Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2217

Always fights a decisive battle! Such scene can be said as next three is most magnificent. The uniform next three strongest battle efficiencies, each of them takes only, that is invincible existence, but invincible and invincible between must present a true invincibility. These three groups of fights, each group made all people anticipate. The first group, Xia Tian VS assists the doctor. Xia Tian five cauldron Rank 1, assist doctor, six cauldron Rank 1, among them have the absolute disparity, a disparity of cauldron. But the Xia Tian true strength has been wrapped in a shroud of obscurity, no one knows that actually his true strength is what, moreover he killed five cauldron Rank 9 Expert a moment ago with ease, this made all people shock. Even everybody thinks that their this group most has the quality of being worth looking. The second group, Qi Wang VS corrupt wolf. Qi Wang is the next three fables, thousand years ago he is the legend, now he is also the legend, nobody knows his true strength strong, but as we all know, he absolutely is existence of King rank. The corrupt wolf is the wrapped in a shroud of obscurity person, but everybody saw, his 10 million subordinates, his intimate under strengths are also unusual formidable. Moreover he also assists doctor not existence of bird, in other words his battle efficiency is also incomparable formidable. Between he and Qi Wang, completely because of grievances of woman. The third group, free of evil intention VS seven kill the armed forces. This is the contest of talent, to protect summer Tiantian fame for talent number free of evil intention, another is to strike to kill Xia Tian to obtain seven of talent given name to kill the armed forces. They are most wrapped in a shroud of obscurity figure. Kill! The Xia Tian under foot silver light dodges, his whole person flew to shoot directly, his goal was to assist the doctor, he and assisted between the doctors also to need one to mediate. Today he must not hesitate at all costs, destroys completely assists the doctor. Today I must make you experience the secrets of six cauldrons.” Assists the body of doctor to stand in same place has not moved, but his ground unexpectedly started, the surrounding environment also started. What?” Xia Tian discovered that oneself unexpectedly dislocation, the homicide to assisting position unexpectedly of doctor had the change, he turns around hurriedly.

Bang! A great tree, pounded directly on his body, pulled out to fly him. Humph! All people all dumbfounded looks to assist the doctor, six cauldrons regarding all people is a secret, today they experience to six cauldron Expert finally was fierce. His unexpectedly neighbor all will change. Even his unexpectedly can control the surrounding log. ! The body of Xia Tian vanishes in midair directly, shunted has assisted the doctor the following attack, he understood at this time finally, so-called six cauldron Expert can merge into one organic whole with periphery all actually. The body favored the nature. Snort, your this move to others perhaps useful, but regarding me...... Ahem!!” Xia Tian cold snort several. X-Ray Vision eye! The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opened instantaneously, before the X-Ray Vision eye regarding him was only the weak existed, but at this moment, the might of X-Ray Vision eye appeared finally once more. The X-Ray Vision eye simply is six cauldron Expert nemesis. Six cauldron Expert most formidable skills under the X-Ray Vision eye, cannot play any role completely. ! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian killed once more to has assisted the doctor. Useless.” Assists the doctor to change the surrounding all again. Bang! At this moment, silver light appears in his directly, he does not dare to have the slight principle of righteousness, the seal turban from behind appears directly, blocked for him this has struck. Lying trough, what thing is this?” Xia Tian dumbfounded looked that to has assisted the doctor behind that weapon.

Maternal aunt turban! This thing can unexpectedly also treat as weapon? What's wrong? By my seal turban daunting?” Assisted on the face of doctor to present the self-satisfied facial expression, but he responded immediately was not right: How do you overtake my?” He remembers obviously one changed the surrounding environment to be right, in this case, the body of Xia Tian should be guided by him, but Xia Tian unexpectedly can also find him. You listen to me to ask a question first, you determined that your this weapon doesn't place under you?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to assisting doctor, this weapon really his thunder. He lived on Earth such for a long time had not seen has with the maternal aunt turban, when weapon. Snort, my weapon seal turban, this is Top Grade treasure, you then can suffer to death.” Assists the doctor cold snort one, afterward he threw the seal turban directly to Xia Tian. Although he does not know how Xia Tian kills in front of him, but he also knows now is not the surprised time, he must put out the complete strength to come, then kills Xia Tian. ! Xia Tian under foot silver light dodges, afterward pleasant Golden Cudgel pounding in his hand maliciously to has assisted the head of doctor. Bang! The attack of Xia Tian kept off again. Pleasant Golden Cudgel is truly fierce, but Xia Tian is unable to display the pleasant Golden Cudgel strongest strength to come. Hateful, has not thought that maternal aunt turban can also be so fierce.” Xia Tian did not have the means with this maternal aunt turban, he understood, oneself wanted to be too small from the opportunity of frontal attack. The defensive power of this maternal aunt turban was a little abnormal. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Xia Tian, I thought how you die today.” Assisted the doctor saying that direct gave blood the blowout. Puff! Gave blood spurts directly in the middle position of maternal aunt turban, did not lean leakproof. I force to scratch!!!” The chin of Xia Tian must fall to the ground, he was still having a moment ago doubts, the maternal aunt turban is not used to cope with the big maternal aunt? But now he saw the true function of maternal aunt turban. This shape, this function, absolutely is the maternal aunt turban of big brand.

!!! Xia Tian starts fast retreat. „To run away? Xia Tian, your this skill?” Assists shouting that the doctor disdains. No, I suddenly have to accept after checking unable to bear, you let me slowly, your big masters take the weapon with the maternal aunt turban, moreover spurts the blood toward the middle, this too dog blood.” The Xia Tian present innermost feelings are the collapse. Greatly big! Assists the doctor to shout loudly, afterward the maternal aunt turban increases fast, direct racket to Xia Tian. Lying trough, such disgusting thing, I cannot be attacked by it.” Xia Tian really cannot bear to assist the weapon of doctor now. He rather was killed, does not hope surrounding by this blood-covered maternal aunt turban. ! The Xia Tian body flash, vanishes directly. Good quick speed.” Assists the doctor this distance Xia Tian to be far, therefore he can see the Xia Tian traveling speed, but he is actually not able to see the Xia Tian motion path. Bang! Xia Tian exhausted pounds to below fully, assists the maternal aunt turban of doctor to block for him once more this has struck. N , N , D, can you increase? Father can also increase.” Xia Tian shouted angrily. Pleasant Golden Cudgel! Gives me to be big!!!