Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2202
Hateful!” Ghost young master facial color one cold, must kill directly free of evil intention. ! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian blocked directly in the ghost young master’s front: Your match is I.” Courts death!” The ghost young master fought with the fists directly to Xia Tian. ! The silver light dodges once more. The body of Xia Tian vanished in directly same place. Em?” The instance of ghost young master god, Xia Tian directly gets rid to sneak attack, the ghost young master also fast starts to defend, but pulled out by a Xia Tian foot flies. Pulled out the instance that flies in the ghost young master, he discovered that own subordinate unexpectedly hit completely routed, the short several rounds, his subordinate in all directions was defeated and dispersed. When thinks of the cow B person to meet really good B, the fate will be very certainly miserable. What?” When the son of upper-class family saw own person under starts scatters in all directions to escape, his whole person stares. His these under here recruited, does not have too strong cohesive force, cannot be mentioned in the same breath with the battle efficiency of Xia Tian that group of people completely. Xia Tian their this group of people may incomparably worship Xia Tian, moreover they fought dare to breakneck completely. In addition that five cauldron Rank 5 Expert and free of evil intention their impact, has killed them, this gave these people to create very big shock. Therefore these people melt directly scatter in a panic, escaping that is not very loyal. At this time ghost young master here only remaining he.

Snort, you are waiting to me.” The ghost young master looked that the situation is not good, must run away directly. ! The silver light dodges, a Xia Tian foot trampled directly in the ghost young master’s fart, above the stock, the ghost young master’s body transferred several on the ground, to put it bluntly rolled several. The posture that he leave is beautiful. Expert is Expert. Even if out of the ordinary that leave must leave, does not want an elegant demeanor, is enviable. Xia Tian is also a face worship looks to the ghost young master: You have a look at others, worthily is Expert, leave such has the artistry that leave. Hears the Xia Tian words, ghost young master has almost not irritated: I will certainly come back.” The ghost young master said without a trace that runs away directly. „Doesn't Xia Tian, need to kill him?” Goes forward to ask free of evil intention. „His person makes him bully the person to be able, if makes him ask me to go all out, perhaps he does not have that courage, goes along with him.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Good, but this group of people instigated really that I have not hit to satisfy a craving, they ran away not to have.” Saying that is not feeling well very free of evil intention, he thinks this time can move the physique well, finally puts in an appearance, opposite party ran not to have. Do not worry, several days later will have you to hit, I feared that you cannot hit, wants to kill my person to be too many, when the time comes you possibly are hit ten, even over a hundred.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he understands that he more approaches the Qilin hole, then total fights a decisive battle is also quicker. Now his enemies are approaching. Did not say others, solely is a corrupt wolf, that is not good to cope, if the corrupt wolf causes to think the wolf coverall to fire into his camp directly, that by an enemy 1 million.

Nobody may keep off!!! Yeah, if I can obtain the blue luan coverall, perhaps that can resist with the corrupt wolf, what a pity blue luan coverall last part in assisting the hand of doctor, he is six cauldron Expert, wants to kill him, my opportunity is not higher than 10%.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings said with a sigh, he understands himself, although the method was numerous, however in front of six cauldron Expert, these methods insufficiently looked, he wanted to extinguish kills to assist the doctor to depend upon the sneak attack. He can kill to assist the doctor now to have several means. First, depends upon immortal. Silver corona \; Second, that is pleasant Golden Cudgel \; Third, [gold/metal] Dao, depends upon [gold/metal] Dao the sharpness, sneak attacks directly. If these types of skills have succeeded, that can cut to kill to assist the doctor, the probability of death was too high, so long as Xia Tian does not pay attention, he very much might die in the hand of opposite party. Good, no matter many people my photo hit.” Free of evil intention is also excited saying. Xia Tian to the present does not know that is actually free of evil intention can with the person of any rank to the war, although his rank, only then five cauldron Rank 3, but the strengths of some people have not closed with the rank, like him, although only then five cauldron Rank 1, distressed escaping that but he can hit five cauldron Rank 6 ghost young masters. What is main is looked that whose method are many, whose card in a hand are many. Hegemon, we are also waiting, no matter what powerful enemy we did not fear that we also were very happen to long not the activity bone well.” Their ten are also very excited saying. Good, since you planned to start, we preparation well, but you now this is not good, your this equipment were too bad, walked, we found a peaceful place, I traded the body to equip to you.” Xia Tian this person is never parsimonious regarding own brothers. At this time their ten people were the Xia Tian brothers, that Xia Tian naturally will not treat unjustly them. Whiz whiz whiz whiz! The people all left, afterward they found a nobody's place, Xia Tian have arranged small isolation Formation, and outside isolated.

These Chu rings, your several person, then has a look at inside thing to like.” Xia Tian threw to their ten person of Chu rings directly. At this time a free of evil intention face anticipates looks at Xia Tian, he noticed that Xia Tian has not planned to his thing, therefore opens directly asked: My?” I feared that you have eaten, considers as finished.” Xia Tian knows the free of evil intention capacity for food. „Am I so stupid? I know that now Chu Wu equips makes anything.” The grievance of free of evil intention face. Good, this set gives you.” Xia Tian threw to free of evil intention one set of equipment. Thanked the hegemon.” That several people of respectful saying. Afterward they opened their Chu equipment. Regarding them, Xia Tian grants to their thing, they will not reject absolutely, person who because they can breakneck for Xia Tian. They take the Xia Tian thing well to breaknecks for Xia Tian, can help Xia Tian do are more. Was good, left politely, opened has a look at inside thing.” Xia Tian smiling looks at several people. Thing that Xia Tian gives, possibly is the ordinary thing? Cultivates regarding the powder, the treasure is rare, but to Xia Tian, his poor is not short of money with the treasure. When several people open that moment of Chu ring, their mouths all open big, afterward all people knelt in the Xia Tian front once more: Hegemon, such big ritual we.” Ha Ha, has anything unable to receive, which this to, gives me putting on to make me have a look.” Xia Tian laughs was saying.