Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2206

Xia Tian! This name has the charm regarding all people. Some people worship him, some people want him dead. The people were jealous red. He is not the Renminbi, is impossible each to like him. He can do must protect his family member, the friends and brothers, although these 1 million people had decided that shared life and death with him, but Xia Tian will not make them die, These 1 million people each are the unyielding men, even if the opposite party has 23 million people, these people also never fear. Imperial guards after knowing the population of opposite party, passed on this news. He is the hope tells these not to prepare for at heart the brothers to leave first, moreover everyone can still attain 100 low grade spirit stone. Finally nobody leaves. Not only nobody leaves, but also these people have plenty of fight in one. They hope spelling well. This time to the war regarding anybody is a challenge, even if lost, can participate in such large-scale fight, that this whole life did not have what to regret. If there is won, then their this whole life can be on the rise to cultivate the behavior. Moreover later can also very proud boasted with own posterity, oneself once with Xia Tian by 1 million people to fighting 20 million people. Such success is worth them boasting for a lifetime, proud for a lifetime. How many such opportunities can person this have for a lifetime?

If this time has missed, then after them, can be unsuccessfully. Ha Ha, your saying, I was also so curious, what move will Xia Tian this outcome make to come?” Free of evil intention is also an anticipation of face. This all the way, he with Xia Tian, saw too many too lets his surprised matter, each Xia Tian can bring different surprised to him. He also very much anticipated that what performance Xia Tian these time will have. Yes, the hegemon gets rid, is definitely outstanding, does not know that what this time will bring to us pleasantly surprised.” The summer one also similarly yearned that they the worship to Xia Tian are from the heart. In that respected and worship has carved firmly in them. The team continues to go forward. The place of team assists the doctor. Sir, we only required two days to overtake the Xia Tian team, when the time comes we can relaxed nibbled the opposite party, destroyed completely Xia Tian and his team directly.” The Sun Empire king is also excited saying. Was Xia Tian has destroyed completely Sun Empire, this matter he will record for a lifetime, he was the Sun Empire senior king, the present emperor is his biological son. Looks Sun Empire that own builds reduces to the present this, his heart in the drop blood, he hates every day. He wishes one could bone tearing down of Xia Tian, has all boiled thoroughly eating his meat. Good, is very good, before I can finally snow, shame.” Assisted on the face of doctor to show the excited expression, this time he can kill Xia Tian finally, initially had hit his club in uneven Imperial City Xia Tian, this matter has it can be said that spread over entire next three. His solemn six cauldron Expert unexpectedly had been hit, the matter that such loses face keeps him from enduring. Moreover he finally is very distressed left uneven Imperial City. This made him angry.

This time he must cut to kill Xia Tian, he must tell the next three all people, he assists the doctor is six cauldron Expert, one of the next three strongest people, nobody can be disobedient he. Qi Wang! Previous time he and Qi Wang to war, he almost dies in Qi Wang, this regarding him is also the intolerable matter, he must kill Qi Wang, then destroys completely uneven Imperial City. Like this , the next three again also nobody dares to offend him. He must tell all people, offends his person, the fate, only then, that dies. The Sun Empire king vision was assisting the waist of doctor to sweep one, however retreat, there had Crystal Stone, this Crystal Stone was his long-awaited thing, so long as there is an opportunity, he will win this Crystal Stone. Corrupt wolf place! Sir, we only require three days to overtake the Xia Tian army now, the army that but assists the doctor only took two days to overtake, we 10 million people, assist the doctor to have 13 million people now, if made them forestall, their many people can definitely destroy completely Xia Tian they.” Under a famous artisan respectful report. Snort, transmitted orders, the full speed advance, cannot make them forestall, Xia Tian must massacre by me personally.” The corrupt wolf the biggest dream personally has killed Xia Tian for these years. If cannot kill Xia Tian personally, he for a lifetime is not perhaps willingly. Moreover on Xia Tian also has the thing that his thing and some he is interested , this time must all snatch these things. Yes, Sir.” Under the famous artisan has drawn back hurriedly. Your highness, the direction symbol can induce to the position of princess, in our rear areas, with doesn't use wait / etc. she?” Expert from demon asked. Does not need, making her pursue, anybody cannot slow the tempo, I must kill Xia Tian personally.” Corrupt wolf vision firm looks at distant place. This time he can revenge finally. This pleasant sensation only then corrupt wolf can feel.

The snow territory confuses in the army of city. Elder Sir, only needed one day us to overtake the uneven Imperial City army.” A snow territory confuses disciple report of city to say. Informs, the team slows the tempo.” The snow territory confuses the elders in city to say. Slows the tempo? Didn't the elders, we revenge?” That disciple puzzled asking. Good steel to cause on knife edge, our these 500,000 people are elite, this time we must fire the snow territory to confuse the given name of city, we must get rid in the most crucial time, does not have others to stare at them, that makes them come life and death first, our praying mantis catches the cicada canary, when the time comes a pot all carried them, when the time comes our snow territory confused the given name of city thoroughly to be resounding.” The snow territory confuses elder very excited saying of city. He more said is more excited, resembled at this time him these people to destroy completely was the same. High, is really high, worthily is the elder Sir, how can't we think?” A that disciple flatter has patted. Em, slowly studies, after me, your knowledge will be also getting more and more rich.” The snow territory confuses elder very proud saying of city. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! This time Xia Tian, in the whipping tread that a very spacious region makes an effort, huge hand imprints appear in his both hands, on each hand imprint as if contains the major principle between world to be the same. Ancient big hand imprint. Was quick, was quick, always fought a decisive battle must approach finally.” The Xia Tian vision looked to own, there piece of giant gulf.