Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2191

Bang! When they hit on Formation, the fetter skill that Formation has was broken by them instantaneously, cannot surround them, sees such scene, the people in Formation stares. However these small Captain shout hurriedly: Kills the team, gives on me.” Afterward he rushed, these small Captain are the soldiers who is selective, truth that they provide leadership clearly, this one after another clashes forward. Crashes in Formation that moment in these eight Rank 9 wild beasts, all people were shocked. Changed small, these eight Rank 9 wild beasts, normal, each was least more than one zhang (3.33 m) high, after they entered Formation inside, the bodies of these wild beasts reduced one time directly. Reason that these wild beasts formidable, is their is too mainly big, attacks, nobody can block, was the present was different, after their small 50%, the striking power naturally also reduced. Brothers, this is the summer City Lord Formation might, kills along with me, summer City Lord long live.” These small Captain lift up high the weapon in hand to shout loudly, afterward they killed to these eight levels and the Rank 9 wild beast. Summer City Lord long live. All people all kill to these wild beasts. In these Captain and big Captain are also in abundance the fast direction fights. Very strong Formation.” Free of evil intention surprised looks at the surrounding these eight Rank 9 wild beasts. He never sees to hear such Formation, has not seen such strong Formation, unexpectedly can change these eight Rank 9 wild carcasses is small. Let them lose the best superiority. Kill! In Formation started preying, outside Formation these preliminary wild beasts is also struck to kill by the long-distance attack. unexpectedly also has so mysterious Formation.” That ten five cauldron Expert all are surprised looks at Xia Tian, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has such skill.

Arranges so terrifying Formation to come. Hegemon, the aspect has controlled now, although some casualties, but the casualty figure is very small, the impacts of these eight Rank 9 wild beasts are not big, if no this Formation, these eight Rank 9 wild beasts can wash out our formations thoroughly, in that case, the consequence will be dreadful.” The imperial guards look at Xia Tian to say respectfully that he admires Xia Tian. He is marshal who leads to go to war, he understands this team , if no Xia Tian to appear, they soon have been annihilated by the uncultivated land beast group now. Even if there are able to run, definitely is these super Expert, other people completely will ruin here. Hegemon, the subordinate knew mistakenly, the subordinate should not question that a moment ago your order, I also direct the army, I understand that in fight, the order delayed can have the big consequence, I was willing to subject to a penalty.” Little Yang knees down respectful saying, now he was thorough taking Xia Tian. Is being convinced of the heart, therefore he felt one are really was not a moment ago right. Since you are also lead troops, you should understand now when is the personnel, there is anything to say from now on again, currently I happen to have person mission to give you.” Xia Tian looked that said to Little Yang. Subordinate pledges to fight to the death to devote life.” Little Yang looked that Xia Tian has not punished him, that gratitude Xia Tian. Good, you have one elite to go to the Formation left to me now the position, clings to tenaciously there to me, will meet there perhaps to suffer very formidable attack.” The Xia Tian direct order said. Yes, hegemon.” Little Yang said. Has remembered, do not leave Formation, in Formation, hits, exits later to die without doubt.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Relax, the hegemon, cannot defend there, my electrical connector sees.” Little Yang said that has person to leave directly, he went to the Formation upper left. Little Yang now the morale is very high, he hopes that performance he well, making Xia Tian have a look at his skill, happen to can also make up for the mistake that he violated a moment ago. Small tiger obeys orders.” Xia Tian shouts once more. Subordinate.” Imperial guard respectful saying. You bring a number of Expert to go to the Formation upper right position, just like Little Yang, clings to tenaciously there, must remember to me, no matter has any matter, do not go forth to battle.” The Xia Tian order said.

Yes! Hegemons.” The imperial guards are ordered directly. „Can Xia Tian, what happened?” Free of evil intention puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Xia Tian looked that to said free of evil intention: You induce.” Em!” Closes the eye afterward free of evil intention, starts to induce the surrounding all, his sensation strength is formidable, after a half minute, he has opened both eyes slowly, puzzled looks to Xia Tian: How is this possible?” Little Yang and imperial guards have not walked away, they all looked to Xia Tian. Ten big five cauldron Expert also looked to Xia Tian. They were waiting for reply of Xia Tian, they understand that definitely had any important matter. Right, by your sensation ability, you should induce, now these wild beasts in the lineup, they are wanting to attack the Formation four corner/horn, but my this Formation needle eye in four angular positions, in other words, the opposite party has an extraordinary fellow to exist, if makes them break four corner/horn, then Formation direct direct shatter.” Xia Tian facial color stern saying. Hears his words, the people are all startled. unexpectedly has the wild beast to be able to see that this Formation needle eye is. Actually can that be what terrifying wild beast? The people do not dare to imagine, really actually they are unable to imagine this are any wild beasts. That then what to do?” Looked asked free of evil intention to Xia Tian. You defend the left, ten five cauldron above Expert defend the right, I stay here to coordinate, must issue the order, regardless of what happened, must cling to tenaciously, anybody cannot go forth to battle.” Xia Tian ordered directly. Yes!” All people all receive an order. War must start finally.” The Xia Tian vision looked directly to the front, he understands that these several million wild beasts must launch the general attack finally, this time general attack feared the meeting casualty to be serious.

All people all flush away to their position, they must cling to tenaciously these four points. Because these four 0.1 broken, then Formation broke, when the time comes here person definitely cannot resist the impacts of several million wild beasts. ! A giant roar transmits, afterward all people all saw a height three zhang (3.33 m) big fellow, is a head length very terrifying wild beast. This wild beast presents time, nearby wild beast all crawls in the place. King. This wild beast is one of the King. Ten Rank 1 wild beast shocking cows! !!! He as if sent out one to be whooshing of King, the wild beast that surroundings these attacked all stopped the attack, the present is the performance time of King shocking cow, they cannot snatch the crest of wave. Good terrifying wild beast.” Many people do not know the shocking cow, but they understand that this absolutely is a very terrifying wild beast. Finally came to a nice point.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the hand that his treated was itchy.