Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2198

Wild! These people very wild. In the mouth was shouting are the ghost young master’s person, then everywhere bullies the person. „Who is ghost young master?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Hegemon, the ghost young master is five cauldron Rank 6 Expert, strength very formidable, this person is also powder cultivates, but method very ruthless, usually dresses up an appearance of son of the influential, therefore was called the ghost young master.” The Expert introduction of that five cauldron Rank 5 said. Five cauldron Rank 6!!” Xia Tian discovered before , has heard five cauldron above Expert in the next three few people, only if in these big influences, is present five cauldron above Expert is very probably common. Solely is not five cauldron Rank 1 people, five cauldron Rank 5 above Expert Xia Tian also saw much. Bang! Bang! Bang! Xia Tian heard has hit the voice of person, but was hit obviously unilaterally. Also dares to contradict I?” That hit Xia Tian that boy a moment ago intentionally hits while shouted . Moreover the sound was very loud, as if wanted all people to hear to be the same intentionally. The surrounding person hides distant, a face frightened looks at that fellow. Told you, my nickname cancelled the lunatic, I went crazy to link me to be afraid.” That person said own nickname directly, moreover he is as if satisfied to his nickname. The quick, opposite that several people all were knocked down, moreover they have not dared to hit back. Bah! Cancelled the lunatic to spit phlegm on that several people, saying that very disdained: Later walks your face on a that circle rumble thump the thing enlarges the point to me.” Walk! Cancels the lunatic to wave to continue walks toward front, he walks to gain ground to throw out the chest, walks to assume an air of self approbation, the eye narrows the eyes is looking at the person, exhibited one to despise the world the appearance.

The surrounding person vice minister memory, hid distant. „The disposition of this person with the ghost young master too like, the ghost young master, which has usually arrived must make others know that his fierce, you dare to revolt, he hits you, he is five cauldron Rank 6 Expert, next do three have several people are his match?” That five cauldron Rank 5 Expert answered. Ok, does not close our matters in any case.” Xia Tian very optional saying, but when he must turn the head to leave, his broadcasts the sound that has cancelled the lunatic once more. Your unexpectedly dares to see that I do not make way, lives is impatient?” Cancels the lunatic to shout loudly, at this time the surrounding person noticed that he hides the two sides to go hurriedly, but his front this time unexpectedly presented more than ten individuals, these more than ten individuals not only have not made way, but also instead has probably not seen him to be the same. Why can we make way to you? The path is so wide 30 people not to have the issue together horizontally.” Saying that one of them is not feeling well. Ok, small one, we make way.” Another person has drawn that slightly one. Yes, General.” That small has met to make way, although his unusual not being feeling well, but he also knows one came out beforehand above to tell, cannot stir up trouble. „Weren't you feeling well a moment ago probably very much?” Cancels the lunatic obviously is a person of looking for trouble, although the opposite party made way, but he looks to that slightly one, in the look is the look of provocation. Small one has not spoken. Cancelled the lunatic to walk directly, a palm of the hand hit slightly to one. Puff! This palm of the hand has not hit, but by that person of small one side holding: He is my person, nobody can hit him.” Em?” Cancels a lunatic brow wrinkle, the small eye narrowed the eyes to that general: „Do you know that who I am, I am the ghost young master’s person, offended me, I make you die family.” These words he does not know that said many have spread, dozens, several hundred, even several thousand. Is effective each time, so long as hears the ghost young master’s reputation, others will make way. At this time cancels the lunatic to wait for this any general to loosen his hand apology in that then he comes up to start directly, he likes this feeling.

Keeps aloof, whom the sound hits to hit anyone, others visit him with the vision of worship. I, no matter you are, I said that my person, nobody can hit, you said that we have blocked your [say / way], we make way now.” Although the words of that general are very aggressive, but he also truly made way the road. Snort, are you are courting death?” Cancels the lunatic right hand to wield, he behind that 20-30 individuals directly have encircled: So long as I ordered, they completely will get rid, if in them had any person injured, that will have Expert to come the support, when the time comes you were die not entire corpse.” Threat! Cancels lunatic this is threatening them. Must walk you to walk, but wants to bully us, that is not good.” Saying of that general coldly. Good, is very good.” Cancels the lunatic to wave to behind person directly, his subordinate hit directly to the young their group of people, mammoth. Although their had the superiority. But cancels these strength of lunatic generally not to be under strong, in turn is small their group of people the strength is one by one fierce, round gets down, their more than 20 people all arrive do not get up. Opposite young they are an injured person do not have. Cancels the lunatic to see that own subordinate had been hit, the complexion changes immediately, he has not thought that strength unexpectedly formidable of these people, he thinks so afterward angrily to the opposite party: Good, your unexpectedly dares to hit my person, is very good.” ! Cancelled the lunatic to emit a pass on message symbol directly. You died, our ghost young master’s subordinate will come quickly, when the time comes your could not be inescapable.” Cancels lunatic excited shouting. Snort!” That general cold snort. I give you now an opportunity, so long as you kneel to beg for mercy to me, I considered that deals with leniently you.” Appearance that cancels is sees others who the lunatic most likes to beg for mercy, like this he will feel one have the face.

We have not stirred up trouble, but we are not afraid of getting into trouble!” Saying of that general coldly. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! One line of five forms fell on have cancelled the front of lunatic. See messenger Sir.” Cancels lunatic respectful saying. Cancels the lunatic, what's the matter?” Is that person of head asks. Sir, person who they have hit our, moreover did not apologize.” Cancels the lunatic deliberately to distort the fact. Dares to hit our people, courts death.” Is that person vision of head one cold, afterward his head presented five small cauldron and a small cauldron. He behind the heads of four people also respectively presented four small cauldrons and nine small cauldrons. Five cauldron Rank 1 Expert, four four cauldron Rank 9 Expert. formidable! Alert!” That general brow contraction: Brothers, no matter today what happened, is shouldered by my Wang Lei person, has not related with our above people, yes?” Yes!!!” Wang Lei's behind these people shout together.