Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2196

See hegemon.” Ten people all knee down. At this time all people all were on the spot shocked, five cauldron Expert unexpectedly have kneed down, must know them where, regardless of arrives at to be is command respect. Is the elder and consecrates existence of rank. They have joined in some team, that also certainly is existence of keeping aloof, even does not need to listen to any person, was now their unexpectedly to Xia Tian good the highest etiquette, highest respect. This represents them is sincerity respect Xia Tian, believes Xia Tian. Gets up, does, I do not like being all right am knelt.” Xia Tian draws their ten directly, but their ten people. Hegemon, hopes that you and others we spoke the words.” Five cauldron above Expert said. Had any words to say.” Xia Tian wants to draw their ten, is they ten manner is firm, does not get up. Hegemon!!!” Good, you said!” Xia Tian helpless saying. Our ten are powder cultivates, although before , did not know, but here is acquainted, moreover our lifetime opportunities are similar, is rough, even if after is joins some influence, by person, when the (spear|gun) causes, which person has to care about our life?” In that five cauldron Rank 3 Expert vision has flashed through a painful look. Hegemon, we experienced were too many, understood were too many, even we started not to believe anybody, when we saw your moment, we were the admiration of sincerity you, admired you, therefore we wanted to join your subordinates, became your, please accept us.” Expert respectful saying of that five cauldron Rank 5.

A Xia Tian brow wrinkle: I do not need any subordinate, my person is my brother, moreover wants to kill my person to be many, powerful also has, even there are many six cauldron above Expert, after becoming the friend of mine, will be anytime in danger.” Hegemon, we do not fear death, what we fear is dying does not have the value, after dying, was regarded the dead dog same rejection there.” That five cauldron Rank 5 Expert very earnest looks at Xia Tian, other nine people are also neat looked to Xia Tian. They saw the hope on the body of Xia Tian, saw the future. Good, your any person wants into my brothers, my Xia Tian has never discarded any brothers, gets up.” Xia Tian held their several directly. These people are five cauldron Expert, figure of next three Pyramid most peaks. Can make them put down the arrogance, the person who hires oneself wholeheartedly has Xia Tian one person. Some people are perhaps more powerful than Xia Tian, but they absolutely do not have the Xia Tian justice and humanity. Thanked the hegemon.” Several people have all stood. Surroundings these people were also look to their ten that envied, they also want to join the Xia Tian subordinates, but they understand, oneself not others ten people of that skills, therefore they can only helpless lowering the head. Brothers, you are great, you in fight I look clearly, your which people want to join uneven Imperial City not to have any issue, so long as you went to the uneven Imperial City report my given name to be OK, later we were the brothers.” The rack of Xia Tian not any hegemon, does not have the Expert rack, is amiable. This made the people admire him.

Other Expert strength does not have Xia Tian to be strong, that is also the nostril faces upwards, manner that everyone is looking down upon, but Xia Tian is different, he to everyone very amiable. Heard Xia Tian saying that many people have decided that after they left here, must join the uneven Imperial City subordinates, became uneven Imperial City. Was good, Brother, starts to tidy up the spoils of war, now these spoils of war were you.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, his anything has not taken, besides the crystals in that head ten Rank 2 wild beast crazy shocking good heads, other his anything has not moved, all has apportioned the following person. This demonstration his King style. This their this team has swept away here wild beast, although in the uncultivated land beast team had more fearful existence, but it also by the Xia Tian strength deep has shocked, this time they some small wild beasts, have not encountered any danger again. These serious famine beasts probably were hide to be the same, does not dare to appear again. The enormous and powerful crowd like this arrived at the last checkpoint outside Mt. Qilin, the Qilin canyon. The present Qilin canyon person, has the small team everywhere, there is a big team, naturally, Xia Tian their this 1 million people of armies naturally are the super armies. At this time here very lively, because does not know that is who makes a canyon transaction congress. The goal of this congress is to exchange resources, some people arrived here to consume all compounded drugs, then needs to spend the material and spirit stone received exchange, some people did not have spirit stone, therefore he needs received exchange with the compounded drug and material. In brief accords to his need, regardless of you need anything, that trades.

However here the resource price that collects from the wild beast pressed unusual is low, because these things, although is good, actually to fight not any help. Likely is not the compounded drug, spirit stone or the weapon and so on thing, can be used to fight, is used to maintain life. Therefore many compounded drug spirit stone sufficient person started the purchase material wantonly, these materials were very low in this inside price, but exited the later price to probably rise several times. Because here material is the Advanced material. Transmitted orders, in same place rest, all people cannot begin with the person casually, want to go to the surrounding person to have the small Captain accompaniment, moreover can come back please Captain and big Captain in the event of the contradiction at any time uphold the justice, has remembered, our brothers do not stir up trouble, but we are not afraid of getting into trouble, if others bullies our heads, then I, no matter he is, kills to me.” Xia Tian kept a serious look saying, he was this, he did not like going to look for others' trouble, but this did not represent him to be afraid of getting into trouble, if some people dare to look for their troubles, that Xia Tian will not be used to absolutely. Yes, hegemon!” The imperial guards and Little Yang passed around the news. Xia Tian, we also exit to stroll, here is very lively, perhaps will have anything to be delicious.” The free of evil intention face anticipates looks to Xia Tian. Em! Good!” The Xia Tian slight bow, brings also to have that ten big five cauldron above Expert to hurry to the canyon transaction congress afterward free of evil intention. Bang! The ground transmitted a series of vibrations, the canyon also vibrated, even on surrounding stone wall the crushed stone started to fall.