Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2187

Silent! Front side region direct peaceful. Qi Wang!” Jiu Jiang a moment ago in explosion runs instantaneously backward, even if so, her body also received some injuries, at this time she has fired into hurriedly front. She worried that Qi Wang will have an accident. After all the opposite party is six cauldron Expert. In front forest. Em?” A Xia Tian sudden brow wrinkle. How?” Free of evil intention puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Suddenly somewhat restlesses, probably had not the good matter to be the same.” The Xia Tian brow reduces, his feeling is marvelous, he knows that definitely what happened, because first several times have this feeling time had his person to have an accident. „It is not Qi Wang.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Although he made Qi Wang treat there therapy, but he understands that Qi Wang definitely will worry, therefore Qi Wang should look for him now. Big brother, do not have an accident are good.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings were praying, although he very much wants to look for Qi Wang now, but the direction symbol must be able to discover the opposite party position in certain range, now distance between he and Qi Wang had already exceeded the maximum range of direction symbol. Therefore he cannot induce the Qi Wang position completely. You felt relieved that I will protect your.” Thinks free of evil intention Xia Tian is the worry has danger. You protect yourself good.” Xia Tian helpless saying. The free of evil intention present was also considered as is his friend, what danger if he induced, he induced can be free of evil intention? Afterward he shook the head, free of evil intention, although Realm was not high, but free of evil intention escaping ability very formidable, moreover free of evil intention present in own side, therefore Xia Tian most was not worried was on the contrary free of evil intention.

Ha Ha, good.” Is laughing free of evil intention shaking the head , after having joined this team, the free of evil intention living standard has come up obviously, others visit him are the Xia Tian friends, that naturally respects his, therefore he wants to eat any others him to make anything, the thing that although these people make does not have delicious that Xia Tian makes. But also who knows free of evil intention Xia Tian is impossible becomes his personal chef, therefore he can only eat the thing that others make encouragingly, although he said pushes someone take on a difficult job, but in fact, he eats, that eats 100 individual capacity for food. Who pushes someone take on a difficult job can also eat these many? Night, Xia Tian also ordered everybody to rest, although their large numbers of elderly persons, but if night went forward, may suffer the sneak attack of wild beast very much. Therefore he has chosen the rest. The surrounding of army has many people there patrol guard. Qi Wang place. The intense explosion let Qi Wang and assists the doctor them to come a mutual wounds, this result could be said as Qi Wang won, because Qi Wang was five cauldron Rank 8, but assisted the doctor is six cauldron Rank 1, if Qi Wang were also six cauldron Rank 1, that assisted the doctor definitely is not his match. Now two people of whole bodies are the wounds, ultimate treasure already automatic recovery, because they do not have that spiritual energy to maintain their ultimate treasure now. They lie down in separately being away from about one kilometer position. Whiz! The person's shadow drops from the clouds together, killed directly to Qi Wang, he was assists side doctor that personal servant, the Sun Empire senior king. Qi Wang, this time you died.” In the Sun Empire senior king look is the hatred. He hates Qi Wang, hates Xia Tian, because his Sun Empire destroys in these two individual hands, he must kill Qi Wang, has killed Xia Tian, this can solve hate of his heart. Now he waits till such good opportunity with great difficulty, will he possibly miss? Kill!

In the senior king eye of Sun Empire is murderous aura, is the anger, is since so long, his anger can erupt finally in this moment. He must kill Qi Wang, has killed Qi Wang in the happiest way. Dies! The Sun Empire senior king, has directly used himself strongly strikes. Cannot think that my Qi Wang wise first, unexpectedly will die in the hand of your this petty people finally.” In the Qi Wang look is the unwilling look. Saw that the Sun Empire senior king must kill Qi Wang directly. At this moment, his waist layer on layer was trampled a foot, afterward his whole person was trampled to fly directly. I in this, nobody can injure to result in him.” Jiu Jiang shouts loudly. Jiu Jiang!” On the face of Qi Wang has shown smiling face, he finally found Jiu Jiang. Let alone the words, I lead you to leave here.” Jiu Jiang carries Qi Wang directly, afterward leaves. Senior king standing up body of Sun Empire time, Jiu Jiang and Qi Wang ran far, he has not gone to pursue, he knows that pursued not necessarily is the Jiu Jiang match, moreover he must rescue to assist the doctor now. If assisted the doctor dead, he biggest backer did not have. The Sun Empire biggest backer did not have, therefore he cannot make Dr. die. Sir, my this leads you to go to a safe place therapy.” The Sun Empire senior king carries to assist the doctor directly, runs to the distant place. This war, it can be said that the fights between next three most Expert, the entire woods over a hundred li (0.5km) turned into the flat land, all vegetation all Beng Fei, even expenditure fragment. Without any living the life exists.

Even if were the ants also turned into the flying ash. Qi Wang has proven with his strength, he is still the next three that perfection legend, even if faces to assist the doctor such six cauldron Expert, he is also same is the perfection. Assists the doctor is infinite anger, he hates Qi Wang. His original manuscript thinks own six cauldron Expert want to kill Qi Wang to begin the matter of finger, finally he not only has not succeeded, cut and bruised that but also was hit by Qi Wang. This regarding him is the greatest shame, he has thought one are one of the next three strongest several people, even if Qi Wang must be respectful before him, thinks that he has momentarily destroys completely Qi Wang that ability. But now his unexpectedly came a mutual wounds with Qi Wang. Hateful, Qi Wang, I will kill you sooner or later.” Assists the doctor the hate look of whole face, his confidence suffered the unprecedented attack. Before regardless of homicide anyone, so long as began to refer to were good, was this time, he was the first time of life, first time was so miserable, first time almost faced the death. Whiz! The Sun Empire senior king at the back of assisting doctor had found a safe cave, then fed to assist the doctor to take the compounded drug: Sir, I am defending in the entrance, you can therapy.” Em!” Assists the doctor to look that the Sun Empire senior king went out of the cave, has put afterward out palm of the hand big Jade Stone, Jade Stone above has transmitted an unusual strength, afterward he starts fast restoration his strength. Entrance place, Sun Empire senior king at present one bright, the vision looked at that palm of the hand big Jade Stone secretly, in the look has flashed through greedy.