Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2210

The enormous and powerful 500,000 people of armies walked from behind. Afterward the qibashi-member team arrived at front, front here is only then the person of true Expert big influence can come. Whiz! These people arrive at the front time, is the white robe old man of head smiling looks to the surroundings. Six cauldron Rank 1, five cauldron Rank 8!!!” On white robe old man face does not have the slight fear, but is the right hand wields, at the same time seems the small cauldron blooms to be the same. His head presented five small cauldrons and nine small cauldrons, around him these people also respectively presented five small cauldron and to seven small cauldrons. All have five cauldron Rank 1 to five cauldron Rank 7 Expert . Moreover the population is most. He is also five cauldron Rank 9 Expert. Our snow territory confuses the people in city also to want his head.” The snow territory confuses elder smiling saying of city. formidable! At this time periphery everywhere is Expert . Moreover the goals of these people, only then one, that kills Xia Tian. Bang! I, although cannot be regarded any Expert, but also wants to join in the fun.” The ghost young master also led his more than ten waste under to rush, his head presented five small cauldrons and six small cauldrons, his these head under was also five small cauldron and to two small cauldrons. Although his strength here is not anything. However puts entire next three goes, that absolutely was also considered as is Expert. The atmosphere coagulated immediately.

To kill the Xia Tian person to be too many, moreover each is Expert in Expert. Ha Ha, interesting, was too interesting.” Free of evil intention excited saying. Free of evil intention, which does a meeting want to hit?” Xia Tian smile looks free of evil intention. I want to try, this opportunity is for a lifetime impossible to bump into several, wants to hit.” Free of evil intention vision 11 has swept those present. That is not good, these people are my.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Free of evil intention, you cannot act shamelessly, we reach an agreement to compete.” The summer first-grade person goes forward saying that although the opposite is Expert, moreover large number of elderly persons, but they do not have slight fear, but was on faces has written all over the excited look. „, That has a look many, you who who we hit may not die.” The free of evil intention reminder said that although he is the way of cracking a joke says, but everybody understands that this war, their person must hit 20 . Moreover the opposite also has many four cauldron five Rank 6 above Expert. The strengths of these people are more terrorist. Opposite party in population, in the strength is very terrifying. Their following fights, fight to win or die, do not have the escape route. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Stands seven kills the armed forces suddenly to start to laugh in the middle totem youth. At this time others think that he by the surrounding these people frightening insanely, after all periphery these many super Expert, who looked, will think inconceivable. Interesting, was really more and more interesting.” The totem youth seven killed the words of armed forces just saying that his head presented five small cauldrons and nine small cauldrons. Five cauldron Rank 9. When the person sees his Realm in the presence of everyone, all people have all opened the mouth, just started everybody also to think that he was only and a moment ago that Wang of Yiyang demon Venerable 2 , B, finally at this time all people all were the whole face inconceivable looked to him.

Expert! This totem youth seven kills armed forces unexpectedly is super Expert. My name is seven to kill the armed forces, my three years old start cultivation, this year 18 -year-old, I have thought one are the next three first talent, after I become an official, hears most names is Xia Tian, actually therefore I must have a look at our two today who am the next three first talent.” The totem youth seven kills the armed forces to shout loudly. Hears his words, all people have all opened the mouth, three years old start cultivation, this also went against heaven's will, this age proudest age, the average person normal was five years old starts to be able cultivation to be extraordinary, moreover this year his 's unexpectedly is only 18 years old. 18 years old of cultivation to the Realm of present, has saying that this is the super talent. All people for his strength shock, these once said that is the person of talent all lowered the head as at this time. They in seven kill the front of armed forces probably are an idiot are the same. Is disparity between solar and stars. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Xia Tian has also laughed: You also thought highly of me, your five cauldron Rank 8, Rank 9, even six cauldron Rank 1, really scared to death me, I was only five cauldron Rank 1.” bo! The head of Xia Tian presented five small cauldron and a small cauldron. But is this really the Xia Tian true strength? Naturally, which five cauldron Rank 1 person cannot like punching the child punches five cauldron Rank 6 the king of demon Venerable? Snort, Realm is a matter, the strength is a different matter, I do not believe that has unearned reputation to spread over next three, does not believe the person who has unearned reputation can bring in these many formidable matches.” The totem youth seven kills the armed forces lightly snort, although sees Xia Tian is five cauldron Rank 1, but he does not have the slight general idea. My 18 years old start cultivation, this year 25 years old, to kill the card saying that I kill people all the way innumerably, regardless of the match of any rank I did not fear that today you on also good, is on together also good, I then, to become Wang defeats the invader, after is unimportant, more importantly we who can also stand finally here.” The Xia Tian vision has swept front these people, these peerless Expert.

Even if Xia Tian facing these many peerless Expert, he does not have slight fear. Humph! 18 years old start cultivation. This crosses the cultivation best age, but Xia Tian unexpectedly can also by seven years turns into five cauldron Rank 1 Expert . Moreover the famous sound spreads next three, this can be said as the unusual terrifying. Even was it can be said that abnormal. Now all people understand finally Xia Tian so will be why good. He also absolutely can be joined to the given name of this next three first talent. Corrupt wolf corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, others do not know Xia Tian, he found that the Xia Tian abnormal degree also only then he is clearest, today he must cut to kill Xia Tian here. Good, is very good, this has the challenging, do not disappoint me too.” The totem youth seven kills the armed forces excited to look at Xia Tian. At this time periphery has: Six cauldron Rank 1 assisting doctors \; Five cauldron Rank 8 corrupt wolves \; Five cauldron Rank 9 snow territories confuse the city elder \; Five cauldron Rank 6 ghost young masters \; As well as five cauldron Rank 9 totem youth seven kill the armed forces. Their goals only then, kills Xia Tian. Enormous and powerful several hundred five cauldron above Expert. But Xia Tian here, he is five cauldron Rank 1 strengths, he behind five cauldron Rank 1 above person altogether 11, they must by these 11 people to fighting opposite party several hundred people. You must fight, I then fight, the life is gambling, lost me dead in the world, won me to smile arrogant Jianghu.”