Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2212

Nodded free of evil intention. At this time he understood finally, Xia Tian here has definitely arranged any fierce Formation. If he goes out of this Formation, that should not be wonderful. Therefore he stopped. Today here regardless of many enemies, I then, I, no matter you are the dragon or the insect, so long as you dare on, I was responsible for killing you.” The Xia Tian vision looked to opposite that five cauldron Rank 6 Expert. He confuses Expert of city from the snow territory. Five cauldron Rank 6 in the next three that was considered as on is peerless Expert. figure of Pyramid most peak. Snort, I know your a little method, but five cauldron Rank 1 are five cauldron Rank 1, in the face of the absolute strength anything is not.” That snow territory confuses Expert of city to think directly Xia Tian has killed, if he sees beforehand the fate of king of that demon Venerable, he absolutely will not say this, will not challenge Xia Tian on own initiative. The snow territory confuses the people in city after the king of demon Venerable died comes. Xia Tian stands in same place motionless, seems was looking that a deceased person is the same. I do not like your look, looked that I dig out your eyeball.” The snow territory confused five cauldron Rank 6 Expert of city saying that the body vanished in directly same place. Whiz! Speed incredibly fast is incomparable! He is self-confident to his speed, because he sees saying that at the speed, in the entire snow territory confuses in five cauldron Rank 6 Expert of city, his speed is quickest. Went well.” When he is away from Xia Tian less than one meter, on his face presented an excitement of faint trace. ! At this moment, he saw silver light he felt his chest as if to tear to be the same afterward. The Finger of Consonance third type! Extinguishes kills! Xia Tian double referred to brings the silver light to come an impact directly, all people looked clearly, the silver light passed through that snow territory to confuse city the chests of five cauldron Rank 6 Expert.

Puff! The body of that five cauldron Rank 6 Expert scatters in all directions directly. Insta-kill! Five cauldron Rank 6 Expert in next three absolutely were figure of Pyramid most peak, super Expert, usually rare existence, was present like this peerless Expert unexpectedly by Insta-kill. On the faces of all people have written all over inconceivable. Shock! All people deep shock were all occupied by the Xia Tian that strong incomparably strength. In Xia Tian behind these brothers both eyes is the look of worship, they are ready to fight there, one although they must face tens of millions Expert, but they do not have slight fear, even they believe that they are must win, hits 100 not to have the issue. The hegemons long live! The hegemons long live! Xia Tian behind person is cheering there, suddenly their imposing manners once more surge upward. But at this time the Xia Tian hostile team is the morale greatly falls, especially the snow territory confuses these people in city, they may know the person strength that died strong, but super Expert unexpectedly in their eyes such died. What?” The snow territory confuses the city long on shameless has written all over inconceivable, he has not thought of Xia Tian unexpectedly to be able by five cauldron Rank 1 strength Insta-kill his five cauldron Rank 6 subordinates. This was also too terrifying. Snort!” The corrupt wolf saw each time Xia Tian uses his thing to be mad, especially now Xia Tian with is so imposing, this that his thing uses makes his was mad. Interesting!!!” The totem youth seven kills armed forces smiling saying. Waste!!” Assists the doctor divides saying of disdaining. Xia Tian has lifted the left hand, was confusing the elders in city to cancel the check to the snow territory: Next was you.” Silent! Scene very peaceful, everybody is looking that Xia Tian and snow territory confuses the elder in city.

Following is genuine war. Xia Tian, uneven Imperial City three City Lord, five cauldron Rank 1, powerful terrifying, Insta-kill five cauldron Rank 6. The snow territory confuses the elder in city, five cauldron Rank 9, distance six cauldron Expert have the one pace, the strength immeasurably deep, these two people are peerless Expert. Brat, I did not plan to get rid personally, since you court death, I help you.” The snow territory confuses the elder both hands of city make an effort a racket in the ground that. Snow! A snow road direct emergence. In sky not floating snow, but he actually stiffly made a snow road in the ground. ! His foot stepped on snow above. His place visited surrounding air starts to reduce, the snowflake starts everywhere to dance in the air. Very strong person, although the courage is not big, but the skill is good.” The totem youth seven kills armed forces slightly somewhat surprised saying, although he also looks down upon this five cauldron Rank 9 snow territory to confuse the city elder, but this snow territory confuses the elder strength of city to be truly good. Crash-bang! Snow! Here started to snow. Interesting!!” The corrupt wolf smiling looks that the snow territory confuses the elder in city. Ka! The surrounding trees and green grass cover snowflakes cut off, the snowflake is sharper than any sword, moreover very crowded, making the person have no place to hide, in other words him stands there is motionless, can Insta-kill a group of armies. Such strength made everybody size up his immediately. His ability has been able to compare the domain strength. Therefore the snow territory confuses the city also to call this ability to be called half. Domain, compared with a false domain more formidable ability.

Is this ability.” Xia Tian discovered that a strength stronger person, the snowflake might is bigger, the snow territory confuses the elder strength of city is five cauldron Rank 9, before his snowflake might wants, that person who kills is formidable. bo! Is centered on Xia Tian, his surroundings presented an invisible strength. This is the true domain. When the snowflake falls to this strength above, turned into the ordinary snowflake directly, without any might. Em? The domain, your unexpectedly has the domain!!!” The snow territory confuses elder somewhat surprised saying of city. Nobody confuses the people in city to understand the domain fierce place compared with their snow territory, therefore they will study half. Domain ability. Half. The domain forever is only half. Compared with the domain, has no way with true domain. Xia Tian domain, his half. The domain did not have any function. If your this skill, that did not need with be disgraceful.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. Domain! The surrounding all people all opened the mouth, Xia Tian unexpectedly had the domain! At this time the right hand of Xia Tian lifts slightly, around his body as if presented the innumerable fingers, the movement of movements on these fingers on with Xia Tian are exactly the same. Snort, how even if you do have domain? I am five cauldron Rank 9, between our two has the natural difference, I deliver you dead now.” The snow territory confused the elders in city to say in both hands to present a pair of sword. With snow congealing sword! Fall! The snowflake in sky all turned into the neat sword, the innumerable swords drop from the clouds. The Xia Tian right hand pointed out directly forward. The Finger of Consonance fourth type!!!