Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2211

Rules the world! This time Xia Tian seems the King who rules the world is ordinary, forwarded directly one step. His, free of evil intention and summer first-grade ten people also forwarded one step. Aggressive! The Xia Tian words make all people cannot help but has had the respect to him. Lost, died in the world \; Has won, smiles arrogant Jianghu. Good! I have not really misread the person, that makes me accompany you to fight one.” The totem youth seven kills the armed forces to shout loudly, he at this time already impatient wish and Xia Tian got one. Can bump into Xia Tian this rank the talent to confirm his strength most good opportunity. You?” Xia Tian shook the head. „Did you fear?” The totem youth seven kills in the look of armed forces to be somewhat disappointed. No, I should let you on the consideration together, if after all you think that perhaps in the list, other people did not agree.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to assisting doctor and corrupt wolf. We on good.” The snow territory confuses the elders in city to say. Does not need to wear a dunce cap to oneself, I have not worked as people you, early in my eyes is considered as on is the match, only then their three, the corrupt wolf, assists the doctor and seven kills the armed forces, as for you are only a waste, just like that side ghost young master, is only the ornaments.” The Xia Tian sweeping away snow territory of confuses elder one of the city to say. You said anything!!” The snow territory confuses the elders in city to look angrily at Xia Tian. I said is not very clear? If discussed the distance by the time, you were quicker than corrupt wolf their armies, moreover your were few, marched is also very convenient, but you delayed the time of half day stiffly on the 2nd, you said that what your this didn't call the waste to call?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains.

During the approaching speeds of these armies all in his grasp. Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all with despising the vision looked that has confused that army of city to the snow territory, listened to a Xia Tian such saying, all people were all looking down upon the snow territory to confuse the people in city. Their unexpectedly slows the tempo intentionally, to have victory fall into one's lap. Do not talk nonsense! Our snow territory confuses the city here to kill today your, died for us protector to revenge.” The snow territory confuses the elders in city to argue hurriedly. Good, principle of righteousness Ling Ran who such since you said that I first fight with you today.” Xia Tian smiling looks that the snow territory confuses the elders in city to say. Volume!” The snow territory confuses the elders in city to stare immediately, afterward said again: Today here so many person, is not I wants to begin to begin first first, that must obtain others' agreement is not.” Assists the doctor, the corrupt wolf, seven kills the armed forces, although I and you will have a war, but I think that between I and you fight is upright and frank, is not covertly, is not this being opportunistic, the person who therefore I want not to be concerned about face with this type first hits first, does not know that what objection you do have?” Xia Tian looked that to assisting doctor and the others asked. Their fights are the wars of gentleman, but the snow territory confuses the elders in city is the sinister person. Therefore the Xia Tian plan fights with this sinister person first. Casual.” Assists the doctor very optional saying. Do not waste the time, if you feared that cannot hit, I can help you free.” Saying of corrupt wolf coldly. Ok!” Seven kill the armed forces to nod. Three people agreed completely that heard these three people to agree, the person the vision looked at that has confused the elder in city to the snow territory. The manner of all people are the same, how they in looking at the snow territory will confuse the elders in city then saying that because of through the Xia Tian words, everybody understood a moment ago, the snow territory confused the elders in city to clarify to want a praying mantis to catch the cicada canary after the technique, this person most made the person look down upon.

Person each here is the strength Heavenly Connection matchless hero, their unexpectedly wants to use this method to become famous, this is unable to obtain everybody's approval absolutely. Even had the people who they recruited to start to leave their teams silently, because they thought that lost face too. Our snow territory confuses the people in city to cope with you, does not miss this for a while.” The snow territory confused the elders in city to instigate, after his these words said that he behind that 500,000 people of team beside person, except that he brought, other people dispersed. Disgraced! Too disgraced! One want to play cloudy has not played to understand that now others Xia Tian must get the gate on own initiative, their unexpectedly has not dared to meet to incur, does such person also match to become famous? Instigates B, can kill me, your this courage?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. How I know that I and you have fired off, can some people seize the chance to sneak attack me and my person.” The snow territory confuses the elder argument of city saying that he thinks himself, if were mutually wounded with Xia Tian, others came to gain at another's expense are miserable. Do not think me with your dirty head, provokes anger me now to kill you.” Corrupt wolf wicked looked that confuses the elders in city to say to the snow territory, he wants to come to gain at another's expense, finally he also worried that others are the same with him. This is the so-called villain. Snort!” The snow territory confuses elder cold snort one Voice of city. Xia Tian helpless shaking the head of: I asked you, my current position your forehead scolds you, do you dare to begin, your snow territory confused the city except for the waste, but also there is anything.” Xia Tian was really speechless with this person, corrupt wolf and the others are struggle to consider with oneself hit, the result this snow territory confuses person unexpectedly of city to be overcautious and indecisive, to put it bluntly instigated. You dare to scold me.” The snow territory confuses the elder vision of city coldly one.

Right, I scolded you, your strength five cauldron were Rank 9 also what kind of? Now gives you a blade, making you chop the mouse, do you dare?” Saying that a Xia Tian face despises: If you do not dare that quickly to leave the calf to me, here is not you can play.” You court death!!!” The snow territory confused long Senior of city to be mad, no matter what he was five cauldron Rank 9 Expert, the strength is unusual, at this time he was such scolded by Xia Tian, such was looking down upon, his anger also thorough coming up. Elder, does not need you to begin, I helped you extinguish him, five cauldron Rank 1 brat unexpectedly also dares to be so wild.” The snow territory confuses side city elder that to protect buddhist law requests a combat assignment directly. Good, goes!” The snow territory confuses the elders in city to nod. You really have not been concerned about face, what Xia Tian must fight is your leaders, your unexpectedly delivers one to be small, fights wants the king to the king, will depend on you, has not matched Xia Tian to get rid.” The free of evil intention body flushed instantaneously. Whiz! Five small cauldrons and three small cauldrons appear in his head. Snort, five cauldron Rank 3 also dare to be so wild.” Confuses cold snort one that Expert of city disdains very to that snow territory, afterward his head presented five small cauldrons and six small cauldrons. Free of evil intention, comes back to me!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, his left hand wields, a strength hit directly on the free of evil intention body, will have blocked free of evil intention. Free of evil intention body in same place. Goes back, cannot go out of there.” Xia Tian kept a serious look saying, there casually did not walk.