Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2195

Bang! Crazy shocking cow that two sharp corner/horn turned into the blood red instantaneously, moreover lengthens fast, in an instant increased 34 meters, these, if stabs Xia Tian, that can pierce Xia Tian absolutely directly. All people all anxious looks to Xia Tian. Gives me dead!” ! The silver light dodges. The body of Xia Tian vanished in directly same place, presented again time, he happen to the abdomen of crazy shocking cow, there present has two wounds. Separately is Xia Tian with for that two wounds to shoot the day god bow projecting. Kill! At this time his two change into Dragon Claw the hand, grasped directly above that two wounds of crazy shocking cow. Hah! Drinks with one greatly, all people all saw most lets their inconceivable one, this deep ironing in their memories, was unable to forget life-long. This is they have seen formidable, the man of most violence. Rips! Entire crazy shocking Niu Zhijie was only torn, the body was ripped open from the middle by Xia Tian. Ten Rank 2 wild beasts, crazy shocking cow on this stiffly was ripped open by Xia Tian. Terror! The present all as if are nightmare are the same, free of evil intention is also is almost frightened by the Xia Tian action with that ten five cauldron Expert falls on the ground. Nobody has seen such terrifying scene. They believe that such scene absolutely is also without parallel in history.

Except for Xia Tian, the second person cannot achieve, was too terrifying, actually they are unable to imagine Xia Tian how to achieve. Rips! A ten Rank 2 wild beast like this was ripped open by Xia Tian. Its has 15 meters. Violence! This simply was too the violence. King! Xia Tian had proven with the strength he is a King, living the king who the king, king in a legend, nobody can compare, in the people eyes, he is living legend. At this moment the people here understood, opposes with Xia Tian, that might as well goes facing a country. Because you possibly can also run away facing a country to other country, but you face Xia Tian, perhaps then any country does not dare to give shelter to you. If before , everybody believes the Xia Tian words because of the Xia Tian reputation, then everybody all believed Xia Tian because of the Xia Tian real skill at this moment. Xia Tian had proven with the strength he does not have unearned reputation. ! A giant roar transmits in jungle, the sound of this roar is big, one hear is not affable, Xia Tian understands that this is final big BOSS. When he prepares to meet a stronger strength hardly, his unexpectedly discovered that the wild beast started to retreat. Originally that roar did not call these wild beast attacks a moment ago again, but in calling them retreats, at this time periphery that several million wild beast all starts to retreat. This time war, the human army casualty was less than 100, the wild beast death reached as high as 400,000-500,000, moreover Rank 8 Rank 9 uncultivated land beast casualty several hundreds, but also died just the crazy ten Rank 1 wild beasts, turned into ten Rank 2 wild beast crazy shocking cows. Withdrew troops! Wild beast big withdrawal of troops.

Sees such scene, the surrounding person has all burst with joy. They won. They won, Xia Tian has frightened here all wild beasts by a person of strength directly, lets these wild beast big withdrawals of troops. The hegemons long live! The hegemons long live! All people call loudly together. The hegemons are Xia Tian. Now all person from the heart worship Xia Tian, respects Xia Tian, their respect to the Xia Tian has surpassed their City Lord, all people who they worshipped before. Xia Tian has lifted the hand slowly, saw Xia Tian to lift the hand peacefully, the people, they were waiting for Xia Tian spoke, was waiting for Xia Tian then gave orders. All people obey orders!” Xia Tian shouts loudly, because here is peaceful, Xia Tian also intentionally own sound expansion, therefore everybody heard. The people have not made any sound, even if sound everybody who the leaf falls to the ground also hears clearly. The Xia Tian vision looked to people: We won!” All people at this time to cheering, but they know that the Xia Tian words have not said that therefore they must continue to wait for that waits for the Xia Tian following words. Now all people are listening, the spoils of war turn over to big Captain to consult, the Captain assignment, small Captain harvests, then apportioned everyone on average, the person of death apportions their friends their things and spoils of war, Brother, if there is a family member, troubled you to take to their family member, my Xia Tian thanked everybody here, the injured many points cured the medicine.” Xia Tian was bowing to all people. This bow makes many people cry. All people do not fear death, but after they feared death, nobody remembers them, dying does not have the value, but they see anything now are the amiable King. Xia Tian foreign time can the hand rip ten Rank 2 wild beasts, internal time has not forgotten to die the person considered, even is willing to bow for them. Xia Tian is ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) body. This time some people sought after the spoils of war not to go to divide of deceased person absolutely again, the people will go back to give their family member their belt, the friends and brothers.

This is one does not have the tacit understanding of commitment. The hegemons long live! The hegemons long live! All people have all cheered, Xia Tian made them see anything was called genuine amiable Monarch, anything was the genuine King, they also finally understand why uneven Imperial City was the perfection. Because there is a Xia Tian such leader, uneven Imperial City is indestructible existence, nobody was worried dead, even if they died, Xia Tian will not forget them absolutely. Many people have cried in this moment, they are in order to are Xia Tian work to cry. At this moment, Xia Tian obtained the unprecedented popular sentiment, after this fights, the Xia Tian reputation and prestige also become beyond example formidable. All people all are from the heart worship Xia Tian. The imperial guards and Little Yang ran up to the Xia Tian front, they all knee down: Hegemon, we for brothers of dying thank you.” Gets up, does not need to thank me, can fight together, everybody is my brother, I will not give up any brothers.” Xia Tian vision firm saying. Today if no Xia Tian, then here person will die 99%, even if can escape perhaps will also be injured. But here altogether has stamped more than 100 people at this time, this can not anything lose regarding them. At this time! That ten five cauldron above Expert have looked at each other one mutually, afterward they have arrived at the Xia Tian front directly. „Do you have the matter?” Xia Tian doubts looked to their ten. After their ten have looked at each other one once more, knelt in the Xia Tian front directly.