Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2205
Talent? Everywhere is, especially next three. Can call the person of talent to be innumerable, but the talent can turn into Expert person actually few truly, Abao is a super talent, and has the big destiny person. But? Abao same died, he to dying cultivation to tripod Rank 1, if he were born a respected family in next three, then feared him now is five cauldron Expert. Once what a pity the talent died, then remembers him nobody. Xia Tian is different. Since he becomes famous, many people have dug his passing history. And earliest one is he in Giant Bull City that demonstrated there, the Xia Tian strength as if also the tripod, in other words Xia Tian merely has used for several years, turned into present uneven Imperial City three City Lord from tripod Expert, dares to hit the person who six cauldron Expert assist the doctor. Hides casually stamps the feet, figure that entire next three with shivering. From top to bottom the youth who at this time covers entirely the totem indicated to refuse to accept, he this year is 18 years old, strength five cauldron Rank 9, this age, this strength said words that perhaps will shock entire next three, it can be said that the anomaly in anomaly, the monstruous talent in monstruous talent. Since he is born, he had heard most names are Xia Tian. Xia Tian had been topped the next three first talent titles.

The youth indicated to refuse to accept. I seven kill the armed forces to cut to kill innumerable Expert all the way, this time had opportunity experience downloading to say finally uneven Imperial City three City Lord Xia Tian was fierce, but actually who I must have a look at our two outcomes am the next three first talent.” In the youth eye of whole body totem seems glittering the ray of stars. Seven kill the armed forces, said that is the next three first talent. Now said that so long as the homicide Xia Tian, he were really the next three first talent. Giant Bull City law enforcement elder, ghost young master and his subordinate, at this time also in hidden place is making the preparation, they are want to give Xia Tian very ruthless strikes. The Xia Tian army is adopting the advance way of uniform speed, this team is staring by many people now, but nobody discovered that at this time on the sedan chair of this team is lying down the person is not Xia Tian, but is free of evil intention, but many people have not seen Xia Tian, therefore they will regard free of evil intention are Xia Tian. No wonder Xia Tian likes lying down on the sedan chair, is truly comfortable.” Free of evil intention smiling saying. Free of evil intention gentleman, you cannot move heedlessly, if exposed, the plan of hegemon all has been scrapped.” The imperial guards urged hurriedly. I said that Xia Tian also is really, must make these, who comes us to hit who not on line.” Likes the most direct method free of evil intention, whom he processes the method of matter is to look is not feeling well hits anyone. Free of evil intention gentleman, the hegemon naturally has the idea of hegemon, the hegemon to reduce our losses, now stares at our influence is not being two, moreover my scout just reported back, two formidable team goals are we, one is to walk the army of doctor, the population reaches as high as 13 million, the next three all people know that assists the doctor and hegemon is the mortal enemy, his team are more than us 13 times.” The imperial guards answered. These many people.” Hears this digit free of evil intention time is also very surprised. Which then to, this is only a person of army, just the team population also just achieved 10 million people, it is said their leader goals are also the hegemons, now they follow in our rear areas, in less than two days, they can pursue, when the time comes, does not calculate person who other latent small teams and these fish in troubled waters, we must face 23 million people, in other words, our people take to hit 23 people, we will have on will win.” The imperial guards just started, when hears this digit is also big.

However afterward he thinks, so long as with Xia Tian, how they are one hits 100? unexpectedly has these many people.” Free of evil intention also somewhat surprised saying. With the hegemon, our these 1 million people must create the miracle, this time we must fight a brilliant war, making the entire next three all people this fight remembers firmly.” Little Yang is also anticipation extremely, since his decision to Xia Tian hesitates, he again does not have the anxiety Xia Tian any order. Xia Tian is the person who first makes him entirely unconditionally believe. He believes that so long as with Xia Tian, then they are the perfection. Free of evil intention silent long time, his vision firm looks to the front. Sees his expression, all people think that he must start to say one hit many. I was hungry.” Said these three characters free of evil intention directly. When everybody hears his these three characters on thorough was speechless. Free of evil intention gentleman, you have had the 28 th food today, will cause once again others' suspicion.” Imperial guard helpless saying. Good, that today, is really the anticipation, how many days? Are two days three days? These people must pursue, when the time comes I can get one well.” Saying of free of evil intention face anticipation. „Can free of evil intention gentleman, compare many that our two who kills?” That five cauldron Rank 5 saying of Expert provocation.

Summer one, compares not to have the meaning with you, only if your ten add compared with a little to challenge with me.” Free of evil intention very optional saying. He to call these person of convenient, therefore gives a name according to the strength to these people, from summer to summer ten, that ten people not only does not have the slight disgruntledness, instead is to this name unusual satisfaction. Because they now are the Xia Tian people, even if day of Xia Tian did not work as this hegemon, they also with Xia Tian, therefore this name suited them. Our ten?” Summer doubts looks free of evil intention. Right, is your ten, must make a bet, after who has won, who is an Boss.” Free of evil intention very earnest saying. Good, if we have won, later you must call us an elder brother to ten elder brother, if we lost, after us, called you for the Boss.” Xia Yizhi meets to say. Crisp!” Free of evil intention excited shouting: It seems like immediately I must have ten little brothers.” Who is whose little brother also perhaps.” Their ten are the provocation looks free of evil intention. Volume!” Saw that this group decided Expert like is a child mumps there, the imperial guard and Little Yang is a helpless color of face, afterward imperial guard hurried going forward moderate atmosphere: You did not anticipate that what move hegemon this time will make to come?” Hears the words of imperial guard, the people looked to him. Right, Xia Tian gets rid, outstanding, previous time he has received in exchange for the lives of hundreds of thousands of wild beasts by more than 100 people of losses, then this time? Can he destroy completely the opposite party 23 million people by 1 million people of strength directly?