Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2183

Bang! Assisted the body of doctor to present a tortoiseshell immediately. Snort, although my sea tortoise are not the Saint beast, but also is the Advanced treasure beast, strength very formidable, now I am the sea tortoise, the sea tortoise am I.” Assists the doctor very proud saying. Shut up, you want what, because looked like to say what one were, did your this in the insult sea tortoise, you have to think the feeling of crossing ocean tortoise?” Qi Wang angrily rebukes to say. Assists the doctor then to respond that oneself a moment ago possibly was the speaking incorrectly words. Hateful, you court death.” Assisted the doctor to fire into Qi Wang directly. Although his changes is the sea tortoise, but his speed is not slow. Normal, between five cauldron Rank 8 and six cauldron Rank 1 have the hardata-titleo-pass drainage ditch, but on Qi Wang has the Saint beast water dragon , this disparity between this ranks pulling closer. Moreover the operational experience of Qi Wang is rich, assists the doctor not to have any operational experience. Therefore Qi Wang can seize completely opportunity. Now assisted the doctor also to use synthesis, then among them strength disparity getting smaller. If the Qi Wang pet is not the Saint beast, he has almost been defeated now. Bang! Their thorough slaughtered. A dragon, tortoise, both fights with all might mutually. One is the dragon of keeping aloof, King's symbol. One is the biology in water, the symbol of green hat, no, is the symbol of defense. Both frequent each other attack mutually over a hundred rounds, the fight hit unusual is intense.

Another. Sir Sasaki, do we want to rest tonight here?” Deep inscription respectful asking, he every day Sasaki holding is very high. Here topography is good, even if some people sneak attack, we can also the earliest possible time defend.” Sasaki nodded. Is Sir Sasaki, the matter of consideration are worthily more than us, many of also compared with us knowing.” The deep inscription has patted this resounding flatter directly, that Sasaki pats comfortable. Sasaki is proud, now he thinks that he is a versatile talented person. In the future will also turn into a versatile leader, he certainly will recruit when the time comes many subordinates, then the endless resources trains these people with the number, making these people respect itself every day. Em!” Sasaki's satisfied nod, he really more and more appreciates the deep inscription now. When if I can have Sir Sasaki 50% talents, I was well satisfied.” The deep inscription keeps is patting Sasaki's flatter. Sasaki was getting more and more excited. However at this time other people very much do not like Sasaki, because before , their several are continuously with Sasaki, according to the truth, they should be considered as on is the original members, relates with Sasaki absolutely well, is most intimate, but deep inscription unexpectedly has only used several days , the status was similar to them, even has surpassed them, the recent these minor matters are they do, deep inscription anything has not done. Em, the deep inscription, your boy is good, later develops well.” Saying that Sasaki appreciates. Bang! At this moment, two forms fell from the tree directly. Any person!!” Sasaki stands up hurriedly. Assisted these of doctor under also to stand, all people all vigilant looks at these two sudden people, the mist and dust diverges, all people all saw clearly the appearance of opposite party. Xia Tian! Xia Tian, unexpectedly is you.” Sasaki vision one cold.

He thinks Xia Tian appears, can be the sneak attack absolutely, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to appear before them frankly and uprightly. This is bringing death without doubt. Person quite entire, all here, I avoid has troubled, can have it all.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his vision 11 has swept front these people, seems is giving up on the person to be the same. Snort, Xia Tian, should not be too wild, I know the skill that you sneak attack is very strong, so long as we do not give the opportunity that you sneak attack, you are also any thing, so long as we spread out, even if you throws the thing that the previous that type can explode to be also useless again, cannot injure us.” Sasaki regarding that monkey match thunder of Xia Tian previous use, but the impression is profound. The might of monkey match thunder was too big. However he also understands, reason that the previous time can make the monkey match Thunder Chengwei, that is because there person were too many, moreover is too crowded, therefore these people are the person keep off the person, escapes without enough time , because the strengths of these people are irregular. Now their here radically few individuals . Moreover the strength very excels. Therefore Xia Tian again throws the monkey match thunder, impossible to kill them. Copes with you, but also cannot use my monkey match thunder.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains, these people regarding entire next three, that absolutely was extra-superior Expert. They have extraordinary skill one by one. Moreover before regarding Xia Tian, they was also Expert, Xia Tian that initially four cauldron Rank 7 Expert pursued ran everywhere, but is now different. Present Xia Tian cuts to kill five cauldron following people such as the slaughter dog. This Xia Tian. Regardless of before you, is formidable, right unattainable, so long as gives my enough time, I can destroy completely you. Xia Tian has never feared any formidable match. Even if they are again strong, but can also strong demon supreme Wang Bao? Is impossible.

Xia Tian Lian Wangbao have not feared, will that also fear their these four cauldron eight Rank 9 Expert? Snort, today is your time of death, Junior Brother, his surrounded, has remembered to me, the long-distance range attack, do not let his near body, everybody supports mutually, consumes also to consume him.” Sasaki numerous snort. Puff! At this moment, he looked suddenly to his chest, this time chest place had a sharp knife blade, this pierced from behind the sharp knife blade, in other words, he by own person plotting. Senior Brother.” Several other people also saw Sasaki's condition. Deep inscription, unexpectedly is you.” One of them looks angrily to deep inscription: I must kill you.” Anyone of you could not kill.” Xia Tian said that his body changed to silver light directly, afterward in his right hand golden light flashes dodges. Heads high flies. It is not able to defend. Nobody can result in Xia Tian quickly, not having what weapon to defend [gold/metal] Dao. Death! When these people have not rushed to the deep inscription the front, bodies but actually. All extinguishes. See master.” The deep inscription kneels in ground respectful saying. Gets up, later does not need to worship on bended knees me, you go to look to me their coveralls, on remaining them other things turned over to you.” Xia Tian this is uses both kindness and severity. Xia Tian, this time you have gotten rich, the blue luan coverall soon was been perhaps uneven by your collection.” Free of evil intention excited looks at Xia Tian to say.