Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2218

Bang! Pleasant Golden Cudgel turned into five meters instantaneously, one meter thickness!! Bang! Pleasant Golden Cudgel pounds down from directly. Keep off! Maternal aunt turban furiously resists, directly by pleasant Golden Cudgel pounding concave, but the strength on hesitant pleasant Golden Cudgel was too big. The maternal aunt turban started to send out unwilling shivering. The people favor to unite. The sea tortoise change the body. Assists the doctor to give a loud shout, afterward his body had the huge change, he turned into giant sea tortoise directly. Bang! The attack of pleasant Golden Cudgel kept off. Damn, you have won, I do not hit, your this is any T , M plays should.” Xia Tian was the skill of thorough assisted doctor shaking. Just started is the maternal aunt turban, moreover spurted the blood, this he endured. Now assisted the doctor unexpectedly to turn into sea tortoise directly, this tears to pieces the fight of facial skin completely. Surroundings these people noticed that solemn six cauldron Rank 1 Expert unexpectedly turned into the sea tortoise, they are also speechless of face, this too did not pay great attention to own honor. Sea tortoise! This is others is used to curse at people. His present unexpectedly turned directly. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Xia Tian you had feared right?” Assists the doctor to laugh directly loudly, he as if was very proud to turn into the sea tortoise at this time. Proud, this type proud is from the heart. He probably is intentionally is showing off general.

You were green, do I also feel all right to bully you?” Xia Tian helpless saying, Xia Tian to shouts afterward directly free of evil intention: Hey, free of evil intention, or our two trade.” I do not trade with you, hit with only the sea tortoise, wins fell in price.” The free of evil intention direct response said. Hears the free of evil intention words, Xia Tian was more speechless. Xia Tian could not think through, why assists the doctor to turn into the sea tortoise also to be able so to be proud, but can also such magnanimous attitude, but can also such proud. This maternal aunt turban, adds the Shanghai tortoise again, assists the doctor this is the defense is obviously invincible.” Xia Tian pleasant Golden Cudgel striking power unusual formidable, but bumped into this different thing at this time is also starts some but. Because used pleasant Golden Cudgel wholeheartedly to attack regarding his consumption was too big, finally now assists the doctor also to block, then he again got several times to be also useless. Xia Tian, aren't you very wild? You did not say are one very fierce? Come, making me experience your fierce.” Assists the doctor to shout loudly. At this time nobody can see the Expert style on him. The present assisting doctor probably is the vixen shouts abuse in public there one, is main, he is a hand takes the sea tortoise vixen of maternal aunt turban. Bang! Another two wars also very intense, here fights attractively was Qi Wang and corrupt wolf, the fights between these two people completely were the textbook general fights, the fight experiences of two people were rich, frequent each other, although was going all out, but same did not give the opposite party any to sneak attack own opportunity. The fight consumption of both sides is big. Free of evil intention and seven killed the fight of armed forces really to be bored. They are quarry a mountain to destroy team simply, two people do the destruction everywhere, their striking power arrive at the anomaly, the casual attack can all ruin the surroundings, has Shan Huishan, has the tree to destroy the tree. If these two people place in battlefield, that can Insta-kill enter the team fully. Bang! Bang! They are dying to knock completely, to the chisel, is being looked that whose striking power is stronger, whose defensive power is stronger, whose endurance is stronger, whose will is stronger. Bang! Bang! The person who at this time in this battlefield most comedy assisted the doctor, his act high and mighty was different from others, others were occupy completely the winning side to start act high and mighty. He is hit by Xia Tian obviously, finally he can also blow is so fierce. This point all people silently have raised up the thumb.

No wonder is six cauldron Expert, boasted, the B way was different from others. Xia Tian, you come, to continue to hit me, I must have a look but actually am you consume up all Inner Strength first, under I can be overthrown by you first.” Assists the doctor to stand shouting that keeps there. Bang! Bang! Bang! Xia Tian is the crazy bang randomly explodes completely, pounding that his attack keeps on assisting the tortoiseshell and maternal aunt turban of doctor, finally does not have any function. Bang! At this moment, the distant place hears a huge explosive sound. Is free of evil intention there. At this time the free of evil intention head presented giant stars, probably is the meteorite same stars, the stars directly drops from the clouds, speed very quick, very big. Bang! Free of evil intention.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly! You revealed the flaw.” Assisted the doctor to seize this opportunity, hit directly above the chest of Xia Tian, flew the Xia Tian body top. Puff! A blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth. Epoch-making!!! Tu Dragon tomahawk! Gives a loud shout free of evil intention, afterward his entire body explodes directly shoots to go, he not only has not run away, instead fired into that to be possible the giant meteorite. Bang! His body and meteorite hit in a nobody, formidable explosive force periphery thorough turned into the flat land, the ground is also pounded a deep pit. The world of sea tortoise. Assisted the body of doctor is from top to bottom, directly has also pounded, his maternal aunt turban blotted out the sky, as if covered the day directly was the same. Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!

Assists the doctor unceasingly spurts the blood to maternal aunt turban, maternal aunt turban is also bigger and bigger. Bang! The maternal aunt turban has blocked Xia Tian all escaping route directly. Dies! Assists the doctor excited shouting. Bang! Maternal aunt turban maliciously from top to bottom, has pounded directly, but his body also directly lay on the maternal aunt turban, he lay in the maternal aunt turban just right has given blood most that places. Bang! The surrounding area kilometer was pounded a 50 meters big gulf directly. ! God wolf coverall. The body of corrupt wolf increases fast, in an instant turned into three zhang (3.33 m) high scarlet god wolf, his entire body is awe-inspiring, probably was the Ancient God wolf rebirth is the same. The coverall, he uses is the coverall. Qi Wang is only both hands in the front overlapping, one set of armor and a three sharp double-edged sword appear on his body, his weaponry is not a coverall, but similarly is also awe-inspiring, as if the deity descends to earth general. The tian gou takes possession! The corrupt wolf gives a loud shout, afterward his body has the great change again, by his hammer grew a dog head once more, the person favored to unite. This is on him the true function of that dog tattoos. Shenlong takes possession! Qi Wang gives a loud shout, afterward a water dragon as if has twined on his body, afterward he entire as if changed into Shenlong of world, the King has been doomed to rule the world again. Has continued a half hour of war, at this time finally turned the superheating.