Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2209
Ok, you are unable to realize me at this time the feeling of this having unbearabl chill in a high position.” The king of demon Venerable felt one a little could not completely understand the meanings in surrounding these person of vision: Xia Tian, you are cut your head, do I take your head personally? Please remember my full name, I am the king of demon Venerable, bustling place play language I fear to hurt, oneself shear their head a little to be afraid, you come.” Xia Tian appearance that pretends to fear very much. Em, you said is also reasonable, I personally have gotten rid, looked that in share that you know the limitation, I give you a happiness.” King of satisfied nod of demon Venerable, has fired into Xia Tian afterward directly. Whiz! His speed is quick, saw that he must take the head of Xia Tian. ! The silver light dodges, the body of Xia Tian vanished in directly same place, afterward the king of demon Venerable felt own waist layer on layer had been kicked a foot, afterward his body direct bank. Snort!” Time cold snort who the corrupt wolf sees the silver light, in the vision is murderous aura. That should be his thing is right. What?” The king of demon Venerable does not have to think own unexpectedly will be kicked, when he stands firm oneself body, he felt that behind has probably the person, therefore his direct maneuver kicks. A very attractive 360 degrees maneuver kicks. He was kicked by his beautiful maneuver being infatuated with. Snort! Five cauldron Rank 6, are any things.” The dignified sound appears together, afterward he felt his head had been slapped probably, his body once more bank. Assists the doctor. Assists the doctor is six cauldron Rank 1 Expert, his five cauldron Rank 6 person unexpectedly also dares to show off the strength in front of six cauldron Rank 1 Expert. How is this possible?” On the face of king of demon Venerable is inconceivable, his unexpectedly was hit to fly by the second person, he is five cauldron Rank 6 Expert. He even thinks one are the next three strongest people, but his unexpectedly was hit to fly by the second person continuously.

Bang! He has anchored his body directly forcefully, at this time he had not discovered that his side is standing an infuriated man, this man is the corrupt wolf. The corrupt wolf was big on the fire, now sees suddenly presents a such 2 , B person, he was angry: You said that what you did call?” „The king of demon Venerable.” Who the king of demon Venerable has not managed is asked that he only regarded is his fans, therefore very happy saying. Depends on you also to match in my surface premise demon character, depends on you also to match to call the demon Venerable, depends on you also to match to call the king.” The vision of corrupt wolf ice-cold, his body appeared in the side of king of demon Venerable instantaneously. Afterward the double palm attacks fast. Puff! The head of king of demon Venerable was coveted the wolf to pat directly broken. Death! The king of demon Venerable, the life lives in own attire, on the road of B, this lifetime regarding oneself is a legend, he thinks that own attire, the B life approached, but he has only installed less than five minutes of B, for these five minutes of B, he has paid with own life. However his name had also been remembered by everybody, must ask first under Heaven two, who B is, that all people will say: The king of demon Venerable, bustling place play language. This person was also one generation of extraordinary personalities.” Xia Tian smiling saying. The mad dog everywhere has, this person is one of the mad dog, was only a pity that he can only learn to bite for a lifetime everywhere, but actually not that skill. To kill the Xia Tian person to be many, he is unwisest one. The death of king of demon Venerable also made the person see has presented fierce of these people. Five cauldron Rank 6 Expert in these three big Expert front, looks like a toy is the same, even so was simple including the death, killed five cauldron Rank 6 Expert regarding these three people, was too simple.

Bang! Also the form fell on three people of middle together. This person must collapse simply, just died the king of demon Venerable, unexpectedly came one. I have not come probably late.” A person of whole body totem appears in the vision of all people. When youth who sees this whole body totem, the surrounding these people think that he is the second king of demon Venerable, because king of his presence way and demon Venerable is exactly the same. Who is Xia Tian?” The youth of whole body totem asked. All people were then more speechless, because his question unexpectedly was just the same as the king of that demon Venerable, the presence way was the same, the question was also same, that final fate? I am!” Xia Tian has lifted the hand. I must kill you, what objection do you have?” The totem youth seven kills the armed forces to look that asked to Xia Tian. „To kill me to be able, you must ask that side that two do agree.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to assisting doctor and corrupt wolf said. Who did not agree that together killed him was good.” Totem youth very optional saying. If no beforehand king of demon Venerable, then everybody possibly thinks that he is aggressive, but after a moment ago the matter of king of that demon Venerable, everybody thinks that the totem youth was just fiercer than the king of that demon Venerable boasted to eat a moment ago. Blows is also more aggressive. Ha Ha Ha Ha, interesting, is really interesting, you try, which having a look at you to kill.” Xia Tian laughs was saying, although he and corrupt wolf have the assistance doctor are enemies, but he also knows that these two people are not absolutely affable. bo! Assisted the head of doctor to present six small cauldron and a small cauldron, in his behind these numbers of people also respectively presented a five small cauldron and one to four small cauldrons, uniform five cauldron above Expert.

Humph! Sees these many Expert time, all people stare, especially assists on doctor that six small cauldron and a small cauldron, six cauldron Rank 1 Expert, next three permit the most formidable strength that has. Em?” On the face of totem youth appeared some surprisedly, after all these many Expert are one time difficult to see. Afterward he changed corrupt wolf these people the vision. Corrupt wolf has more than 60 people. bo! The head of corrupt wolf presented five small cauldrons and eight small cauldrons, at the same time in his behind these numbers of people also presented five small cauldron and to six small cauldron different Realm. Many of his behind person Dr. . Moreover the strength also wants subordinate strength of Dr. Assists the doctor these under is five cauldron Rank 1 to five cauldron Rank 4 \; Corrupt wolf has five cauldron Rank 1 to Rank 6. Humph! The people are once more surprised, Expert, is Expert, Expert that these people usually cannot see, but these Expert as if were the rotten avenue is now same. Ha Ha Ha Ha, is really lively, hopes that we have not come late.” Also is a series of laughing transmits from rear area.