Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2216

Hears to assist the words of doctor, all people all puzzled looked to these fragments in free of evil intention package, these fragments looked like look like broken Spirit Tool are the same. But they looked that assists the expression of doctor to understand, this absolutely is not ordinary Spirit Tool. Shout! The free of evil intention direct one breath blows on that bunch of things of these as if junk. The above dust was blown down directly. Golden equipment! In the free of evil intention this package installs was the golden equipment, free of evil intention like this is in front of all people to give the set this set of golden equipment on own body. Hey, since you know that is any thing, that said that listens to everybody.” The corrupt wolf to assisting the doctor shouts. Assists the doctor not to be angry, if usually others such shouts to drink to him, he already came up to hit, but his attention completely is captured by front Tu Dragon Zhanzhuang now. Tu Dragon Zhanzhuang, is not the coverall, but it with a phase of brilliant history, legend 500 years ago, monster Dragon Weihuo next three, monster dragon very formidable, sweeps away the entire next three unmanned abilities, afterward presented a Tu Dragon brave warrior, he is bringing his 108 retainer altogether anti- monster dragons, at that time that brave warrior put on is this set of Tu Dragon Zhanzhuang, it is said that brave warrior at that time and monster dragon war the minute your I, the whole body does not soak full Yaolong the blood, therefore this set of slaughter Dragon Zhanzhuang can be said as by the dragon blood. Bubble, so long as fought to stimulate inside strength, whole set war installs to turn into the red from the golden color.” Assists the doctor to answer. Tu Dragon? interesting.” The totem youth seven killed on the face of armed forces to present the excited look. It is said afterward that Tu Dragon Tulong hero died in battle, the monster dragon was also eliminated, his 108 retainers were bringing the corpse of Tu Dragon Zhanzhuang and monster dragon founded the hidden entrance, stood aloof from the world.” Assisted the doctor to say all that oneself knew. Listens to his words, Xia Tian clearly to assist should real, the information that because this that the doctor said and he knows was completely temperate. In other words, free of evil intention unexpectedly is the posterity of Tu Dragon soldier. „, Your background is not small.” Xia Tian scolded one, but he has thought of anything suddenly: „It is not right, your capacity for food.”

Xia Tian has thought suddenly a very fearful possibility, he uses a very inconceivable vision to look to free of evil intention, he had already been feeling strange, the free of evil intention capacity for food was also too big, even if were he wants to eat that many things also absolutely is needs the small insect to carry on the digestion, otherwise he could not eat that many things absolutely. But free of evil intention unexpectedly can eat that many things . Moreover the belly does not see to rise. Also said that is free of evil intention he to have the possibility very much...... Xia Tian thought that own idea was too fearful, he does not dare to continue to get down: Free of evil intention, careful.” Good, you are also careful.” After dressing free of evil intention Tu Dragon Zhanzhuang, the whole person seemed awe-inspiring, the golden yellow war installed to create an incident tigerishly. Hey, assists the doctor, heard that you were almost killed by my brother? Truly speaking I do not want to fight with you, is not because I feared you, but was I thinks in these three people your most vegetable.” Xia Tian very optional saying. But in these three people assists the doctor is really most vegetable? Naturally not. Assisted the doctor previous and Qi Wang has hit one mutually wounded, moreover because assisted the doctor to be sneak attacked the successful reason by Qi Wang. Six cauldron Rank 1 forever are six cauldron Rank 1, he and between five cauldron Rank 8 Rank 9 has the absolute quality disparity. This time, I must make you meet a cruel death, I must make you know that actually six cauldron Expert strengths are how terrifying.” Assisted the doctor this time to be angry, every time promoted Realm of cauldron, then the strength will have the tremendous changes. Six cauldron above Expert have itself the special skill. This time he assists the doctor not in the general idea, is not hiding own strength, but uses oneself all skills, he must to know six cauldron Expert terrors. Has the skill, that uses.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, pleasant Golden Cudgel appears directly in his hands, he copes with doctor such Expert of clearly, if he does not use the strongest skill, then he might unable to use very much.

Six cauldron Expert did not joke. Qi Wang, I, no matter you are the thousand years ago fables, is the present legend, Jiu Jiang is my person, since you have bumped her, then I want you dead, I will make you know that anything is called the genuine God's favored one.” Corrupt wolf vision ice-cold looks at Qi Wang saying that in his look is murderous aura. He must kill Qi Wang. If before , between he and Qi Wang does not have what enmity, then now, he and Qi Wang were love rivals, Qi Wang has claimed his woman. What is main was his woman unexpectedly also settled on Qi Wang. This is he is unable to endure, his innermost feelings presented the intense frustration. Jiu Jiang has own choice, I respect her choice, anything that she likes, she does not like, nobody can force her.” Qi Wang light saying. Nonsense, she is my person, I do not allow her to walk, that nobody can take away her.” Corrupt wolf very overbearing saying. For the life love, I can give up being always lively.” Qi Wang said that he has lifted his right arm directly, above his right arm started to grow the scale, seemed Dragon Lin is the same. The technique of taboo! Consumes the life price. Qi Wang understands that the corrupt wolf is a fearful enemy, he and assists the doctor to be different, reason that his previous time can with assisting the doctor is mutually wounded, that is because assists the general idea of doctor, assists the doctor to be even disinclined to use own strongest method, because he had the sneak attack opportunity like this. The corrupt wolf is but different, corrupt wolf came from demon. Demon is known as the fight nationality, their operational experiences, that is unable to imagine . Moreover the method of corrupt wolf are many, in addition his super coverall.

It can be said that the strength of corrupt wolf in the same step is invincible existence. Entire next three, only then I seven kill the armed forces to call the first talent, other people are just my stepping-stone.” The totem youth seven killed the both hands of armed forces to pat directly above the ground, afterward on his body started to grow the long hair, on his finger grew the long nail. His hair starts to form crystal. „Only the strength of stars is the strongest strength.” Seven kill the armed forces to give a loud shout. The free of evil intention right hand wields, a tomahawk appears in his right hand, this tomahawk is the blood red tomahawk, the axe itself not too big imposing manner, above blood as if fresh, probably just had killed people, gives blood even to drop to be the same. Tu Dragon Zhanzhuang, god keeps off the deicide, Buddha keeps off to kill Buddha.” Free of evil intention golden armor turned into the blood red instantaneously. Always fought a decisive battle to erupt. Xia Tian VS assists the doctor. Qi Wang VS corrupt wolf. Free of evil intention VS seven kill the armed forces.