Almighty Student - Volume 23 - Chapter 2225

Ancient plate! In the Chu necklace of corrupt wolf unexpectedly has a Ancient plate. This thing was coveted the wolf still in the corner of Chu necklace, he as if not know this thing the value, but Xia Tian knows that this is the broken day most long-awaited thing. The broken day has a dream wants to obtain a Ancient plate, if he obtained, then he will not die. Reason that the Formation master the battle efficiency is weak, that is because Formation is impossible to arrange instantaneously successfully, even if the broken day has the Ancient big hand imprint, he is impossible to achieve. But had a Ancient plate to be different. A Ancient plate is used to store up Formation, Xia Tian can beforehand the Formation prepare, once then meets the enemy needs to fight the time he can using a Ancient plate come directly Formation to release. Regardless of you are good! Your strength is much strong, I arrange Rank 5 Formation, you hit, even if you are six cauldron Expert, you are impossible to break Rank 5 Formation in a short time forcefully. Especially Xia Tian here that several private Rank 5 Formation. That might can be said as the anomaly in anomaly. Ha Ha!!” Xia Tian is really more is more excited, when he is most excited, he noticed suddenly the situation is not right, this free of evil intention truly probably is eating the sugar bean. At this time his wound already good almost. Although only passed through day, but these many compounded drugs are not the ornaments. However also is really free of evil intention materially beneficial, Xia Tian makes him eat with all one's might, he with all one's might eats, these compounded drugs may be the thing of big making up, others eat almost stopped.

But his stiffly placed that pile of compounded drugs to give to eat Xia Tian. The nose that eats whistling bleeds. This because of being injured to bleed, because makes up, normal does not have cultivation the person, eats a hundred years of ginseng, that absolutely is bleeding that the nose keeps, if eats ten, that a little crossed abundantly, even possibly ate to go wrong. This time free of evil intention is this. The compounded drug that he takes obviously already enough he therapy, but he eats to become addicted. Probably was eats to dazzle to step was the same: Cannot stop. Feeds! Big brother, did you as for take the compounded drug really?” Xia Tian felt immediately very speechless, he closes right up against the wall, sat slowly, he now really a little feeling of collapse. Volume! I thought that the flavor is good, some acid some are sweet, the taste is good.” Free of evil intention awkward saying, although his wound good was similar, but head scabs have not recovered, moreover his body could not have too large scale exercise now. Therefore simply lay down there is motionless. Good, your is in any case healthier than others, your multi- classes meet the blood.” Xia Tian saw that the free of evil intention fight understood, free of evil intention within the body seal monster dragon, even Xia Tian suspected that monster dragon is the free of evil intention main body, why otherwise can control the monster dragon free of evil intention freely, but not by monster dragon control. Has monster dragon body qualitative free of evil intention is a monster, the body is very abnormal. At this time mood worst was Qi Wang. Big brother, your wound did not have, you this way will unable to endure.” Xia Tian helpless looks at Qi Wang, his big brother is an unreasoning passion plants. I am all right!!” Qi Wang sound hoarse saying.

Big brother, if you want to rescue Jiu Jiang, you must listen my, when you injured, we went to the Qilin hole, after having Qilin pu, can give under the Jiu Jiang clothing, you should understand the function of Qilin pu compared with me.” Xia Tian consoles saying that he understands now wish makes Qi Wang hear of him cure the wound, that has means that i.e. Jiu Jiang. Really when Qi Wang hears rescues Jiu Jiang, on his face immediately presented the different look: I govern, my this governs.” Saw that Qi Wang is willing therapy finally, Xia Tian is also relaxed. Two days later. Three people of wounds almost entire were good, although before their three , the wound of receiving is heavy, but is almost the body wounds, does not have what internal injury, therefore restores to be quicker. Their compounded drugs are really not in addition more valuable than the sugar bean. Therefore this wound only used less than three days of to restore. Big brother, you always hold the crystal coffin are not being a matter, making me receive, my Chu equipment is special, can protect her.” Xia Tian consoles saying that he worried really Qi Wang holds the coffin to walk everywhere, especially enters the Qilin hole, in that case, Qi Wang was dangerous. Although his strength formidable, but this their match but Saint beast Qilin. Em!” Qi Wang cautious and solemn during will embrace the crystal coffin to give Xia Tian, saw that Xia Tian received the crystal coffin, look that on his face all does not abandon. Xia Tian sees such hurried shift topic. Big brother, I obtained two sets of coveralls, free of evil intention have one set, our two person is divided one set, then I give Top Grade treasure free of evil intention.” After Xia Tian plans the people fully-armed, kills the Qilin hole again. I do not want, your things do not suit me, although Top Grade treasure is the good thing, but my this set of Tu Dragon Zhanzhuang and I am the best coordination.” Has rejected the proposition of Xia Tian free of evil intention directly. Good, in this Chu ring is the compounded drug, you with were good, this time has remembered, eats controls to me, avoid your nose spurts the blood again.” The Xia Tian reminder said that previous time spurted the blood to spurt free of evil intention for two days, if were not he is sturdy, early the excessive loss of blood died.

„!” Free of evil intention snatched the Chu ring in Xia Tian hand, treasure he has not liked, but the compounded drug he liked. Because the compounded drug is delicious!!! Afterward Xia Tian took two sets of coveralls: Big brother, this I from assist the blue luan coverall that the doctor and his under there snatches, another is I snatches from corrupt wolf there, which you have a look to want!!!” These two coveralls were the next three in most invincible equipment. I must covet the wolf.” The Qi Wang slight hesitation, he has not understood that he wants to conquer the enemy, that must only know oneself and other side. He and corrupt wolf the showdown of were he lost, if were not Jiu Jiang saves him, he died. Lost lost, anything has not acknowledged embarrassed. He can lose to corrupt wolf one time, but cannot lose to the corrupt wolf second time absolutely. Good, I wanted the blue luan coverall.” Xia Tian received the blue luan coverall, after having the coverall, they had bigger grasping. Because the time is tight, therefore Xia Tian saved on a Ancient plate, five Rank 4 Formation and 30 Rank 3 Formation, as for Rank 5 Formation, he have not stored up actually, the time that because Rank 5 Formation requires to spend was too long. Currently Qilin hole here every day has the change, he does not dare to delay the too long time.