia Tian. This lets him the mark that Qi Wang also marked must kill. He now had found with great difficulty a such good opportunity, Qi Wang not in uneven Imperial City, how he possibly puts Qi Wang. Which, me has not feared anyone.” Saying of Qi Wang coldly, thousand years ago, he almost unified the next three King, although his deep sleep thousand years. But he cannot let the person to bully. Snort, did not have the uneven Imperial City your perfection armies, your anything does not calculate in my eyes that your five cauldron Rank 8, my six cauldron Rank 1, between our two have the absolute strength disparity, Qi Wang, I give you one living now opportunity, so long as you give loyalty to me, and will pledge will never betray, will consecrate me, I will forgive your life.” Assists the doctor, although wants to kill Qi Wang, but he wants to receive Qi Wang for the subordinates, if he receives the subordinates Qi Wang, then he quite therefore in disguised form has controlled entire next three, when the time comes entire next three are his wealth, nobody dares to offend him again. I also give you an opportunity, you pledge allegiance to me now, then gives my younger brother to knock 10,000 heads, asking him to forgive you, so long as he has forgiven, I did not kill you.” Qi Wang studies appearance that is assisting the doctor to say. He he!” Assists the doctor coldly smiles. I he he a Damn ratio face.” The Qi Wang direct response said. He never cursed at people before, but with Xia Tian after the time grew together, he discovered that curses at people are a very good vent way. Especially scolded person of this not being have a liking. You court death.” Assists the vision of doctor coldly one. His head presented six small cauldron and a small cauldron, this is the next three strongest strengths, regardless of a strength of person is much strong, so long as he arrives at next three, then his strength are most also only to display six cauldron Rank 1 strengths. Therefore, in next three, assists the doctor is one of the strongest several people.

bo! The head of Qi Wang presented five small cauldrons and eight small cauldrons. Who courts death, hits has known.” Qi Wang is only both hands in the front overlapping, one set of armor and a three sharp double-edged sword appear on his body, his weaponry is not a coverall, but similarly is also awe-inspiring, as if the deity descends to earth general. Shenlong acting alone armor and dragon claw three pointed knives.” Assists the doctor to look that said to the Qi Wang weaponry. Right, two both are Top Grade treasure, they accompanied my more than 1000 years.” Qi Wang seems looked child same looks own weaponry. It is said Shenlong acting alone armor builds with the scale of dragon, but the dragon claw three pointed knives are build with the dragon claw. The might is very powerful. Has Top Grade treasure, you same are not my match.” In the hand that left protector presented a weapon, the shape of weapon is strange. Only the palm of the hand is big, is the white, two micro circles, by the middle have two small wings. If Xia Tian here, that meets the chin to fall the ground, because this is in the legend: Maternal aunt turban. Qi Wang does not know what Zuo Hufa is taking is any weapon. You have ultimate treasure, I have, this is my weapon, the seal turban, but he multipurpose, not only can be used to fight, but can also be used to sleep, if on face cold, but can also paste on own face warms up.” Left protector very proud saying. This is he most formidable weapon. Ultimate weapon. Shouted, it seems like it was the field fights.” Qi Wang both hands fast transformation. Comes out! My partner. Dragon King brothers. ! A sky blue water dragon appears in the Qi Wang front directly, water dragon is not big, obviously is the water dragon that has not grown.

Synthesis! The water dragon directly enters in the body of Qi Wang. Saint beast! Qi Wang pet unexpectedly is Saint beast. Awe-inspiring, this time Qi Wang likely is a genuine king, keeping aloof lets the king who the person prostrates oneself, he is Qi Wang. Living legend, King of being indomitable spirit. Hateful, your unexpectedly has the Saint beast to take the pet.” Assists saying that the doctor envies, he thinks that he is one of the world strongest several people, but his he does not have the Saint beast. Now Qi Wang unexpectedly has the Saint beast, this makes him envy. Bang! The water dragon enters that moment in Qi Wang body, the Qi Wang armor and weapon shines instantaneously, this is the complete body of Qi Wang, present Qi Wang has the strongest combat capability. Come!” Qi Wang gives a loud shout, afterward killed directly to has assisted the doctor. Dragon King Divine Art. Sword first, Dragon King attacks. ! A giant water dragon empty shade covers above the dragon claw three pointed knives directly, drops from the clouds, pounding maliciously to has assisted face of doctor. Snort, carves insect small technique.” Assists the doctor cold snort one, afterward the right hand wields, the maternal aunt turban in his hand has increased directly the several fold, decides in his head. Turtle Divine Art. Seal first, tone seal turban. Assisted the doctor to fetch the bride in the above of seal turban, afterward of seal turban has increased once more 1st.

Bang! The Qi Wang attack directly assisted doctor blocks, at this time simultaneously one group of water dragons instantaneously will assist the doctor to wrap. Water dragon demolition! Bang! Wraps to assist the current of water of doctor to explode instantaneously, but assists the body of doctor in explosion most center. Bang! After explosion, Qi Wang saw was encircled by the seal turban in the middle assisting doctor. Snort, my seal turban may attack to defend, you are unable to injure to me.” Assists the doctor very proud saying, he can be said as completely self-confident to his seal turban, he believes that regardless of any attack cannot break own seal turban. Especially under his spiritual energy in addition holds, the seal turban also becomes perfect. Only then he can truly display all abilities of seal turban. Good, I have a look at me to break your defense.” The body of Qi Wang stands in same place, in weapon high holding up of his both hands hand. ! A giant Dragon recited sound to spread over the trim forest. Dragon King Divine Art, sword second. Invincible war dragon. The entire body of Qi Wang changed into one to fight the dragon directly, the body projects, attacked directly to has assisted the doctor. Come, how making me have a look at you to meet under my this move.” Qi Wang shouts loudly.