Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2221

Bang! Assists the attack that the doctor keeps to stroke Xia Tian there, his attack 40,000 jin (0.5 kg) strengths each time, but these 40,000 jin (0.5 kg) strengths hit now on Xia Tian, absolutely does not have the too big injury. Present he, seems the demon god regenerates is the same. Tread! Tread! …… His speed is not fast, the footsteps are also very steady. Bang! Bang! Regardless of what attack hits on him does not have any injury, his present body completely is the invincible condition, the seventh nine orifices reverse made Xia Tian have the incomparable formidable strength, his body, 40,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength is unable to cause any damage. Now the body of Xia Tian is having the unprecedented change. Kills!” Xia Tian now only then a thought that that has killed front assisting doctor. The surrounding all people had been shocked, deep shock was arrived by the Xia Tian strength, if free of evil intention and seven kill the armed forces beforehand fight is belongs to the fight of bastard rank, then present Xia Tian completely is one not the ancient times war-god that refuses stubbornly to extinguish. Regardless of any injury is useless to him, even if short causes the damage, in two seconds fully will also restore. …… The [gold/metal] blade in right hand is sparkling. Hateful, hateful, actually this is the defense of any rank!!!” Assisted on the face of doctor to write all over inconceivable, he has thought his defense was entire next three is strongest, nobody can break, reason that even if were initially Qi Wang can wound him, that was he is also negligent, at meeting move. So long as he opens his strongest defense, he who that nobody can break defends. ! Monster dragon that at this time changes into free of evil intention is big, he each attack is the anomaly to the terrifying, he and seven killed the fight that between armed forces before is the showdown between ugly customers. Now he changed into the monster dragon, seven killed the armed forces to change into the totem, they same were carrying on the ugly customer same fight. …… You hit my, I hit your. The monster dragon and totem are still carrying on this most terrorist forms of combat.

! At this time also the destructive power strongest fight, that is the corrupt wolf and Qi Wang, at this time these three fights have the different places. Xia Tian there was his human body has achieved invincible Realm, assisted the doctor the attack that kept there, but Xia Tian there walking step by step, did not accelerate, did not counterattack. The Xia Tian as if deity descends to earth, fearless in any attack of humanity. Seven kill the armed forces and free of evil intention between fight is the death between big games knocks, although they have carried on the person to favor to unite, but adopts you to hit my, I hit you forms of defensive action. However Qi Wang and corrupt wolf here different. Although they also used person to favor to unite, however their fights actually unusual had the technical nature, has displayed completely all technologies. Among them fight still that meticulous, both sides do not give each other any opportunity. Bang! The big dragon and blood wolf attacked again in one. Qi Wang, your this skill? Thanks to you also lived in 1000, any thousand years ago King, in my eyes are just pile of trash.” Corrupt wolf excited loud shouting, has on him of god wolf coverall not to receive any wound at this time. The coverall was really too terrifying. Qi Wang had many wounds now. …… The he and corrupt wolves fight between are the dying wars. They because of the war of woman. Now although both sides not by seriously wound, but is Qi Wang seems is obviously more distressed. I had already said that in this world nobody can be disobedient I, nobody can win my thing, since you have bribed, I must make you regret born in this world.” Corrupt wolf that giant body fast changes is small, afterward his double headed simultaneously bites to Qi Wang. Although his body changed small, but the speed actually changed quick. His body changed into remnant shade. Dragon proud!

The right hand of Qi Wang changed into a water dragon, fires into the remnant shade directly. Bang! …… Puff! The arm of Qi Wang gives blood to dripping immediately! Leave to me!! The left hand of Qi Wang makes an effort to wield, hit directly on that dog head. Bang! Bang! Each fist can dripping the blood that on dog head hits, but the dog head does not relent, stubbornly bites Qi Wang to be motionless, it as if must perish together to be the same with that arm of Qi Wang. …… That hammer of corrupt wolf plunged the chest of Qi Wang directly. This bites, the corrupt wolf has exhausted oneself all strengths, he wants to cut by biting the neck of Qi Wang directly, thorough extinguishing kills Qi Wang, he must make Qi Wang regret. Jiu Jiang is his, nobody can win Jiu Jiang. Even if he usually does not care about Jiu Jiang, he does not allow others to win. Puff! The blood flies horizontally! Qi Wang has blocked that hammer of corrupt wolf with own left arm, at this time both arms of Qi Wang already stubbornly bit by the dog head and hammer. Cannot move!!! …… The corrupt wolf said that his wolf body has stood directly, although he now is the appearance of wolf, but he also has the both arms, he bites the head of Qi Wang is he and his pet.

His both arms had not used. At this time!! He must use his both arms finally. At this moment Qi Wang anything was unable to resist his both arms to attack, at this moment his on the face presented the excited expression: I won!!!” Bang! A Qi Wang foot trampled on the body of corrupt wolf. I have the foot!” Puff! …… Bang! Qi Wang tramples once more to the corrupt wolf. But this corrupt wolf has prepared, his two legs alternate is used to resist the attack of Qi Wang. Bang! Bang! Bang! Aggressor opposite party that they keep. Dies!!” On the hammer of corrupt wolf presented the excited expression. His both hands direct thorn to the heart of Qi Wang, this time he wanted thorough extinguishing to kill Qi Wang, he must make Qi Wang this legend die, any thousand years ago fables, in his front anything are not. Puff!!! On the face of corrupt wolf has shown the smiling face, because he has felt his both hands to pierce others' body. But he immediately responded that this striking distance was quite near, he as if has not played the Qi Wang position, actually then his both hands did pierce whose body? When his loosening slowly is bites in the hammer on Qi Wang arm, he saw Qi Wang that desperate expression, when he sees dead when the person in his, on his face presented the complex facial expression: No, no, no!!!!!”