Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2224

Frigid! At this time fight under Mt. Qilin is frigid. The wild beast and human Expert the thorough tangled warfare, human Expert retreated in defeat again and again together. Outside is quite miserable, is good has Formation of hegemon because of us, otherwise we also with their same fates, these 1 million people finally can live perhaps is less than 1/10.” „Since following the hegemon, we truly realized that anything is called the strength of spirit, anything is called the loyalty . Moreover the hegemon is I have seen the strongest man.” Six cauldron Rank 1 assisting doctors were cut to kill by the hegemon, defeat the Qi Wang corrupt wolf also easily to be defeated by the hegemon, finally the incarnation kills the armed forces not to be known the life and death that the hegemon strokes for seven of totem.” Xia Tian these under at this time admiring Xia Tian, they never so have worshipped a person, all people who they the worship before Xia Tian has surpassed them worshipped. Even imperial guard and the others the worship to Xia Tian have surpassed their City Lord. At this time Xia Tian is their beliefs. In their mind, can with Xia Tian such several days, that simply be their this whole life biggest good fortune, before they had only heard the Xia Tian reputation, has not experienced the Xia Tian strength, but this time, they were the true experience the Xia Tian strength. Legend! The war of Mt. Qilin, thorough has started the Xia Tian name, before everybody thinks that Xia Tian is the next three first talent, the background is big, but after this fights, all people think that Xia Tian no longer was the next three first talent, but turned into next three first Expert. Next three first Expert that all people recognize. Extinguishes kills six cauldron Rank 1 to assist doctor, various formidable figure all are in several rounds kills. Before others raised five cauldron Rank 1 Expert, that envied, can say that this is in his mind the strongest person, existence in legend.

But the war in Mt. Qilin, everybody looks clearly. Five cauldron Rank 6, Insta-kill of Rank 7 in the hand of Xia Tian like child, but five cauldron Rank 9 cannot catch Xia Tian several moves, even six cauldron Rank 1 assisting doctors also died in the hand of Xia Tian continually. Suddenly, the Xia Tian reputation becomes in all person hearts incomparable big. If the later some people asked that who next three first Expert is, then all people will reply that is Xia Tian, this matter looks like the 1 + 1 = 2 same simplicity. Is the textbook is completely same. Can fight side-by-side with the hegemon, this is my glory for a lifetime.” The imperial guards yearn to say infinitely. Yes, my this whole life proudest matter together has fought with the hegemon.” Little Yang is also incomparable excitement. They do not know that is because has fought side-by-side with Xia Tian, therefore they finally became the next three most famous two generalissimos, so long as is mentioned that their names, the soldiers in other countries automatically will disintegrate. But these soldiers on the scene also turned into existence of extraordinary. Every some people heard that they and Xia Tian have fought, and has been confirmed that then they immediately entrust with heavy responsibility, even if the strength is not strong, some people are willing to spend the large sum of money to incur to go back them. Can choose to follow the hegemon, is our ten this whole life biggest good fortunes.” The summer first-grade person is also each feeling, their ten are proud of this matter for a lifetime. This time Xia Tian and the others are carrying on escaping. In them only then on Xia Tian any wound does not have, so long as his nine orifices reversing time arrives, he also very miserable. Now most miserable was free of evil intention, his head was opened, this was not good to restore, reason that a moment ago he can continue to fight, was because the body of flood dragon raised his body body temperature, like this helped him relieve the pain, perked up, moreover wound also some signs of cicatrization.

The body of Qi Wang everywhere is wound, although is not serious, but the wound reaches as high as more than 300, most serious is two arms, now his two arms are not very flexible, but he must hold the crystal coffin, how regardless of Xia Tian persuaded to be useless! Was good, here, I go to dig a hole here, then we hide.” Xia Tian saw a hill, here environment is covert, he digs a hole also to be able here very good hideaway their several people. Quick, Xia Tian dug. Has [gold/metal] Dao Xia Tian, simply is the digging a hole talent. The Xia Tian time always remembers a few words: Does not think, when the Expert chef is not good digging a hole Expert. After several people enter the cave, Xia Tian has arranged Formation in the cave mouth. Afterward that he left over a billion Advanced compounded drugs, is over nine levels miracle cure and Bao pill. Eats! Eats quickly, you're welcome, when the sugar bean eats, free of evil intention, can't you eat? You gave me to eat him.” Xia Tian saw that in the free of evil intention sadness is uncomfortable, these wounds are free of evil intention receive for him. Em!” Free of evil intention is the glutton is reincarnated worthily, although he head quickly did not have half, but worked on the ground the compounded drug to eat, eating, he also no matter any compounded drug. Xia Tian also similarly is works on the compounded drug to eat, he knows that he quick must arrive. Qi Wang, is crying to the crystal coffin actually, said that anything is not willing therapy. Big brother! We first therapy line?” Xia Tian begged. Qi Wang shook the head. Bang!

The body of Xia Tian fell down, the time of nine orifices reverse arrived, his side effect appeared, although in the condition of nine orifices reverse, his wound will not appear, but the nine orifices reverse crossed, his wounds may come out. Is good after Xia Tian, since cultivation not dead Divine Art, his body became was abnormal, in addition his crazy eating compounded drug, therefore now the restoration speed of body became very quick. Lies down starts to examine in ground Xia Tian own today's harvest, although this time their three are the severe wounds, but he actually obtained the maximum two treasure. Blue luan coverall and god wolf coverall. This is a coverall. Next three most invincible equipment. Moreover these two people may be very rich people, Xia Tian this looked that discovered their Chu equipment inside Top Grade treasure has, Advanced treasure are more. It can be said that receiving goods of this Xia Tian is unequalled. Lying trough!” When Xia Tian turned assisted the Chu equipment of doctor his unexpectedly to discover high-grade goods spirit stone, this was high-grade goods spirit stone, next three have not presented high-grade goods spirit stone, moreover in this good thing also to have. However when Xia Tian turns the Chu equipment of corrupt wolf carefully, he almost does not have excitedly shouted that he too thanked the corrupt wolf , the corrupt wolf simply was his treasure cash machine. This thing unexpectedly also has, ha ha ha ha, the corrupt wolf, you are really I biggest lucky star.”