Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2220
Seven killed the armed forces to stand. Falls to the ground free of evil intention! The deaths of these two people spell, free of evil intention itself does not get the advantage, now he has also fallen to the ground, the blood sprinkles everywhere is. Ha Ha Ha Ha! I won!” Seven killed in the mouth of armed forces to exude the excited laughter, although he now is also extremely distressed, but he truly was standing. Free of evil intention!!” Xia Tian drinks greatly. The maternal aunt turban that afterward his head that blots out the sky was knit to fly by him directly, assisted strikes seems truly the overwhelming power that a moment ago the doctor that blots out the sky, man but who Xia Tian can dig a hole. He from underground has dug a hole directly, escaped has assisted the attack range of doctor. Assisted the doctor to pound a big hole that ground, nearby all trees crushed completely, finally has not actually injured to Xia Tian. Fights between two people were also at the deeply worried condition, when Xia Tian saw falls to the ground free of evil intention immediately has flustered, free of evil intention, but his friend, his brothers. He is unable to notice that his brothers have an accident. Do not manage me!” Drinks to shout greatly from the free of evil intention mouth in pool of blood. At this time drags his whole body free of evil intention is being the body of blood, has stood slowly. Lying trough your M.” Xia Tian vision one cold, his right hand, pleasant Golden Cudgel vanishes, [gold/metal] Dao presents in his hands, him did not plan to use [gold/metal] Dao, because [gold/metal] Daotai was short, wants to hit to assist the doctor at such short distance is almost impossible. Moreover other [gold/metal] Dao attributes, have not wanted to hit the target to be too difficult, the instead easily assisted doctor counter-attacks. However now Xia Tian could not give a thought to that many. Now he must do quickly solves to assist the doctor, does not hesitate at all costs. Not dead Divine Art. Nine orifices reverse! The seventh time! Xia Tian has used the seventh nine orifices to reverse. The nine orifices reverse life can only use nine times, when he uses the ninth time, he will die, this is the old lunatic tells him, the use nine orifices reverse each time, the Xia Tian strength will have the tremendous changes. Especially this time. Already the seventh time.

His strength turning doubled and re-doubled is instantaneously long. Six cauldron Rank 1! Used the seventh nine orifices reverse, the Xia Tian strength has promoted five cauldron Rank 9 all of a sudden, even somewhat started to attack six cauldron Rank 1. What is main, the Xia Tian human body had the tremendous changes now. This is not the dead Divine Art most abnormal place. Puff! Xia Tian wound fully restored in the flash, is only the flash, all wounds all closed! What?” Assists the doctor the whole person to be startled. Afterward Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks to assisting the doctor, the [gold/metal] blade in his right hand is sparkling, although [gold/metal] Dao, only then the palm of the hand is so big, but this truly Xia Tian sharpest weapon. Bang! Within the body formidable strength as if explodes to be the same in the Xia Tian body, although his Realm has not promoted, however his human body is also having the fierce change. Dies!” Assists the doctor to attack once again to Xia Tian. Giant seal turban pounded directly on the Xia Tian left arm, on Xia Tian left arm immediately pounded covered with blood, the attacks of six cauldron Rank 1 Expert were very terrifying. But! Most inconceivable appeared. Xia Tian wound unexpectedly fully restored within five seconds. How is this possible?” Assisted attack pounding of doctor one after another to Xia Tian, but he discovered any effect of his attack unexpectedly on Xia Tian, moreover he attacked each time to the harm that Xia Tian caused already getting smaller. But Xia Tian has not definitely been able to control own body at this time. This strength has gone beyond most wide scope that he has been able to control. Is defense that six cauldron Expert cannot break what? !! A giant Dragon recited appears in the ears of all people, afterward all people discovered that a moment ago of free of evil intention this time bodies that two ugly customers had the huge change up and down.

!! The free of evil intention body starts rapidly to change, his hand changed into Dragon Claw, his head starts to change into the main item, above his body started to grow the thick armor, the department head of his shoulder left two wings, behind his body grew the giant tail. The people favor to unite! The monster dragon takes possession! ! A Manchurian crane departs from free of evil intention within the body, directly from day. Free of evil intention has two pets, one is to represent the justice, the free Manchurian crane, another is the monster dragon, 500 years ago that monster dragons. Bang! An evil monster dragon appears before the people directly, body more than 30 meters high of monster dragon, his giant body nearby complete coverage. Bang!!! At this moment, in Mt. Qilin has the fierce vibration again. ! ! Two howling transmit, these two howling separately are the Saint beast Qilin and brazen snake, they felt existence of monster dragon. The so-called mountain does not accommodate two hosts, at this time came the third monster beast, this is their institute is unsupportable. Bang! Was furious. ! The surroundings transmitted innumerable monster beasts to roar, the monster beast of front side forest in water as if all received the order to be the same, the order that they received destroyed, destroys all intruder. Uncultivated land beast rebellion. All understands that then must have the most terrorist matter. Standing by, the wild beast must come.” The summer one shouts loudly, at this time Xia Tian that group of people have all completed the combat readiness.

bo! An invisible strength raises from ground slowly, covered directly completely these 1 million people. Is the hegemon gives our Formation, the brothers, all people cannot go forth to battle, we are the perfection.” The summer two shout. Transmitted orders, all people get ready for action, the person is the beast, those approach our, all executes.” The imperial guards ordered directly. Small tiger, I defended, the direction position gave you.” Little Yang with asking the vision looks to the imperial guard. Relax, all careful.” The imperial guards nodded to say. At this time other army there also started to complete the defensive preparation, they understand, in received they must face solely was not the wild beast, marine animals. Different formidable existences. Three groups of people but who now no one is able to disturb fight. Good, good, this is amusing.” Seven killed on the face of armed forces to present the excited look, afterward his totem started the rapid change. The people favor to unite! His whole person starts gradually to turn into on him that totem Saint beast. A head ten meters high Saint beast totem has fired into the monster dragon directly. Totem VS monster dragon. Kill! This time Qi Wang and corrupt wolf they fought also to turn the superheating, the might of coverall was really too formidable, put on corrupt wolf strength Dr. of coverall formidable. Dies! Corrupt wolf that giant body plunged Qi Wang directly.