Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2204

With all artificial enemies!!! Xia Tian such remarks time, all people all stare. Afterward ten big five cauldron Expert knee down completely: Hegemon, even if and world is the enemy, we will also be accompanying you.” I and others was also willing to pledge to fight to the death to follow the hegemon.” The imperial guards and Little Yang, as well as behind these generals also all knee down. You, I am make you ask brothers' idea, after going, definitely meeting deceased person, including will be I may also die, I was impossible to take brothers' life to crack a joke.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Good, the hegemon, our gets down to ask.” The imperial guards and Little Yang lead these generals to be direct to start to inquire each brigade, the squadron, as well as the situation of squad. Front road unusual bad risk. This is more interesting.” Free of evil intention excited saying with a smile. After two hours, the imperial guard and Little Yang walked. How? How many spirit stone needs?” Xia Tian asked. Hegemon, does not walk, they said that even if you catches up with them to walk, they do not walk, their this whole life has not looked like after you such man crosses, has not seen compared with the person of your hero, they are willing with you, even if died in battle, they also think that this is their glory.” Imperial guard expression generous saying. Good! Very good!” Xia Tian has put out a person of high jade Jane directly, this jade Jane is Shifei common, common jade Jane Zhiyou points is so big. Enough writes down over ten thousand characters. At this time Xia Tian puts out such big jade Jane to come definitely to have own goal. Takes to me jade Jane, making them write down own name, lives dies, I will lead them.” Xia Tian also never thinks that this group of person unexpectedly so have the strength of spirit. Yes!!” The imperial guards said directly.

Had such group of brothers, I and outstanding heroes for enemy how?” Saying that Xia Tian has plenty of fight in one. Next morning. Xia Tian is leading the enormous and powerful army, walks toward Mt. Qilin directly. On 1 million people of waists and arms unified to tie up the white cloth strip, above writes big Xia Word, these people were the Xia Tian brothers here. Enough 1 million people. They must follow the following dangerous spot Xia Tian. Sees the so large-scale army, other people also embarked similarly, over a billion people, several billions people like this entered under Mt. Qilin, here was getting more and more near from Mt. Qilin. Moreover the quantity is still increasing. At this time Xia Tian their this armies also stared. Qilin canyon surrounding. Report, the front was the Qilin canyon, some people have seen uneven Imperial City three City Lord there, it is said under his hand had 1 million armies.” Under a famous artisan respectful report. 1 million? Snort, my present subordinate had 5 million, orders, the full speed advance, after arriving at the Qilin canyon , to continue to give me the hiring, I must be run over and die him with the absolute digit, these dare with the person who he mixes, does not remain, all kills.” In the corrupt wolf vision is the ice-cold look. He hates Xia Tian, hates. Especially this time, Xia Tian almost kills him once more, he must kill Xia Tian, he must make Xia Tian painful, making Xia Tian regret, since Xia Tian builds up 1 million armies now, then he wants thoroughly extinguished Xia Tian this 1 million armies, making Xia Tian look with own eyes own subordinate was killed. He believes that this certainly is very amusing matter.

Sir Qi Bing, front incoming telegram, our team population instead are surpassed now.” Also is one person comes back report to say. Em?” The brow wrinkle of corrupt wolf: „Who is?” Assists the doctor, one of the next three strongest several people, six cauldron Expert, he raises the arm wields, has only used three days, built up 10 million people, moreover it is said now also some people continuously are joining his subordinates, especially these Expert hear to assist the reputation of doctor, all added.” Under the famous artisan report said. Assists the doctor, six cauldrons, snort!” Corrupt wolf cold snort. Sir, assists matter that the doctor and Xia Tian have a grudge are entire next three all know, we can unite with him resist Xia Tian together.” Under the famous artisan continues to say. Puff! The corrupt wolf right hand wields, held the neck of that person directly, in his vision is murderous aura: If after you, dares to say the phrase of union to me, then I twist and break your neck, person who I must kill, but also needs to unite with others? Even if he wants to cooperate with me, must be when my familiar.” Overbearing! The corrupt wolf will not cooperate with anybody, because he is the corrupt wolf, he thinks that this regarding him is the shame. Bang! The corrupt wolf has thrown that person of body directly. That person dingy has drawn back. Xia Tian, I thought how your this time dead.” In the vision of corrupt wolf is the mean look. This time assisting doctor locates. Sir, now our person has reached as high as 12 million people, is the present?” The Sun Empire senior king asks.

Em, but was a pity that five cauldron above Expert were too few.” Assists the doctor helpless saying. Although under his hand person are many, but five cauldron above in addition altogether are also less than 40, moreover each strength is not strong, is strength of five cauldron Rank 1 about to five cauldron Rank 3. Sir, Xia Tian army now in front, our people already stubbornly observed closely them.” Senior king respectful saying of Sun Empire. Good, this time I must make him know that offends my fate, I must make him crush the broken bone, that Qi Wang, if this time makes me discover that he, he must die.” Assists in the look of doctor is the anger, he must kill Xia Tian and Qi Wang, these two people have given him the shame person. The snow territory confuses city. Elder Sir, we now?” Under a famous artisan asked. Em, although population, only then about 500,000, but here has our 100,000 snow territories to confuse the elite in city, should be enough, Xia Tian that 1 million people are only mob, this time I must entire next three to know that offends our snow territory to confuse the fate of city, no matter I he is any uneven Imperial City three City Lord also wants, is any hegemon is also good, in brief he must die.” The snow territory confuses in the elder vision of city is the mean look, after he hears his person Xia Tian cut to kill, his anger is already lit. This snow territory confuses the city to arrive at the Qilin hole solely do not obtain Qilin pu, moreover they must in next three develop the reputation, regarding them, destroys completely Xia Tian this uneven Imperial City three City Lord, is the best opportunity. Meanwhile, nearby the entire Mt. Qilin, many people are preparing to kill a person, that is: Xia Tian. Some people have a grudge with Xia Tian, some do not have the enmity, some want to become famous, some for wealth. Xia Tian? The next three first talent? Snort, but actually who I must have a look at our two am the next three first talent.” A youth of whole face totem moved toward in the jungle, he has a person.