Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2207
„Did you hear? Now resembles many people to kill Xia Tian, it is said the population added to have several thousands of people.” „Is that person who you said uneven Imperial City three City Lord Xia Tian?” Naturally, is he, now all people know, 1 million people that he leads had been surrounded, in less than 1-2 days, his person will be overtaken, when the time comes, they must die without doubt.” Under the entire Mt. Qilin, was discussing everywhere related Xia Tian matter, now some people must cope with Xia Tian, this is not anything is secret. All people are waiting for the arrival of this war. Was too resounding because of the uneven Imperial City reputation. The Xia Tian reputation was too resounding. 1 million people? Several ten million people? Snort, many people cannot block me to kill you.” Whole body totem saying of youth coldly, his expression very cold. This person is seven kills the armed forces, says that person of next three first talent. Although his voice is not loud, but was heard. Hears his words, surrounding person immediately discontented looked to him: Hey, the boy, boast shamelessly, do not have the skill you to look for Xia Tian here now.” Is, here boasted is any skill, I added that I can destroy completely entire uneven Imperial City.” This person do not respond him, looked that does not have the youth who any skill everywhere will only boast.” In the looks of these people is the look of taunt, even despises, then their movements and vision all framed there. The flash, their as if presented the ray of stars at present. Afterward their all decided there, their bodies turned into the flash stars, probably was frozen to be the same, but sealed up their is not the ice piece, but was the crystal. As for is any crystal, then nobody knows. Really the stars can the shining entire earth.” Seven kill armed forces stand forth slowly, after he passes through the positions of these people, these crystals fall directly broken. Crash-bang!

As if turned into everywhere stars to be the same. The dust turns over to the dust, the earth to turn over to earth, scatters with the wind. Stars fragment that these scatter under the illumination of sunlight very attractive. Only then I seven kill the armed forces to be called the next three first talent, only then I have the qualifications to kill Xia Tian.” Seven kill the armed forces each to walk forward one step, his totem as if. If some people are paying attention to his totem at this time, these people certainly will discover that these totem unexpectedly live. Two days later!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha! A series of laughter transmit under Mt. Qilin, this is from 1 million people of laughter, because they must face tens of millions Expert here. By 1 million people to fighting tens of millions people, they not only do not have slight fear, instead is excited incomparable, was quick, was away from the war to be getting more and more near. Report!!!” The first detection brigade came back. Said!” Xia Tian sits on the sedan chair shouts. „The report hegemon, two large-scale armies come from the left side and right, their approaching speeds are similar, again about 30 minutes can see.” Detection brigade report said. Good, returns to the unit.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Yes!” Brothers, the enemy must come, did you fear?” Xia Tian shouts loudly, the sound reverberates in canyon. Did not fear that did not fear!!!” All people shout together. The sound frightens under the entire Mt. Qilin.

Snort, what calling to be, I thought how long you can also call.” At this time their there also 30 minutes of assisting doctors can also hear the scream that the front hears from Xia Tian. Sir, with doesn't need us to pick up the speed?” The Sun Empire senior king asked. Does not need, now the team adapted to this speed, once accelerates to make the team come apart.” Assists the doctor to say. Yes!” The Sun Empire senior king returned one side. Corrupt wolf place! Person of bringing death also has such big imposing manner, good.” Saying that the corrupt wolf disdains, his here enough 10 million people, but Xia Tian their there actually only then 1 million people, this time fight his person can Xia Tian person Insta-kill, completely actually he when the time comes probably have a look at Xia Tian is any expression. Xia Tian, aren't you are always famous for the justice and humanity? I must have a look at you to see with one's own eyes itself under dead am any mood.” Corrupt wolf excited saying, he most hopes sees the painful expression from the face of Xia Tian. War! War! War!” The front broadcasts the sound that has plenty of fight in one once more. „, Do 1 million people also want to fight? Looked that I one will make the person trample flat you.” Saying that the corrupt wolf disdains. Although here person are not many, only then several million people and more than ten million people of fights, compare not high and low three that to plant hundred million people of wars, however here person strength is very formidable, strength worst also has tripod Rank 1 Realm. But next three wars time person who will present cauldron several steps. Therefore this fight and that fight completely are not a scale. This is the high-grade fight. Under this time Mt. Qilin. Report, the enemy by being away from us also has ten minutes of distance.” The scouts of second brigade return to report to say. Good, was getting more and more near.” On the face of Xia Tian presented the excited facial expression. Free of evil intention and the others are also looks to the distant place that whole face anticipates, they were waiting for that waited for that moment that the enemy arrives, when the time comes they can well and opposite party got one time.

Brothers, get ready for action.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Kill! Kill! Kill! All person neat shouting, although they have not undergone the regular training, is not the regular army, but they are more orderly than the regular army. Their attack rules and formations are when saves with several million wild beast fights. Report, the enemy is away from us also to have five minutes of distance.” The scouts of third brigade will be old report to say. Near! The enemies were getting more and more near. This time Xia Tian slowly sat, the vision looks to the distant place, by his vision has definitely been able to see large military forces who two sides present. After five minutes, all people saw two sides these big teams. More than ten million people of teams blot out the sky, one shortly the boundary, making the life leave a fear feeling, but at this time in the Xia Tian team actually and nobody is afraid. Some of them are excited, is the anticipation. Xia Tian, I am take your dog's life today, your this crowd of mob, have not wanted to run, must die.” Corrupt Werewolf has not arrived, the sound, this can attack the imposing manner of Xia Tian team first. What a pity, he made a mistake. The imposing manner of Xia Tian this team by blowing, but fights by and several million uncultivated land beast armies disciplines. „Has corrupt wolf, you won?” Xia Tian said these words simply.