Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2188

Jade Stone! This assists the source of forces of doctor. The Sun Empire senior king had heard, next three these six cauldron Expert besides of Nine cauldrons gate, other people are not cultivation comes up, but uses some method to promote forcefully. Before he only thinks that this is a legend, when he saw assisted the doctor that Jade Stone on hand, he has determined, this Jade Stone assists certainly the secret of doctor. I must obtain it.” In the Sun Empire senior king look has filled excitedly. He believes that so long as obtained this thing, certainly can also turn into six cauldron Expert, when the time comes he can lead Sun Empire to kill, will possibly unify entire next three. Now is not the opportunity. Because he does not know that assists the doctor also to have any card in a hand, he must get rid must while seizing the best opportunity, moreover he must first obtain the hand Jade Stone. Xia Tian place. Enormous and powerful big team on such forward running. The place visited, all wild beasts all died. „Did you discover?” Looked asked free of evil intention to Xia Tian. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Wild beast were getting fewer and fewer.” Free of evil intention light saying. Em, here is the paradise of wild beast, reason that the quantity of wild beast has been short, that is because of present all wild beasts in building up of secret, they wanted to carry on to attack to us.” Xia Tian answered. We what to do?” Looked asked free of evil intention to Xia Tian. Small tiger, Little Yang, you come.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly.

Summer hegemon!” They arrived at the Xia Tian front respectfully. Here topographic diagram do you have?” Xia Tian asked. Has, is the scout explores the way to pass on front.” The marshal imperial guards in Fierce Tiger city have put out nearby topographic diagram directly. Xia Tian looked at one in the topographic diagram: Should be here.” He used the hand to refer to the map, there topography was suitable to sneak attack regarding the wild beast, therefore he guessed that there should be the wild beast initiates the place of general attack. Summer hegemon, what should we then make?” The imperial guards looked that asked to Xia Tian. Is very simple, you inform all people, when the time comes there will have Formation, making these people gather round Formation to hit to me, no one must leave Formation, all releases the long-distance attack, even if there is wild beast to clash, uses the squad to execute to me, can't be chaotic, understands?” Xia Tian very serious saying. Since he is the hegemon of this team, he must maintain the interests of these people, protects their lives. Arranges this large-scale Formation to consume regarding Xia Tian very in a big way, but he thinks, if compares with the human life, that was not anything. Yes, hegemon.” Little Yang is direct to tell this matter. Small tiger, you organize the team, once makes war, definitely will have some disturbances, I want you to have the person to suppress these disturbances, harasses the morale of troops direct kills.” Xia Tian ordered. Yes, hegemon.” Imperial guard respectful saying. He understands the person who the meaning of Xia Tian, harasses the morale of troops once are many, then this team collapses of itself, if everybody unites as one believes Xia Tian, then the casualty figure will be certainly low. Your ten, free of evil intention, follows me, then several, these Chu rings you take first well, one inside spirit stone to me will place according to the position that I will say, has remembered, will be certainly quick, do not lose the time.” Xia Tian looked that said to that ten five cauldron above Expert. Yes, hegemon.” Ten people also slightly cup one hand in the other across the chest to say. If others such orders them, they will definitely not listen, because they are five cauldron above Expert, figure of this world Pyramid most peak.

Each of them is a lofty character. Even if they joined this team, that definitely also joined by the magnanimous attitude, usually wish made them get rid, that must beg help from all quarters. However now Xia Tian orders them, they actually all listen. Because of the Xia Tian reputation there, he dares to hit including six cauldron Expert, what person does that have he to fear? It can be said that he is fearless. These people also respect him, will therefore listen to his words. Moreover everybody to experiencing the Xia Tian true skill. After all Xia Tian is only a legend. If this Xia Tian can unfold the invincible might greatly, then his reputation only resounding, these people truly will also believe to him. If this time he displays mediocrely, then wants to order these ten people not to be impossible again, even other subordinates will also lose the confidence to him. Before some people of legend Xia Tian were a Advanced Formation master, initially he entered uneven Imperial City time, was closes right up against this Formation to keep off a respected family outside, several thousand Expert Formation masters cannot break his Formation. Now Xia Tian wants the lineup, they naturally wanted to have a look. Especially saw when Xia Tian gets rid is 1 billion spirit stone, everybody was more surprised. These many spirit stone have supported a family sufficiently. Although these ten people are five cauldron above Expert, but they are the powder cultivate, cultivation until now Realm, they were poor, absolutely does not have Xia Tian these many spirit stone. Whiz! Whiz!

Xia Tian and free of evil intention speed are fast, ten five cauldron Expert were fallen by them on behind. This itself made that ten five cauldron Expert hold in high esteem. Free of evil intention, slow, wait / etc. their ten, must arrange big is we fast assigns spirit stone, otherwise I do not have the means to arrange that big Formation to come.” Xia Tian is not the deity, he wants to arrange that big Formation is the need very big consumption, moreover that big Formation in several days completes, the might will be smaller. Otherwise if only several people, he arranges Formation, the ominous beast of any rank cannot kill. Such big Formation, is the Xia Tian first arrangement, actually after he will not know will arrange to be successful , the might in a big way, but surely not having Formation will be stronger. Their speeds are fast, about five hours arrived there. Hegemon, front has ten nine levels of wild beasts, we solve him.” Five cauldron Expert open the mouth to say. Do not waste the time, you before me told you to do, I went.” Xia Tian said that the under foot silver light dodges, his body vanished in directly same place. Quite quick!” That several five cauldron Expert all are one startled, although they have heard the Xia Tian given name, but nobody knows that actually Xia Tian is the strength of any rank. They one startled felt a moment ago the Xia Tian speed was quick, but they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can also be quicker. They only saw silver light a moment ago, even had not seen that actually Xia Tian how moved. When their god, more inconceivable appeared.