Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2182

Good that comes.” Assists the doctor to give a loud shout. He understood, Qi Wang this comes up to incur on the enlargement completely, must hit his one unexpectedly. Both sides fight, occupying situation can have very big advantage. Qi Wang this must occupy situation. ! The Qi Wang whole person changes into a big dragon directly, attacked to has assisted the doctor. ! Assisted the doctor to put out one to give blood from the mouth directly, big giving blood. Puff! Gave blood spurts directly to his seal turban center, the white seal turban center gave blood immediately incarnadine. Goes, seal turban.” Assists the doctor the positive governing seal turban to attack to Qi Wang. Another. Deep inscription, you always did against with me before, is not convinced to me, how now to think to well with me?” Sasaki looked that asked to the deep inscription. Sir Sasaki, assisted family before altogether three brothers, I do not know how should choose, therefore my does not elect, but was now different, assisted three brothers only remaining your one of the family, only then you were the most legitimate person, therefore I naturally must belong to you.” Deep inscription very respectful saying. That is good, is best you because maybe died with your person, feared my uncle punishes you with I, otherwise I will not let off you, but you could rest assured that so long as you are the sincerity with my, I will go to uncle there plea.” Sasaki reminded. Many thanks Sir Sasaki, my deep inscription will certainly pledge to fight to the death to follow.” The deep inscription kneels on the ground directly is grateful. Em, does well, I will not treat unjustly your.” Sasaki's satisfied nod.

Sasaki had not discovered that deep inscription when kneels, on the face had a faint trace different smiling face. Now they all gather all people. Senior Brother, the Sir subpoenaed a moment ago, said that a little matter has delayed, making us pass first.” The subordinate who assists the doctor comes to say. Good, we first pass, but has remembered, gives me all the way carefully, many people died in the hand of Xia Tian, do not complete the order form, to his any opportunity, so long as does not make him sneak attack successfully, he is a waste.” Sasaki very self-confident saying. Sasaki confirmed. The Xia Tian strongest skill sneak attacks, if were sneak attacked by him successfully, that is corrupt wolf such Expert does not hit him, so long as were not sneak attacked by him successfully, is consuming with him, striking that they can succeed kills Xia Tian. Yes, Senior Brother.” All person completely respectful saying. Sasaki enjoys present's feeling, keeps aloof, before other people also living time, these people have several people are listen his, but is now different, now his two brothers died, the surname assists remaining he. That these people naturally must listen completely his. Because only then he with assisting doctor is most intimate. He even felt own future will possibly replace to assist the position of doctor. Rules entire next three, keeps aloof. Now he thinks to think very crisp. „.” Sasaki waves, all people all directly embarked, their goals are the Qilin holes, is this time goal. Whiz! Whiz! Two form fast shuttles in jungle.

Xia Tian, we also far?” Asked free of evil intention, his speed also very quick. „The distance of half day sufficed.” Xia Tian answered. In his hand has the direction symbol of deep inscription, although above was demonstrating the opposite party is moving, but the speed is not fast, therefore Xia Tian they soon can overtake that group of people. „Do we use to rest?” Asked free of evil intention. Does not need, strength not over four cauldron Rank 9 of that group of people, moreover they do not have any to fighting experience, is the life in the cozy nest, copes with them, I killing the dog am simpler.” Xia Tian most looks down upon is person of this life in cozy nest. Although their Realm are very high, the talent is very good, can bully some rank low people, once bumps into true Expert, they will reveal that was insufficient. Do not say that is jumps the ranks the challenge, even if same level Expert, they cannot hit. Because they do not have any to fighting experience, does not have the sensibility between life and death, even if usually the Senior Brother younger brothers fights, that is also the point, cannot practice anything. Good.” Free of evil intention anything likes listening to Xia Tian, because he felt that Xia Tian is a very reliable person, so long as any matter has done, that absolutely does not have the issue. Xia Tian understands that this matter must clean agile, is quick enough. Otherwise happens any mistake, then on evening. For example, if assisted the doctor also to come, then their set, that Xia Tian did not have any opportunity, even possibly suffered encirclements of these people to kill. If Xia Tian kills them only, that can be said as does not take an effort. But if has the assistance doctor, then these person only needing stood the attack that kept there have been OK, when the time comes these people were greatly troublesome. Qi Wang and assists the doctor their fight to get stronger and stronger. Qi Wang comes up is the style of going all out, although his Realm Dr. is low, but his strength is not weak, moreover his weaponry, the sur- Saint beast, is jumps the ranks the thing of challenge.

Several times attack, although he has not taken to assist the doctor, but has not been inferior obviously. Snort!” Assists the doctor cold snort one, he very not satisfactory present victory, because he cannot take Qi Wang to the present, just started him to think own solemn six cauldron Expert, so long as is casual gets rid, that can definitely take Qi Wang. The result is but different. Although he is six cauldron Expert, but he does not have any operational experience, his six cauldron strengths were promoted forcefully by above, Realm was unstable. In addition his these many end of the year originally not with the opportunity that Expert fights. Even if has gotten rid, that is also bullying the person, the relaxedness can extinguish kills the opposite party. However was now different, Qi Wang is Expert of genuine goods at reasonable prices . Moreover the operational experience of Qi Wang, that is not others can compare. Millenniums ago, Qi Wang has experienced the life and death war minority also has hundreds of thousands. Every one made him save the valuable experience. Bang! Bang! The big dragon attacks time and time again is assisting the seal turban of doctor. Assists the doctor, your this skill?” Qi Wang shouts loudly, he looked, at this time assisted the doctor soon unable to calm down, he was intentionally is enraging assists the doctor, making Dr. make the mistake. Qi Wang, this is you courts death, that do not blame me.” Assists the body of doctor to draw back backward, afterward he summoned his pet directly. Synthesis! The sea tortoise change the body!!!