Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2208

Have you won me? These words reverberate in the forest, reverberates in the heart of corrupt wolf. These words ratio scolded corrupt wolf 100, are more to the pain that the corrupt wolf brought, this was corrupt wolf pain for a lifetime, regardless of he each time thinks one were strong, how extraordinary, so long as met Xia Tian, finally definitely lost. Each time he rules the world, he thinks one can relaxed defeating Xia Tian. But finally, he lost. Moreover loses is very miserable. The treasure that he takes away each time was robbed by Xia Tian. Hateful!” The binocular instantaneous hyperemia of corrupt wolf. The anger, hears these words time, his anger has come up immediately, he appearance of that elegant bearing vanished before directly, this time he braves murderous aura from top to bottom. Corrupt wolf, you and I fought more than ten times, you said each time must kill me, but you lose the loser each time.” Xia Tian continues to shout loudly. His voice is very loud, nearby all people all can hear clearly. Xia Tian, this time I will certainly kill you.” Corrupt wolf angry shouting, these words he does not know actually one had shouted many times, he only knows one must kill Xia Tian, this can solve hate of his heart. Hopes that your this time can give me to select the challenge.” The Xia Tian response said.

In the Xia Tian expression has filled disdaining, has filled despising, has been full of the taunt. Xia Tian, your this time was dead, nobody saved you.” The sound that assists the doctor from other conveys at the same time, his team has been away from the Xia Tian team, only then less than two kilometers, he called own team to stop, but his subordinate was carries a sedan chair to continue to Xia Tian here walked, his with more than 40 individuals, these person of uniform Expert. The corrupt wolf also sits on sedan chair, was lifted, his also with 50-60 people, these 50-60 people is also uniform Expert. Assists the doctor, the previous that has not broken your rib suddenly, actually I am not intentionally, you said that your arm old leg, do not come out act high and mighty, if my were not careful that has killed you, others should say that I bullied the old , weak , sick and disabled.” Xia Tian consoles saying: „, Was right, you are an old and weak, as, what you result is the neurosis, is unable to cope, remnantly said is not remnants on your body, but is moron.” Snort!” Assists the doctor to understand that oneself and Xia Tian bickers, no matter how fights, finally definitely is loses, therefore he simply did not respond to Xia Tian. How to speak? I understood, you definitely just had eaten brain fragment, therefore needs to convalesce.” Xia Tian with assisting doctor is polite. You sooner or later is a deceased person, today you impossible to be living from here absolutely departure.” Assists the doctor expression ice-cold saying. How this also started saying that nonsense, I understood, your definitely neurosis violated.” Xia Tian looks with the pardon look to assisting the doctor: Child, do not give up treating.” The corrupt wolf swept one to assist the doctor, afterward turned the head, the meaning of not having shown good will: Xia Tian, your this opened mouth can cope with 1 million armies, was your skill? Today nobody can block me to kill you.” When Xia Tian just wants to say anything, a shadow appeared in the middle position of people directly. „!” A series of big laughter reached in the ears of all people. All looked with the strange vision to that shadow.

At this time the tripartite Boss discussed the matter here, unexpectedly has one *** fell on this tripartite middle, was this in the provocative three parties? I heard that uneven Imperial City three City Lord here, who is?” The shadow is a whole body puts on the person of black clothes, his clothes are tedious, in any case is a black, including the lip is the black. I am!!” Xia Tian has taken a look at an old fogy of this black clothed, the old fogy seems the 50-year-old appearance, the physical age will definitely not be lower than 500 years old. Good, well, is really you wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come not to be all time-consuming, I had already heard your reputation, my demon sect first person, the king of demon Venerable must kill you today, such my reputation can spread over entire next three, this is the good opportunity that I become famous.” Wang of Xingfen demon Venerable shouting. You do not need to kill me, now has become famous.” Xia Tian helpless saying, although here, only then three big influences, but periphery but many people are watching the fun, these people add several billions, moreover is top Expert. Snort, I know that you feared death, relax, I to you happy, you did not need to revolt, I was five cauldron Rank 6 Expert, extinguished kills you are just likes is run over and dies a fly to be the same simply.” King of very extremely arrogant saying demon Venerable. „Is this two B where comes?” At this time in all will of the people presented a such idea. This fellow unexpectedly dares to mention kills Xia Tian, what is main is he has five cauldron Rank 6, must know that here is top Expert. What's wrong? Don't you believe?” The king of demon Venerable noticed that the surrounding these people visit him with the strange vision, he also thinks that the people do not believe he has this skill. bo! His head presented five small cauldrons and six small cauldrons. At this time he closes the eye, he enjoys present's feeling, he thinks that at this time the surrounding these people definitely look with the vision of worship to his, because he is not only five cauldron above Expert, but also is existences of five cauldron six levels of this legend ranks.

Since he 300 years ago closes up now, he can be said as **** every night training, can achieve five cauldron above Realm for some day, finally he has succeeded, he not only the success broke through five cauldrons, but also rose dramatically, directly became five cauldron Rank 6 Expert. He thinks that he this time becomes an official, certainly can rule the world. Again also nobody was his match. Cheers, the applause can also resound.” The king of demon Venerable has opened own both eyes slowly, he thinks that own this moment has been able to accept the fresh flower and applause. ! On the spot only then hears the simple applause, is Xia Tian gives his applause: I have seen act high and mighty, but can install act high and mighty to your this self-intoxicated Realm, but also is not really easy.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to corrupt wolf, then looked that said to the Wang of demon Venerable: He is the acting cool degenerate, but you called the emperor in acting cool sufficiently, nobody can install you were better.” On the face of Xia Tian is the look of appreciation. Why I felt that you aren't are praising me probably?” Saying that the king of demon Venerable has doubts, he shook the head afterward: Ok, no matter these, I am kill in any case today your, after having killed you, my reputation will spread over next three, when the time comes I seek for the demon sect army, then unifies next three directly.” At this time the king of demon Venerable started self-intoxicated, even he has been able to fantasize that he ruled the world that to feel. He had not seen that at this time these several billions people are using to look on the spot the S , B same vision is visiting him.