Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2192

Ten Rank 1 wild beasts came. Regarding the normal person, ten levels of wild beasts were super uncultivated land in their eyes are beastly, the battle efficiency of limit, has been able compared with four cauldron Rank 9 Expert. But now the people heard is ten Rank 1 wild beasts time, all very surprised. Even presented worry of faint trace. ! Ten Rank 1 wild beasts as if are showing off their authority to be the same, it is a King, its arrival is glorious arrival. It seemed was saying: Looks my, I can fly this Formation top suddenly. Hum! The surrounding wild beast started to cheer. They are anticipating the attack of ten Rank 1 wild beast shocking cows. The person in Formation also all very anxious, after all then must attack their is ten Rank 1 wild beasts, existence in legend. They did not determine that actually this Formation can block the attacks of ten Rank 1 wild beasts. Ten Rank 1 wild beasts, are equal to five cauldron Rank 5 Expert, moreover their build is big, common five cauldron Rank 5 Expert is also very difficult to defeat them. Bang! The hoof of ten Rank 1 wild beast shocking cows makes an effort stepped on the ground, the ground rocked, afterward its another hoof also rocked in the ground. Bang! The ground rocks once more. Good terrifying, this our Formation definitely could not preserve.” These people in Formation understand that perhaps their this time could not preserve Formation, even if they gave in Formation to launch the attack, was useless. Because their attacks insufficiently give others flexure to be itchy from the start. ! The shocking cow has sent out a shocking great roar, afterward its huge body has fired into Formation directly, it is to crack-up Formation directly.

Hum! The surrounding wild beast is as if same for its keep it up, suddenly scene very lively, the person was wild the beast, the vision all strongly on the body of shocking cow. Defense!” A general orders to say directly that afterward he leads Expert to prepare to meet the approaching enemy there personally. Although he knows that he will directly possibly be killed by the shocking cow, but he is a general, he dies must die on the road of charge, dies above the battlefield, he will not flinch absolutely. The soldiers instigated that will instigate a nest. If he has instigated, his behind person all has instigated, if on him, then his behind person will also be exaggerated by his morale. Suddenly, that general and his behind Expert all prepared there and shocking cow carry on a secondary to attack deadly. Bang! The shocking cow fired into Formation directly, the ground started the fierce vibration, even some strength low person bodies jumped. Power and influence! The shocking cow must send out such power and influence, it as to shake some residence people same by the imposing manner. Its speed is fast, in an instant has killed the Formation front. ! Shocking cow hit directly to Formation. This might is powerful, the air probably was torn to be the same by it. Brothers, kill!” That general and his subordinate killed directly to the shocking cow. Saw that general and his subordinate must disappear thoroughly under the attack of shocking cow, at this moment the silver form appears in the front of shocking cow together directly. Pleasant Golden Cudgel, calls me. Bang! Giant golden light pounded directly in the head of shocking cow, at the same time, shocking cow and silver form simultaneously retreat.

Bang! The body of shocking cow behind trees and giant stones all hit crush. What?” All people were all shocked, ten Rank 1 wild beast shocking cow unexpectedly were hit to fly, this was also too inconceivable. ! The shocking cow has sent out a great roar, its body has bloodstain together, there superficial knowledge did not have, obviously was hit by the golden light. Angry. The shocking cow the unusual anger, it is looking angrily at Formation at this time. ! The silver light dodges, the body of Xia Tian fell on Formation front directly, that he was also hit a moment ago to fly by shocking cow that formidable strength, but the strength on pleasant Golden Cudgel was too well big, moreover now the bone of Xia Tian is the ape king grace, therefore helped Xia Tian alleviate. Otherwise this impulse hit the bone of Xia Tian. Is the hegemon!” All people saw clearly, hit the person who that head ten Rank 1 wild beasts flies a moment ago is their hegemon Xia Tian. All people were still worrying a moment ago this Formation could not shoulder. Their hegemons got rid. Before although everybody knows that their hegemons is a legend, but nobody knew the Xia Tian true strength, clarity that but everybody looks at now. Can hit to fly shocking cow of full speed impact, actually this is any terrifying strength. Many thanks the graciousness of hegemon life-saving.” That general respectful saying, his behind bodyguard also knees down. „Do you name?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that general. Wang Lei!!” That general said. Great, after wanting, with me?” Xia Tian appreciates this general, his breadth of spirit let Xia Tian unusual shock, had such general, what team can not win? Many thanks the hegemon cultivates, but subordinate has own hometown, the subordinate must protect oneself hometown.” Wang Lei's respectful saying.

Great, I have not really misread you, this is my token, if, you have the need, can the messenger take the token to go to uneven Imperial City to look for me.” Xia Tian threw to Wang Lei together token directly, afterward he threw several types of things to several other people: These are low grade treasure, although is not the precious thing, but your strengths of spirit make me appreciate very much.” Many thanks hegemon!” Several people start to kowtow directly. They also think a moment ago one died, finally now they not only has not died, but also obtained granting of Xia Tian, attaching great importance to of Xia Tian. Saw that their several people obtained treasure, visit them who these people of scene incomparably envied. Simultaneously person excited, because they have an incomparably formidable backer, that is their hegemon Xia Tian, simultaneously they also saw the Xia Tian individuality. Has saying that granting of Xia Tian greatly has promoted the morale of these people. Hegemon long live!” That general shouts loudly. Afterward all people all together shout. Hegemon long live!!” Hegemon long live!!” All people shout together. Very strong, worthily is our hegemons.” A Little Yang face worship looks at Xia Tian, regarding him, Xia Tian is his idol. Worthily is uneven Imperial City three City Lord, was too fierce, is too fierce.” The imperial guards are also very excited shouting. That ten five cauldron above Expert are also completely surprised looks at Xia Tian, they understand that of shocking cow, they could not catch a moment ago absolutely. If meets hardly, that bone even can all break, but Xia Tian not only has met the shocking cow hardly strikes fully, but also has not been injured, this is most terrorist. Quite abnormal.” Free of evil intention is also helpless shaking the head. ! The opposite shocking cow was angry.