Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2222

Jiu Jiang!!!” In the Qi Wang mouth has exuded the startled day shout. Is Jiu Jiang! Was she has blocked for Qi Wang this final struck, strongest struck. …… Completely is the living target. Immediately must be coveted that moment that the wolf extinguishes kills in him. Jiu Jiang kept off in Qi Wang front. But corrupt wolf the struck also directly keeps off in the Qi Wang front. Why? Why!!” Corrupt wolf angry looks to Jiu Jiang, this regarding him is the betrayal, Jiu Jiang is his person, but Jiu Jiang unexpectedly goes to resist the attack for Qi Wang now. Balances by the life. …… The young person was since old times star crossed. No, no! You are my, you are my, I do not permit you in the same place, even if dies, I will not let you in the same place.” The corrupt wolf has sent out angry roaring. Bang! Certainly jungle!!” In the ground presented the earth thorn, incomparably sharp earth thorn. Ka ka ka! The earth thorn grips on the body of Xia Tian, has not broken including the skin of Xia Tian. formidable! Present Xia Tian defensive power incomparable formidable, even is it can be said that invincible, can break his defense without any attack. Hateful, why like this, why his defensive power becomes such terrifying.” Assists the doctor all strongest method unexpectedly not to have an effect on the body of Xia Tian completely.

Although he is six cauldron Expert. But his these skills with do not have to a Xia Tian point. Therefore so will be passive. Snort, no matter I your body defensive power actually strong, why no matter I also your strength will have such big change, but you are absolutely impossible to break my absolute defense, my absolute defense is the next three strongest defenses, is the invincible defense.” Assists the doctor regarding own defense very self-confidently, so long as he opens his absolute defense, that nobody can break his defense. Even if his absolute defense is the same six cauldron Expert cannot break. Tread! Tread! Xia Tian had not answered that this step by step moved toward has assisted the doctor. Good, since you came, I must make you have a look at anything am the next three first defenses.” Assists the doctor also to show his strongest defense. …… …… With assisting doctor one drinks greatly, afterward his head and four limbs all retracted in own shell. Absolute defense!!! His maternal aunt turban was also instantaneously wraps his entire body in inside. This is his strongest defense, next three strongest defenses. First the body retracting tortoiseshell, then once more wraps his body with the maternal aunt turban. His tortoiseshell defense has almost been the abnormal degree, in addition his maternal aunt turban, his defense nearly was invincible. Hateful! This strength was really too Berserk, I was beyond control, although my strength has not increased, but my body intensity unexpectedly also in unceasing increasing.” Xia Tian clenches teeth to insist, he worried that he meets unable to control his body, when the time comes really troubled. Tread! Tread! Xia Tian arrived on this step by step has assisted the front of doctor. Absolute defense? Six cauldron can't Expert break? That is because you have never bumped into [gold/metal] Dao.” Xia Tian looks on own front tortoiseshell face had the smiling face.

[gold/metal] Dao sharp that is unequalled. Besides in the Heavenly Connection tower statue, Xia Tian never bumps into the thing that any [gold/metal] blade was unable to have broken. At this time assists the doctor to think that own defense is next three is invincible. …… His absolute defense, is nobody may break. Even if 45,000 jin (0.5 kg), 46,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength is unable to break, moreover any Advanced treasure and ultimate treasure, is unable to break his defense. Exploding that even if keeps with the gunpowder flame cannot explode absolutely. Right?” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Naturally, I must make you know that today anything is called the defense that cannot break.” Assists the doctor very proud saying, even if his present head shrinks in the tortoiseshell, he same very proud. Puff! At this moment, he as if heard any sound, probably is the sound that anything tears is the same. Puff! Also is together the sound, afterward he saw a [gold/metal] blade, only then the [gold/metal] blade of palm of the hand size. …… What?” Assisted the doctor in this moment thorough being shocked. Puff!!! When he is gawking, on his neck presented a bloodstain, afterward his head high flies. Six cauldron Expert assisted the doctor dead!!! ! ……

Bang! The perimeter endless wild beast is carrying on the fight there, the army of army and wild beast of humanity is carrying on the ultimate collision. At this time Xia Tian happen to saw Jiu Jiang was coveted that moment of wolf attack. No!!! I must kill you.” Qi Wang angry shouting. Depends on you, wants to kill me, has a dream, even if dies I also to you disassemble.” On the face of corrupt wolf presented the fierce look. ! Bang!!! Ten Rank 2 ominous beasts appeared, moreover presented five heads one time, these many, such terrifying ominous beast has been able to disappear all, that moment that they present, the human army casualty are innumerable. Nobody may keep off. Was bad, must leave here immediately.” The Xia Tian vision looks at these people who he has brought, at this time only then there had not been attacked, because there is invisible Formation, invisible Formation that he arranges. Dies! …… Bang! At this moment, his body had been hit a fist by Xia Tian maliciously, this fist all has broken directly the bone of corrupt wolf, Xia Tian has traced on the body of corrupt wolf, takes away his Chu necklace, afterward fought with the fists on the body of corrupt wolf. „The third child, cannot kill him.” Qi Wang shouts loudly. Big brother, he is dangerous.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Has put him, sooner or later, I met after the wedding have committed suicide him.” In both eyes of Qi Wang is anger. Good, Big brother, you protect the Jiu Jiang soul first, so long as the soul does not die, I have the means to let her rebirth.” The Xia Tian right hand has worked on the corrupt wolf: You lost, you for a lifetime are my defeated.”