Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2186

This......” Xia Tian stares immediately. One just joined this team, now their unexpectedly makes itself work as the hegemon, this also too exaggerated. You are quick, this is not good.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. „The words that summer City Lord, you do not comply with, we do not get up, although our teams person are many, but not too strong cohesive force, because we do not have the leadership of core figure, this, once bumps into large quantities of enemies, we will just like in a state of disunity, once I and Little Yang will have an accident, then the entire team will directly collapse.” Imperial guard respectful saying. Right, summer City Lord, had your like this big figure, when our hegemons, then our armies will have the cohesive force, the words that everybody fights, think that your big figure assumes personal command like this, in that also understanding has reposing, the back has a reliable teammate, is not fighting in isolation.” Little Yang is also similarly respectful saying. Reputation. This is an function of person reputation. The Xia Tian reputation spreads over entire next three, like this makes Xia Tian work as the words of this hegemon, in that all person understanding has reposing, but if trades to do is the imperial guard this not too famous person, once that fights, the opposite party presents super Expert, these people will flee in all directions. Finally is defeated. People are many, turned into the ornaments. You.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. See summer hegemon.” The imperial guards and Little Yang shout loudly, afterward in the following these people is neat has knelt, enormous and powerful over a million people of this completely knee down. The sound has also spread over nearby all regions. As soon as behind these people listen to Xia Tian to become their hegemons, that is much more excited. Had Xia Tian, when their hegemons, they were naturally happy. See summer hegemon.

Ten five cauldron Expert also all stand there cups one hand in the other across the chest to shout. It can be said that now Xia Tian became this hegemon is the favored matter. Good, everybody is quick.” Xia Tian has helped up the front imperial guard hurriedly. Following person also has stood. This is the Xia Tian first direct over a million people of armies, he knows that such army is not good to direct: These many people, if what happened, perhaps is not fond of playing jokes.” Summer hegemon you could rest assured that we already arranged, our people already distributed, they are the leader of each small team, is the team, the big team, a ten people of squad, 100 people of first lochus, a 10,000 people of brigade, is 100,000 people of generals, finally is here issues the order, if you have anything to tell, only needs to order, I immediately pass around the news.” Imperial guard respectful saying. Em, good.” Xia Tian nodded, he now is clear, the command system of this team can be said as very reliable, only misses a spiritual leader, therefore he, so long as this spiritual leader has been OK, if even hits, he does not need to begin. Then, Xia Tian bewildered turned into Chief of this over a million people of army. Xia Tian, your this also too exaggerated, others wanted to turn into such hegemon, that was asks unable to strive, your unexpectedly was advanced this position to come stiffly.” Free of evil intention face admiration looks at Xia Tian. Anyone, can become over a million Expert leaders, that is very excited matter, but Xia Tian unexpectedly strives for sitting this position by others now. Imperial guards and the others have made a flag directly, above has written big Xia Word, the following these generals and brigades, the squadron as well as the squad have also made the flag, but does not have this in a big way. Xia Tian behind specially some people are holding this flag, but Xia Tian also directly sat on the sedan chair, did not need him to walk. Regarding these people, can with Xia Tian, that be the non- common face matter. Therefore they hold flag in the hand high. This team is the Xia Tian team.

!!! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward enormous and powerful team overruns directly forward, this team has formed a shape of fan, crosswise sweeps directly. Here uncultivated land beast quantity are truly many, before Xia Tian and free of evil intention cut to kill dozens heads. Now such big team, will naturally bump into many uncultivated land to be beastly, but these wild beasts basic on resistance sweeping away of this army. Place visited, the wild beast of any rank, was cut to kill completely. However over ten levels wild beast have not actually bumped into, because these wild beasts had the wisdom, they are absolutely impossible such silly clashes, facing 1 million human impacts. This time we should be peaceful, such big team, Lian Huangshou ran away in fear.” Free of evil intention may not have the Xia Tian treatment, Xia Tian to sit on the sedan chair, he is walks side Xia Tian. That is uncertain, the so-called high position invites criticism, regarding the wild beast, we are an intruder, although has not bumped into the large quantities of uncultivated land beast and formidable wild beasts now, but soon these wild beasts should build up in together, is launching the general attack to our teams.” Xia Tian understands, the matter looks like will not imagine absolutely is so simple, he sits on the chair directly arrives in the Qilin hole. The rank of wild beast is higher, the wisdom is also higher, even wild beast, so long as thinks that can change from, changes into the human nature, is the prestige eats delicacies likely such. Here is their domains, they do not allow to present the intruder absolutely. Therefore they should build up large quantities of wild beasts, then launches the general attack to Xia Tian their this over a million people of armies, when the time comes is the most dangerous time. Qi Wang and assisted the fight of doctor also to turn the superheating. Kill! Flame Dragon King and giant seal turban hit directly in one. Bang!

The huge blasting power periphery will raze. Dies!” At this moment assisted the body of doctor to shoot at Qi Wang instantaneously. The tortoise attack! Assisted the doctor to attack! The opportunity that this is he continuously waited, collides after while Qi Wang and his strongest style together, he seizes the chance to sneak attack Qi Wang directly. But Qi Wang is Qi Wang, how he will unable to see through to assist the small thoughts of doctor. Water and fire Dragon King double-clicks! The body of Qi Wang divides into two directly. A flame Dragon King, a quality compensation Dragon King, Shuanglong attacks, killed directly to has assisted the doctor. Bang! Their bodies hit in the same place, the nearby over a hundred li (0.5km), was swept the flat land directly. Puff! Puff! Two forms have flown upside down directly. Mutually wounded!!!!