Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2197
Really was the distance Qilin hole was getting more and more near, here vibration feeling outside was more intense.” Xia Tian saying slowly, this vibration does not need to investigate him also to know that is the fight between Qilin and flood dragon. Em, after crossing Qilin canyon, inside is the uncultivated land beast paradise, but Qilin hole in the center of uncultivated land beast paradise, so long as when the time comes we crossed this Qilin canyon, has been able to see Mt. Qilin with the eye.” Answered free of evil intention, his knowledge library very rich. Em!” Xia Tian nodded, before he comes to Mt. Qilin, Qi Wang him told that Mt. Qilin is one of the next three most bad risk places, at that time he did not have to care, after coming, he understands why here was one of the most bad risk places, because here everywhere was the wild beast, various formidable wild beasts were here innumerable. Wants across the encirclement rings of these wild beasts, enters the Qilin hole, perhaps is six cauldron Expert also some difficulties. You have a look at the little thing that has anything to like, had a liking for told me that I can give to you.” Saying of Xia Tian very atmosphere, he thing that but now the local tyrant, next three, he cannot afford are not many. Several people entered in the canyon transaction congress directly. In this very lively. Everywhere is the person, but this canyon is also very big, even if accommodates several billions people are not the issue. Xia Tian, you looked quickly that there has to eat, is the scene does.” Shouts free of evil intention hurriedly, he saw eating that others saw simply beauty is more excited. shit, here unexpectedly has the thing that sells to eat.” Xia Tian was also speechless, before mentioned the thing that has a look at to sell to eat free of evil intention, Xia Tian disdains, because he thinks that here person in exchange treasure, who is all right sells the thing to eat here. Finally the fact showed that Xia Tian underestimated these people. Here not only has the eating meal place, but also has the drinking place, at this time many people drink to boast there, B, various types show off themselves are how fierce, played the major role in own team, but also some said own alone war wild beast anything. In any case said is give an exaggerated account of things.

As for the true strength, that nobody cared. Saw free of evil intention eats could not take a walk saying that he directly nearby all eating that all gave to wrap, was Xia Tian pays money in any case, his capacity for food gave to shock these shop owners. shit, the capacity for food of this fellow was also too abnormal.” At this time the surrounding these people have all encircled, they start to watch the free of evil intention eating meal performance show. Wrapped nearby 30 to sell food free of evil intention the place, their continuous sent food free of evil intention, may supply on does not eat free of evil intention. The free of evil intention capacity for food, that it can be said that scares to death others simply. Was less than one hour, free of evil intention has eaten the things of 500 people of shares, these shop owners also in going all out continued to make the thing free of evil intention, did not select food in any case free of evil intention, moreover they sold one to gain one, therefore they will regard free of evil intention are Helper supply. Hegemon, this......” that ten five cauldron above Expert all thorough was speechless, they do not know how should describe free of evil intention, this is their first time sees eats the thing free of evil intention, this eats is makes them infinite simply. They finally understand now why Xia Tian and can become a friend free of evil intention, because Xia Tian is powerful surprising, but free of evil intention is capacity for food big surprising. Two people both are that plant three unable to discover second existence figure absolutely. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the custom was good, he cannot eat to the full, even if were he eats not to have there thing, he could not eat to the full.” Xia Tian laughs was saying that the free of evil intention capacity for food he had already been used. Free of evil intention can eat, moreover anything eats, so long as is he has not seen, has not listened to the thing, he thinks that can eat. The appetite levers drop, besides the Xia Tian barbecue, he does not select food, if sees the Xia Tian barbecue, he can get rid of any other food.

Finally in two hours, all has eaten like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds the thing that these shop owner there can eat free of evil intention, he well satisfied has also patted the belly. Surroundings these people all like are looked monster looks free of evil intention. Like this was free of evil intention with Xia Tian and the others left the fields of vision of these people. „Periphery Xia Tian, I smelled probably have the smell of food.” Free of evil intention excited saying. Stops, I warned you, today cannot eat.” Xia Tian did not have with free of evil intention means that if continuation lets eat free of evil intention, then they did not need to stroll, all day here everywhere ate the thing. Good.” Free of evil intention one hear of Xia Tian said that complying that can only put in great inconvenience. Sees the free of evil intention appearance, that ten five cauldron above Expert also laugh. Bang! A person hit on the body of Xia Tian. „Were you blind?” These open the mouth to scold directly. Side Xia Tian that five cauldron Rank 1 Expert must get rid to teach this person directly, but had been blocked by Xia Tian, Xia Tian smiling saying: Excuse me, I was truly blind.” Snort, but also calculates you to be tactful, we are the ghost young master’s people, offended us, you could not eat to capture walking.” That person said that was waving to behind person, direct stand forth.

This person walked, has hit, obviously he is intentionally, especially hits these women time, he also seizes the chance to profit at the expense of the state. Hegemon, why does not make me teach that boy.” Expert puzzled asking of that five cauldron Rank 1. Low key, said again he has not grasped what kind, not.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Hears the Xia Tian words, their several admired Xia Tian, if others had Xia Tian such strength, that definitely in all directions installed, B, which arrived likes being worshipped, was envied, but Xia Tian unexpectedly pretended an average person to be the same, even others provoked on own initiative he, he did not respond. Normal to Xia Tian their such strengths and status, that directly gets rid to kill people. But Xia Tian actually unusual low key. The people do not think absolutely Xia Tian is spiritless, but thinks that Xia Tian this is the true Expert style. Bang! At this moment, they have after death broadcast the sound of fighting, but fights obviously is not intense. Blind your dog eyes, unexpectedly dares to contradict I, believed me to extinguish you now? I am the ghost young master’s subordinate.” That person very proud saying, he unusual is intentionally resounding, surroundings these people who ghost young master name said heard are the ghost young master’s people, hid distant. Hides? Do I hit your you also to dare to hide? Did you believe me now to abandon you?” That People sound shouts.