Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2184

Blue luan coverall. In five big top strengths, the person of Emperor Shintou Izanagi to the coverall that they leave behind. Next three strongest equipment. Initially coveted wolf one set of god wolf coverall, does not dare to turn head, thus it can be seen, the might of coverall Xia Tian frightened actually big. Master, this is on them all coverall parts, in addition on you, now this coverall was volume of uneven half.” Deep inscription respectful saying. Where are that other half at?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Master, moreover half are actually only a weapon, although is only a weapon, but has lacked that weapon, this blue luan coverall can only play 50% roles, but if obtained that weapon, that blue luan coverall can play the true might.” The deep inscription answered. Weapon in assisting doctor hand?” Xia Tian asked again. Right, the master, the weapon is assisting in the hand of doctor.” The deep inscription nodded. Wants from assisting the hand of doctor takes away the weapon, that is daring the greatest danger without doubt.” Although Xia Tian now is self-confident to own strength, but he does not have on to look to assist the doctor to the present extremely arrogantly to go on own initiative. After all assists the doctor is six cauldron Expert. In this world one of the strongest people. Em, the master, I can continue to coordinate you.” The deep inscription proposed. Temporarily does not need, you have remembered, now they died, if you send going back of non- wound definitely to cause to assist the suspicion of doctor on now, now you must do is finds a place to hide, then waited for the time to pass similarly again came out, when the time comes you can say one were has been injured, that will assist the doctor not to suspect you.” The Xia Tian reminder said that no matter what deep inscription now was his person, he must look after a deep inscription, cannot make the deep inscription die because of exposed. Many thanks the care of master.” The deep inscription innermost feelings are affected, he thinks Xia Tian will only regard with him is the tool uses, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is also worried about his life and death. All right, when I if in the future had the opportunity to cut to kill has assisted the doctor, then you replaced to assist the position of doctor.” Xia Tian said directly.

Cuts to kill to assist the doctor, exit / to speak that this matter also only then Xia Tian said. Also only then Xia Tian dares to go to think. After all the opposite party is six cauldron Expert, next three strongest people. Many thanks master.” Deep inscription affected has knelt once more. Gets up, I order you, later sees me not to need to kneel.” Xia Tian does not like others worshipping on bended knees him. Yes, master.” The deep inscription is grateful. Was good, you walk, these materials should suffice you temporarily cultivation.” Xia Tian said. Yes, master.” The deep inscription said. You also are really an odd person.” Free of evil intention puzzled looks at Xia Tian. How?” Xia Tian asked. He now is your servant, even if you are not good to him, he does not dare to have the slight disobedience to you, only if some day his strength surpasses your cauldron above, otherwise he is unable to get rid of the pledge.” Free of evil intention regarding pledge thing also unusual understanding. This soul blood vowed the most abnormal place is, only if the opposite party strength surpassed your cauldron above, otherwise is unable to get rid of this pledge. Free of evil intention, I do not need the servant actually, but some people must use some methods to him, otherwise he will not be well-mannered, good that so long as he makes, you should not cold his heart, like this he can go to fight for you with 120% strengths.” Xia Tian is this kind of person. Regarding friend, that 100% being loyal. Regarding the enemy, that kills.

Regarding person who these need to control, he uses both kindness and severity, if the opposite party seizes this opportunity, he finally will become a friend with that person, if the opposite party clarified is perfunctory him, that this person also can only be his servant for a lifetime. Em.” Nodded free of evil intention. Time that although he knows with Xia Tian is not long, but he discovered that Xia Tian unusual being loyal, this is he has also been willing with the Xia Tian reason. Was good, we walk.” Xia Tian has attained the thing that he wanted now, will assist also these under all of doctor to kill. Killing two birds with one stone. „Do we receive round trip?” Asked free of evil intention. Qilin hole.” The Xia Tian vision looks to the distant place, now his goal is the Qilin hole, he must obtain in the Qilin hole the Qilin blood, was used to refine samsara pill, revived his Master Yin Nie. When the time comes he naturally knows that actually his father what happened, can know his mother's news. At this moment, he waited to be too long, before his strength was insufficient, therefore nobody told him the outcome what's the matter, but now he is one of the next three in Pyramid most peak figure. He had the enough formidable strength. Good!” Free of evil intention is also an anticipation of face, this time comes the Qilin hole. Now their position from Qilin hole has not been considered as that too far, they only needed to continue to pick up the speed, soon can arrive in the Qilin hole. Another. Qi Wang and assisted the fight of doctor to continue for day a night, they frequented each other slaughter mutually, the body of both sides has been injured, moreover their consumptions were also very big.

Hateful, my solemn six cauldron Expert unexpectedly cannot take your five cauldron Rank 8 fellow.” Assists the doctor innermost feelings angry shouting, he thinks that this regarding oneself is the shame. He is obviously more formidable than Qi Wang that many, but he is unable to defeat Qi Wang, must go well each time immediately, Qi Wang can neutralize. This is wondrous use of operational experience. Assists the doctor, your strength is really insufficiently looks.” Qi Wang continues to stimulate is assisting the doctor, he knows, only then this can make Dr. breathless, but like this assists the doctor also to be able exposed own flaw bit by bit. Attacks fiercely his opportunity to Qi Wang one. Qi Wang, should not be too wild, I can cut to kill you immediately, I must kill you first, then kills Xia Tian, not having you to work as the backing, Xia Tian was a waste.” Assists the doctor angry shouting. „To kill my younger brother, that first passes my this pass.” Qi Wang does not allow anybody to injure Xia Tian, thousand years ago he is unable to protect his younger brother, thousand years later, he does not allow the tragedy to occur absolutely again, therefore he must defeat to assist the doctor, is Xia Tian strives for the fresh hope. Since you court death, I help you.” Assists the body of doctor to stop same place, afterward his both hands make an effort one on the seal turban to pull. Puff! Big giving blood spurted directly on the seal turban. What is mysterious, regardless of many blood, the seal turban will not leak, Zuo Dongdong, right moves, has included perfectly, even the side will not leak. Blotting out the sky big Band-Aid! Left protector to throw the seal turban directly, seal turban has increased once more, increases, increased, before long turned into more than ten meters. Do not have matter.” Saying that the hidden place, Jiu Jiang worries about.