Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2203

Their ten will all store ring inside equipment to put in the body, altogether 24, uniform Pin Baoqi this may can be called absolutely is the magnificent scene. Pin Baoqi, even if five cauldron Expert can obtain a that is also the good luck or the respected family supports. But Xia Tian unexpectedly gives them in one set of 24 Pin Baoqi. Although this is not a coverall. Pin Baoqi but who wants volume of uneven one set equips that is also very difficult, once achieves one set, although does not have the coverall to be so abnormal, but will also obtain very big addition, fights is jumps the ranks completely the challenge. Such one set of equipment, absolutely is several respected families sells off all family property unable to buy, Xia Tian delivers is 11 sets. This absolutely was a great writer. Hegemon, several of us will not say that too many honeyed words, have one, starting today, our lives were your.” That five cauldron Rank 5 Expert takes the lead to say. A bit faster gets up, Tiantian do not live, the death, I want your lives to make anything, so long as you are my brother, then nobody can kill you.” Xia Tian treats brothers that is very earnest. Who dares to bully his brothers, he kills anyone. Thanked the hegemon.” The people set out, they gave their equipment to put on Xia Tian on the body. The equipment of this type of complete set, forever is most imposing, is most aggressive. 11 sets of equipment put in the body, their 11 people as if are the deity descend to earth general, ancient times the war-god rebirth, the battle efficiency of everyone turned several times. Attractive, is really attractive.” Sees own equipment excited saying free of evil intention, but he is also hanging these that bunch of things that carries now from his family. I said free of evil intention, I have given your Chu Wu ring, can you on that bunch of things you change to me, my some clean clothes, have not passed through, you exchange, otherwise others looked that you walk from the mountain.” Xia Tian looks that above the free of evil intention that attractive equipment hangs that pile tattered thing to think speechless.

It is obviously big on the clothes, finally now becomes probably comes out to earn living. „, I have forgotten, Ha Ha.” Free of evil intention awkward smiling. Was good, in these Chu rings is the compounded drug, is over seven levels compounded drugs, has fight machine that the compounded drug had fought you forever unable to use up the strength.” Xia Tian another person has given them compounded drug of Chu ring. Many thanks hegemon.” The people said. Person of 1 billion low grade spirit stone, spare, insufficient told me.” Saying of Xia Tian very atmosphere. People at this time already thorough being shocked. Natural. They understand finally anything was called naturally. Xia Tian natural is next three is absolutely unique, he puts out casually can crazy, value that these things add, that is unable to describe with the digit. When several people must kneel thanked for kindness, Xia Tian hurriedly shouts: Stops, are you bothersome, has kneeling line that the matter is all right, such selects the thing, having a look at you to be petty, the thing puts my this, I am also useless, might as well gives you.” Be that as it may. However can achieve this point truly perhaps also had a Xia Tian person. Was good, the time was also up, we walk, I think small tiger there should also the matter inquiry that I want to know was similar.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, directly remove Formation. What matter? I had not heard that you order him to work.” Free of evil intention puzzled asking.

Ha Ha, after going back, you knew.” Xia Tian laughs was saying that something cannot need him to tell, the imperial guard will do. But imperial guards the marshal in Fierce Tiger city, if any matter needs the Xia Tian instruction, this marshal moisture content may too be big. Good, Tiantian, mystical.” Free of evil intention helpless saying. Afterward the people returned to the bases of their army directly. They just came back, free of evil intention directly looked to the imperial guard: Small tiger, I asked your matter.” Free of evil intention gentleman please ask.” Imperial guard respectful saying. Xia Tian said the matter that he wants to know you affirmed has inquired, what I have not heard him to order your obviously, don't you have to inquire?” Looked asked free of evil intention to the imperial guard. Inquired!!” The imperial guards said directly. „What haven't I heard him to order your? Does he give under you in secret the order?” Free of evil intention puzzled asking. No.” Imperial guard smiling saying. How without you to know that what he does want you to inquire?” Free of evil intention was more puzzled! Ha Ha, if any matter needs the hegemon to tell personally, the moisture content of my this Fierce Tiger city marshal was also too big.” The imperial guards laugh were saying. You also said that you said that what Xia Tian he makes you inquire is any news.” Looks free of evil intention curiously to the imperial guard. Situation distribution, the hegemon wants to know was present here gathered several big influences, but this time also had several big influences from all sides, altogether many people.” The imperial guards open the mouth to say directly.

„Is Xia Tian, this?” Looked asked free of evil intention to Xia Tian, he knows that Xia Tian will not lie absolutely. Right, now we are an influence, we must know that the distributions of other influences, everyone guaranteed does not permit any influence with us to, so-called knew oneself and other side can be undefeated in many battles.” Xia Tian nodded, he wants to know is this. Opens reports the hegemon, the tour of this time Qilin hole can be said as the outstanding heroes strives for hegemony, 1 million teams have 20, 2 million teams have three, mysterious 5 million teams, but that team has not arrived here temporarily, 500,000 teams have 50, the remaining about 100,000 teams have over a hundred, various small teams also exist, but is few, the digit that these people add is terrorist.” The imperial guards said the distributions of other teams. Really are many, has not thought of unexpectedly so many people.” Xia Tian slight bow. Hegemon, what I said is only I can look up few people who temporarily, many people are I have not been able to look up temporarily, should be more.” The imperial guards answered. Good, the following road was it seems like difficult to walk.” The Xia Tian vision looked to the front, at this time he has made a decision silently: Imperial guard obeys orders!” Subordinate.” Imperial guard respectful saying. Goes with the following person, front these step treads, nobody can guarantee their life and death, to leave, my everyone sends 100 low grade spirit stone, making them leave here.” Xia Tian does not hope that all people breakneck with him together. Volume!!!” All people all is a face strange looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian vision stern looks at the front: My enemy is very likely all people who goes.”