Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2189

Puff! The silver light dodges, is only flash, the body of that ten wild beast all loudly falls to the ground, all neat but actually. Death! But nine levels of wild beasts four cauldron Rank 5 strengths, moreover their defensive powers generally are very strong, even if will be five cauldron Expert copes with them a little to be also tedious. But Xia Tian unexpectedly flash on Insta-kill these ten nine levels of wild beasts. Humph! Very strong!” That several five cauldron Expert all by the Xia Tian strength deep has shocked, although they before know that the Xia Tian strength is not simple, but has not thought absolutely Xia Tian can be so strong. Now they are clear, the Xia Tian strength may not blow. Do not waste the time.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout. That ten five cauldron above Expert all started movement, they give their position to start to throw spirit stone according to Xia Tian, the speed is fast. Xia Tian stands in the central position. ! In 40-50 handles Pin Baoqi departed directly, falls on several corners positions, they support the Formation pillar. Bang! Ancient big hand imprints started to pat above the ground. bo! An invisible strength spreads to all around. Started. The surrounding 11 people all started to bustle about, their fast was completing Xia Tian to give their mission, Xia Tian was same place is also arranging Formation.

Their movements must be quick, moreover cannot make the wild beast discover, careful conduct. Qi Wang place! The wound of this receiving is serious, previous time he uses to ban the technique forcefully by his body restoration, this is in itself has very big load to his body, now he received such heavy wound, the situation is not optimistic. Jiu Jiang all gave Qi Wang to take on these therapy compounded drug. Do not have the matter.” Saying that Jiu Jiang worries about, she now very flustered, why she does not know, sees Qi Wang injured, she is panic-stricken, probably had any huge matter to be the same. I am all right!” On the face of Qi Wang had a smiling face. Although regarding present him, says any character to come to be difficult casually, say nothing has smiled, is he now very happy. Because he saw Jiu Jiang once more. Your let alone words.” Jiu Jiang can see that Qi Wang speaks to have enough to do now, moreover bleeding that the Qi Wang speech mouth can keep with the body each time, probably was stretches the wound to be the same. Can see again you are really good.” Uneven Wang Gang starts to think own this whole life could not see Jiu Jiang, because the Jiu Jiang elder brother and Xia Tian were mortal enemies. Now can see Jiu Jiang once more, his is really happy. His excited, wound split once more. Gives blood flowing that keeps. Why Jiu Jiang does not know, sees Qi Wang this, her heart as if in the drop blood, she remembered Qi Wang to accompany her to walk these days everywhere, accompanies she together insane day. She hits Xia Tian time, Qi Wang is that Xia Tian keeps off. She has chosen silent, start silently is Qi Wang dresses wound. Qi Wang fainted, but before he fainted, on his face was full of the smiling face. Xia Tian place.

This Formation he has arranged for three days three nights. Three days later. The large unit has caught up, the enormous and powerful over a million people of armies come time had been discovered by the wild beast, these wild beasts waited for them to be very long. Racket that Xia Tian both hands make an effort in ground. Get up! An invisible strength raises directly slowly. Transmitted orders, all people all enter in Formation to me, one will fight anybody unable to go forth to battle, all releases the long-distance attack to me, moreover each keeps several to kill the army, those have the wild beast to rush, makes these kill the army to extinguish to me forcefully kills them.” Xia Tian ordered directly. Is the hegemon!” Imperial guard and Little Yang respectful saying. Afterward orders to start to issue! They will order to pass to the following general, the following general will order to pass to following big Captain, big Captain passes to Captain, Captain passes to small Captain, small Captain passes to the news the ear of everyone. Killed the army imperial guards already to choose, each was close combat Expert, but the people of these long-distance attacks were also the guard carry on each key position attack in turn, did not give wild beast any opportunity of nearness. ! A giant uncultivated land beast howling transmits. Afterward walks the innumerable wild beasts in all directions, these wild beasts already ambushed here, but they have been waiting, waits for the arrivals of these over a million armies. The quantity of humanity are many, the quantity of wild beast are more. Here is their chassis, the casual super wild beast convenes, will come to count the endless wild beast, at this time the periphery wild beast reaches as high as several millions, more than ten million, even are more. Rank 5 wild beast, six levels, seven levels, eight levels, nine levels, even ten levels of wild beasts can see. These many wild beasts must step on over a million people of armies, can say that is not the difficult matter.

unexpectedly has these many.” The imperial guards have not thought that unexpectedly will present these many wild beasts all of a sudden, although in this also has many preliminary wild beasts, however the quantity of opposite party was really too many. Get up! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, the light screen all covers over a million people in directly. If links you to be anxious, you said how the following person does think?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the imperial guard. Hegemon, the subordinate knows wrong.” The imperial guards said. You not wrong, sees these many wild beasts, the fear is normal, but we are the commanders, must do was makes everybody live, transmitted orders, everything had in the wild beast attack run range, the long-distance attack gave my on turn, do not worry, after they have hit several rounds, will discover marvelous location of this Formation.” Xia Tian very self-confident saying, although this Formation might will be smaller, but it after is Rank 4 Formation. So large-scale Rank 4 Formation can complete in three days, this is the magnificent feat. Yes!” The imperial guards nod hurriedly. !!!! The beast roar transmits once more, all people all looked to the surroundings, there was the agglomeration of wild beast, in all directions all was the wild beast, even if were the place that they came to a moment ago is the uncultivated land is also beastly. Brothers, have the hegemon, we are the perfection, here is Formation that the hegemon arranges, so long as this Formation also, then we can cope with these wild beasts with ease.” The imperial guards shout loudly, this is giving the team to increase the morale. Brothers, who are our hegemons? That is in the legend the leader of uneven Imperial City army, moreover it is said Sun Empire is he extinguishes, Sun Empire has tens of billions people, these people can be destroyed completely by our hegemons with ease, that do not say that was these small uncultivated land is beastly.” Little Yang also loudly shouts. Their words start unceasing proliferation. Hears Xia Tian. All people hit the spirit immediately. Bang! The wild beast started to attack, several million wild beasts from flushed in all directions.