Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2215

Bang! Bang! Two forms fell on the Xia Tian side. Qi Wang! Was Qi Wang came, but his side was standing person Jiu Jiang. Regarding this sudden person, all people all very strange, because knew that the Qi Wang person are not many, but the people expression on the scene may not be different at this time. Qi Wang!!!” Assists the doctor the facial color one coldly, couple days ago he and Qi Wang to fighting nearly died, this made him hate Qi Wang. Heard to assist doctor's name, all people are all shocked. Qi Wang!!! Before 1000 in legend, almost puts down entire next three Qi Wang. All people know that Qi Wang and Xia Tian are sworn brothers, at this time Qi Wang came, that Xia Tian crisis naturally also reduced. You are Qi Wang!!!” A corrupt wolf brow wrinkle, because his previous time has fought with Qi Wang, but has not fired off because of having the matter has terminated, if his previous time knows that this person is Xia Tian righteousness brother Qi Wang, he is absolutely impossible to let off Qi Wang. However he saw Qi Wang Jiu Jiang quickly, afterward saying of his coldly: Jiu Jiang, leave to me.” Jiu Jiang very much had feared corrupt wolf, hears the words of corrupt wolf at this time, her body cannot help but thinks the round trip to walk, but a big hand held her at this moment directly. Is Qi Wang! Has me in this, which your does not use.” Qi Wang looked that said to Jiu Jiang: Nobody can force you.” Jiu Jiang!” The corrupt wolf gives a loud shout!!!

Jiu Jiang frightens the whole body to tremble. But Qi Wang directly embraces her waist. You court death!!!” Corrupt wolf wicked looked that said to Qi Wang, Jiu Jiang is his person, although is his doing Little Sister, but the Jiu Jiang father has wanted to marry the corrupt wolf Jiu Jiang, therefore the corrupt wolf also thinks that Jiu Jiang is his person is right, but Jiu Jiang unexpectedly is hugged by others now in the bosom, how this makes him endure. In this world, there is a different thing to go all out, one is money \; Moreover is own woman. The corrupt wolf simply must go all out now. Although he usually does not care about Jiu Jiang, but this does not represent some people to rob his thing. Qi Wang, we two accounts have not calculated.” Assists the doctor to walk up saying that the previous time enmity he must report absolutely, his solemn six cauldron Rank 1 Expert unexpectedly were almost killed by the Qi Wang this five cauldron Rank 8 person, this regarding him is the shame. Snort, your defeated, does not have the qualifications to speak to me.” Qi Wang disdains stared has assisted doctor one, afterward looked said to Xia Tian: „Does the third child, this corrupt wolf give me to be what kind of?” Hears the Qi Wang words, assists the face of doctor thoroughly was green. But the surrounding person has all opened the mouth. Qi Wang is Qi Wang, his unexpectedly can defeat six cauldron Rank 1 assisting doctors. You court death!” Assists the doctor the eyeful anger looks at Qi Wang, this is his shame, at this time here all people are all listening, he was defeated by Qi Wang, which his honor toward puts. Disgraced! He so has never lost face, but gets up loses face in the front of these many people. One of he solemn next three strongest people, unexpectedly has lost to Qi Wang.

Good, Big brother, that corrupt wolf gives you, remaining these two turn over to me.” Xia Tian nodded, he had prepared V three, now Qi Wang came, that helped him share here most dangerous corrupt wolf, was increased the opportunity for Xia Tian. Careful, although that old fogy the person is stupid, but Realm is not truly low.” The Qi Wang reminder said. Relax, Big brother, I can punch his one time, I can punch his second time.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he initially punched in uneven Imperial City has assisted the doctor a club, this is the matter that entire next three know. Hears Xia Tian to mention this matter, assisted the doctor to be angry, the two big shames of this whole life were Xia Tian and Qi Wang these two people take to him. Now his only idea has killed these two people, scrubs own shame. Good!” Qi Wang nodded, afterward he has patted the shoulder of Jiu Jiang gently: „Behind goes to I, this matter must mediate.” This is the war between men. Em!” Jiu Jiang nodded. Saw that Qi Wang and Jiu Jiang flirt with the eyes, corrupt wolf anger. Assists the doctor, seven kill the armed forces, you, turned over to me.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Whiz! At this moment, the Xia Tian person's shadow flew together. Em?” Brow of Xia Tian immediately a wrinkle: How did you come out?” I just started not to plan to come out, but I look at the opposite to have three people, you two, how this is good, must hit is also three dozens three, therefore I came out, that anything said that seven of next three first talent kill the armed forces, I think to be able you.” Free of evil intention smiling looked that seven has killed the armed forces to the totem youth. interesting.” The totem youth seven killed the armed forces to size up free of evil intention.

Free of evil intention, do you crack a joke?” Xia Tian puzzled looks free of evil intention. The totem youth seven kills the armed forces is five cauldron Rank 9 Expert . Moreover the strength is mystical, free of evil intention, but only then five cauldron Rank 3, although his strength is not weak, perhaps but does not have seven to kill Jun to be strong. I have not cracked a joke, my Master told me, fought must fight model|pattern, no matter any person, picked has punched to me.” Free of evil intention slowly the thing of his steamed stuffed bun took from the Chu ring, this bunch of things initially hung on his body. Good, you carefully, since came out, you cannot go back.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Nodded free of evil intention, he understands that meaning of Xia Tian, the position that in other words they were at a moment ago is Formation, now he came out, that cannot go back temporarily. Xia Tian now was a little also curious, is actually free of evil intention must do? He does not believe free of evil intention is the fool, clear(ly) knows that the opposite party strength also brings death. In other words free of evil intention definitely has prepared at heart. Good, opposite that you said that you are the next three first talent? I am not convinced, I think before I am the next three first talent, but after seeing Xia Tian, I have been convinced, since you also said now one are the next three first talent, after that is you lose to me, are you sincerely convinced?” Free of evil intention smiling looks that the totem youth seven kills the armed forces. Snort! Some skills take to make me have a look.” The totem youth seven kills saying of armed forces coldly. Do not worry, my Master said that fight must put on one set of equipment, although Xia Tian has also given me one set, but I like my Master to my set, was old, but just right good-fitting.” Said free of evil intention the friend untied his cloth package. This package seems very ordinary, the person who only then the countryside comes will use this type of cloth package. When he unties that package. The vision of all people all looked to his package. Tu Dragon Zhanzhuang, you are the person of hidden entrance!!!!” Assisted the doctor to open the mouth immediately.