Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2219

Epoch-making! Bang! The blood red tomahawk the giant stars will break out directly, the crushed stone periphery will destroy completely. Terror! So terrifying striking power has deterred all people. Nobody has seen such terrifying person, such terrifying striking power, free of evil intention unexpectedly stiffly cuts broken stars, such destructive power simply is may be called invincible. During three groups of fights, one group of most bastard is free of evil intention and totem youth seven kills the armed forces. They have not dodged, does not have the fancy attack, has not sneak attacked, completely is the decisive battle between gentlemen, can be said as the decisive battle between ugly customers. This you!!” Seven killed military points at has referred to free of evil intention. That struck a moment ago is he hits, received to arrive free of evil intention. Reason that said that they for fight between ugly customers, completely is because among them the fight is others does not dare to attempt completely. Hits mutually. No one dodges, no one hides! You hit my, I hit your, looked that who cannot fall to the ground first, who lost. They disregard completely, which ruthless toward which chops. Although they put on the armor, but after the fight, their armor cannot use completely, what armor cannot block such attack, moreover does not hide does not dodge resists hardly. Coming face to face with an adversary formidable victory! What to do if they are the formidable? Then can only look that who was fiercer! The free of evil intention direct axe chops, his these chops to seven kills the left arm of armed forces, he wants to use these to kill seven to kill the left arm of armed forces directly, because he knows, even if wants to cut off the head of opposite party, is impossible to succeed, his both arms definitely will resist. Therefore he plans to defeat one by one.

First copes with seven to kill the left arm of armed forces. Bang! Seven killed the left arm of armed forces to change into crystal, a free of evil intention axe has chopped directly. Ka! Breaks to pieces Shiheng to fly! Has withdrawn the axe free of evil intention. Ka! Seven killed the left arm of armed forces to restore the normal flesh and blood, but his left arm blood directing current, his arm turned into crystal at this time obviously a moment ago, but that was still his arm, he still by free of evil intention that axe cutting and injuring. Tick-tock! Gives blood from his arm low, but he has not gone to manage, at this time his on the face is the excited look, from the start cannot feel the ache. This you!” Throws the tomahawk on the ground free of evil intention, afterward looked kills the armed forces to seven. They here are playing this fight not awfully. Since the ancient times: The people fear the tiger, fearing of tiger stares, fears not awfully. These two people not awfully, who recognizes completely instigated that who loses. These two people do not recognize that person who instigates obviously, they completely not awfully, only if in other words they kill one, otherwise is impossible to stop. Good, I came.” Seven kill the armed forces right hand to wield, his right arm turned into the crystal knife directly, very sharp. Puff! Seven kill the armed forces direct blade to divide from top to bottom, what he chops is the free of evil intention head. Bang! Free of evil intention although has blocked the majority of injuries with the both arms, but his head seven was killed the armed forces to see a long bloodstain, the blood flows off from the free of evil intention head.

Attract! The surrounding all people have all held breath cold air, these two people were also too abnormal, which this was fighting, this was playing completely ruthlessly. Breaknecked was unable to explain among them Realm. Shook own head free of evil intention. This you.” Seven kill the armed forces to look that to shouts free of evil intention. Em!” Nodded free of evil intention, afterward the right hand wields, Tu Dragon axe returned to his hand directly, afterward he arrived at seven to kill the front of armed forces. They currently have the wound, but the obviously free of evil intention wound is more serious. Because seven kill the armed forces to chopping in the pattern in this type gets the advantage, strength of his crystal and stars can be used to defend, therefore on him, although has the wound everywhere, but is not serious. Tu Dragon Fu in free of evil intention high holding up hand, from seven was killing the upper body of armed forces to cut along with the sweptback directly. Ka ka ka! The innumerable crushed stones fly!!! Seven kill the body of armed forces to knee down directly. These his wound receives heavy, after he has cancelled his crystal pattern, that long blood ditch that can clear seeing, on him place, two centimeters depth, were slanting were crossing his half upper body. Puff! Gives blood flowing off that keeps. Seven killed the armed forces to stand slowly. His on is to bleed, but he has not gone to pay attention to oneself wound, has not gone to take any compounded drug, does not have to process own wound. This competion, must depend on the endurance, who treats the wound, that is who lost. The dauntless men, they all are the unyielding dauntless men. Although seems is two ugly customers, but this type of ugly customer had been marked the title of hero by the surrounding these people, because their procedures obtained everybody's approval.

This you.” Has scratched the class to the eye nearby blood free of evil intention, afterward he threw the tomahawk on the ground. Seven kill the armed forces slowly to walked free of evil intention, afterward his right hand turned into the Crystal Stone blade once more, when he arrives at the free of evil intention front, he jumped directly, once more a blade, the goal is the free of evil intention head. Ka! All people all hear clearly! The free of evil intention bone was cut open. His left hand arm also cut off, the bone on head was also broken out, the blood such as spring water general flowing, downward flowed following the free of evil intention face, the free of evil intention eye was been incarnadine by the blood, how regardless of he scratched, could not wipe off the blood on eye. His body shook three on the ground. The surrounding person has not been cruel enough to look, normal, such person died, but he has not died, he still touches his axe in that. When he holds that moment of axe, is an axe chops directly once more, any words had not said that because his these closes right up against the instinct to chop completely. Puff! Seven killed the body of armed forces to present a deep opening, even can see including the bone, seven killed the armed forces these to be cut down directly in the place, his whole person as if poured in the pool of blood was the same. But has abandoned free of evil intention also axe, he was waiting for counterattack of opposite party, he does not know can one shoulder lived, does not know that the opposite party can also counterattack now, he is waiting for there in any case. Seven killed the armed forces to lie down on the ground for ten seconds, afterward he stood up, once again moved toward free of evil intention there, this time he chopped to the free of evil intention neck, but free of evil intention at the same time, free of evil intention once more has also worked on the tomahawk of ground, chopped in seven has killed armed forces the place of neck. They are slanting are chopping, at the same time, the collar bone of their neck place all broke. Bang! Bang! Their bodies but actually, simultaneously but actually, but seven kill the armed forces actually to arrive at the place has stood instantaneously once again.