Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2190

! The innumerable wild beasts have sent out angry roaring. They must kill front intruder. Bang! The ground vibrated, all people in Formation all very anxious. Attack!” Does not know that is who shouts one, afterward person in all directions all together shouts, these people in surrounding started the first wave of attack. When they release their attack, they discovered with amazement that their attack unexpectedly was enlarged three times. These may to seethe with excitement. This Formation unexpectedly enlarged their attacks doubled and re-doubled. Brothers, kill!” The imperial guards shout loudly, he will also see this Formation formidable place, unexpectedly will have attacked to enlarge three times, this was also too fierce a point. Ten five cauldron Expert is a face strange looks to Xia Tian, they have not thought of Xia Tian unexpectedly so abnormal Formation, so long as that treats in Formation with the enemy to the war, can jump the ranks to challenge. Being in effect it is not so. This Formation are most can only enlarge three times the attack of person of tripod Rank 9, four cauldron Rank 5 people attack only enlarge are less than two times. The strength is stronger, this Formation amplification effect is weaker. Bang! The attack of people attacks in turn, these wild beasts have not waited to rush come, they all extinguishing have killed by these attacks, these has given these person of confidence directly. Brothers, have let loose hitting, has the summer hegemon, we are the perfection.” The imperial guards understand that now these people believed Xia Tian thoroughly, therefore he, so long as continues to shout loudly the Xia Tian name, then in these will of the people will have reposing. Bang!

The attack of wild beast continuously. Kill! At this time these over a million people in Formation can be said as very crisp, they stand there attack on the line, does not need to fight handata-titleo-hand with the wild beast, because the outside wild beast were too many, they throw to attack casually together, can project on the bodies of these wild beasts. Does not need to consider the accuracy the issue. Crisp! Such forms of defensive action were really too crisp, they have not fought such crisp war, when originally they saw the surrounding that several million wild beast, hoodwinked. Even somewhat feared, if not because has Xia Tian this mind to pin on, perhaps then they already scattered in all directions to escape, once scatters in all directions to escape, they also turn into the object who the wild beast has attacked. When the time comes is the unilateral slaughter. Xia Tian, was too crisp, your this Formation was also too crisp.” Free of evil intention excited looks at Xia Tian to say. At this time that ten five cauldron above Expert, looked the Xia Tian look completely is different, if before , they respect the Xia Tian reputation, then now they were true respect Xia Tian. This time is respect of the heart, because Xia Tian has not disappointed them. Expert, where regardless of arrives at to be worth others respecting. The quantity of wild beast are getting more and more, these wild beasts rushed to front of Formation, but the Formation might appeared again, these attack the Formation wild beast suddenly, all was surrounded by Formation firmly. Kill! Killed the army to start. The living targets make you kill, haven't you killed? These kill the people of army start wantonly hunt and kill these surrounded wild beast.

Summer hegemon long live!” Does not know that was who shouted, all people all shouted afterward, this seemed the slogan is the same, all people more shouted that more was strong. The summer hegemon long live! The summer hegemon long live! The morale of entire team very soaring, just battled for more than ten minutes, they cut to kill over ten thousand wild beasts, but their here actually injured did not have. How this makes them be able not to be excited. Crisp, this weaponry hits was too crisp, has the hegemon, our fights simply were too relaxed.” The imperial guards are also incomparably excited shouting. He is the marshal in Fierce Tiger city, has attended many big campaigns. He is thinking, if their war time also has the Xia Tian such abnormal Formation master, they can conquer entire next three. Small tiger, you informs, making them leave too the principle of righteousness, although we are having the superiority now, however death was some preliminary wild beasts, the genuine formidable wild beast was waiting in behind.” The Xia Tian reminder said that although they looked like have completely the superiority now. But these are small fish small shrimp, the striking power is not strong, the defensive power is not strong, therefore they so simple was cut to kill. Yes!” The imperial guards are hurried to pass on to afterward the news. The summer hegemon long live! The summer hegemon long live! In Formation, all people were shouting neatly, they now very excited. Bang! A fierce explosive sound transmits, the following these strong serious famine beasts could not endure finally, they have killed from behind directly. Puff! Puff! Puff!

The front these preliminary wild beasts the casualty are innumerable at this time, the short 30 minutes, the quantity of uncultivated land beast casualty has reached as high as about 50,000, but army here of humanity is a person has not died. However at this time the formations of these wild beast attacks changed, they were not dashing about wildly blindly, but very orderly adopting multi-step attack. Also is brings death the attack! The front wild beast resists the attack with the life, regardless of what, is keeps off, this gave the following these uncultivated land beast opportunities, the first wild beast died, the second wild beast continued to resist, the second wild beast died, the third wild beast continued to resist. The front these preliminary wild beasts resigned a channel, this channel the Advanced wild beast that clashes for behind these clashes to make way. „Does hegemon, need to attack on own initiative?” Little Yang asked. „The need, not making them clash, then with kills the army to execute them.” Xia Tian ordered. But these wild beasts are 89 levels of wild beasts, strength extremely formidable, I worried that......” Little Yang a little hesitates. Little Yang, you are or listens to hegemon's order?” The imperial guards shouted angrily, he understands that Little Yang was worried about anything, but now Xia Tian is the leader of this team, so long as Xia Tian ordered, they must complete. Unconditional completion, should not have any opinion. No, asking the hegemon to forgive, subordinate this got down the instruction.” Little Yang said that has drawn back directly, he also understands one truly were a moment ago rash. Xia Tian has not said anything, but is the corners of the mouth slightly one slanting: Waits to look at the good play.” Heard a Xia Tian such saying, the surrounding person had doubts, did Formation have the attribute of what secret to be inadequate? Otherwise Xia Tian will not say. Xia Tian, this is Formation also capable of what special being inadequate?” Free of evil intention face curious looks to Xia Tian, at the same time other people also all looked to Xia Tian. Bang! These eight Rank 9 wild beasts directly flushed.